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Last Day at the Convention

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Nov 14 2010

8:00 – The morning starts with the Cluster Munitions Coalition’s daily briefing. The group reviews delegates’ discussions from the previous day and the schedule for the final day. Participants report on side meetings held with delegates, the positions of different countries on issues and the likelihood of additional countries signing onto the treaty.

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Nov 12 2010

So how does the First Meeting of the State Parties (1MSP) to the Convention of Cluster Munitions actually work? Who is attending and what are they doing?

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Nov 11 2010

Among the many benefits of attending the Convention on Cluster Munitions, is the opportunity to reconnect with individuals we met on Legacies first trip to Laos in 2008.

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Over the past few days, I traveled with other members of Legacies of War through Savannakhet Province in central Laos to the town of Sepone and the surrounding region.

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