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Fred Branfman: As I knew Him

Posted: Aug 27, 2021

From the desk and camera of Sally Benson   In February 1967, I was on a train to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia to prepare for work with the International Voluntary Service (IVS) in Laos and Vietnam.   Wandering into the snack car, I found a tall, brooding man holding his head in his hands, a […]

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Make LAAB, Not War!

Posted: Aug 5, 2021

Laab Gai made by Chef Saeng with added fried crispy chicken skin to garnish.  (Los Angeles, CA 2019) It was a foggy morning in Luang Prabang. Mist was floating above the Mekong, animals were rusling in the palm trees, and monks were making their last turn around the block. I left my hotel room to […]

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