Nov 15 2010

Our joyride around town (check out the video on our blog) in the Tapestry of Hope tuk tuk was my second favorite thing about it – we took the tuk tuk on the town to share the messages with Vientiane residents, making sure to take a ride around That Dam (a monument which happens to be right next to the U.S. Embassy).

My first favorite thing about the Tapestry were some of the illustrations submitted by the security guards who were drawn to our tent because of the availability of chairs.  They left illustrations that were eerily similar to the original illustrations which inspired the beginning of Legacies of War: images of villages, American planes, and bombs made by Plain of Jars refugees from the air war.

Check out the new submissions below, and the 1970-1971 images at the Legacies of War website.  We were lucky enough to see some of the originals here in Laos on their first return to Laos since their creation, and the images are amazing and inspiring, reminding me of the power of art to remember and visualize future solutions.

Tapestry of Hope