UXO clearance worker finds a piece of scrap metal. Photo: Bangbay Siboliban

Legacies of War visited Kenglin village in Savannakhet province during UXO clearance operations. We were able to meet and observe the Handicap International clearance team.

We were given a tour of the area in small groups. Due to the highly risky nature of UXO clearance, the clearance team stopped working as we passed by and we were only allowed on to certain paths.

The team uncovered a UXO that day. In preparation for its detonation, people were warned to stay clear of the area. We gathered underneath a shelter several meters away with the clearance team.

The blast from a single UXO was deafening, leaving us only to imagine the impact of several bombs exploding at once. Watch the preparation and UXO detonation in the video below.


UXO Clearance, Kenglin Village - November 4, 2010

We visited a village during UXO clearance operations.