Baci Ceremony

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Nov 6 2010

The last Baci ceremony I participated in was in November 2008 in Kasi and I was literally down to my last orange good luck string. I was delighted that the first event I walked into, straight off of the plane, was the Baci ceremony of the Cluster Munitions Coalition. Fabulous wishes to have a great meeting, good health!

An elder blessed the centerpiece of strings for the ceremony and we put our hands up in prayer against the hanging strings. As he finished the blessing, we each took a bunch of the strings with which we blessed our neighbors by tying a string around each other’s wrists and rubbing the knot in a gentle circle with our forefingers.

Titus and Channapha after mutual blessings. Photo: Cynthia Nguyen

Baci ceremony. Photo: Cynthia Nguyen

1MSP Baci Ceremony - November 6, 2010