Nov 11 2010

I’m sitting in the media room working on uploading information to the blog and facebook. Just having arrived today from my stay in Savannakhet I am amazed the grandness of this event. There are over 400 people attending this conference from over 116 nations. Bus loads of officials of every color and creed in suits and ties depart to convene. Traffic is horrendous as I make my way to partake in the event. Vientiane is bustling with mopeds and cars and traffic police let you pass on their own time. I see the Don Chan Palace in sight but crossing one intersection took me over 30 minutes to pass. Once we get through, as my cousin drives me I see the palace and all these people flocking to the main lobby. Every room is packed with seats filled with delegates and observers sharing in similar cause to bring awareness and stop the production of cluster munitions. Exhibits line the halls made up of various groups sharing their experience and cause here in Laos. I do my best to orient myself with the conference and have finally settled after our meeting here in the media room.

I hope to share the video footage of our Sepon trip where we followed a UXO Lao Roving team deep in the heart of a village jungle as they seek and detonate several bombies found.

The media room is booming with action as there is just a report right now about to be released of an incident with UXO and two girls from a village. One life lost and another injured. It is a painful reminder of how current the problem of UXO continues to be even while we are attending this First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.