How do we make sure that signed State Parties will understand treaty terms on the ban against cluster munitions? While attending a Q&A session led by senior researchers from Human Rights Watch and conference delegates, the main discussion revolved around article terms and definitions in:

  1. Clarifying treaty terms in the Convention on Cluster Munitions to be understandable, transparent, and adaptable.
  2. Increasing pressure on State Parties that signed the treaty to expedite their ratification process and turn it into law.
  3. Developing better cooperation and participation between government officials of signatory state parties and other countries that have not yet signed.

It was interesting to witness some different reactions of how delegates from various developed and developing countries understood the terms. Many felt there were negative implications of the terms and possible consequences in specifying stockpiling and production numbers. At the end of the session, there was a definite general consensus that the treaty terms should not be construed differently by signed state parties and that more post-conference research would be needed to ensure that there is complete compliance.