Our Progress

Our Results So Far

Since our founding in 2004, we have achieved an enormous amount on a very limited budget. Our most significant impact thus far occurred in 2016-2017, when we pushed for and received Congressional support for increasing U.S. assistance in 2017 to $30 million for cluster bomb clearance in Laos – the largest annual amount the U.S. has ever provided. Among other accomplishments, Legacies:

  • Convened a historic briefing on cluster bombs in Laos in Washington, D.C. –  the first in the U.S. –  with representatives from the Lao and U.S. governments as well as the NGO sector.
  • Released the report, A Peaceful Legacy Now: Briefing & Discussion on Cluster Bomb Removal and Assistance in Laos, the most up-to-date document on the UXO problem and solutions in Laos, to the media, Congress, administration officials, supporters, key allies, and the public.
  • Launched the National Traveling Exhibition, a powerful medium for educating the American public and international community about the history of the bombing and the legacy of unexploded ordnance.
  • Launched a Petition campaign to educate the American public and encourage their support for increased U.S. assistance to Laos.
  • Developed the only middle and high school curriculum addressing the impact of U.S. bombings on Laos, teaching new generations about this history.
  • Told the story of war in Laos that was all but forgotten through exhibits, film screenings, panels, discussions; traveled to 10 states – from small Laotian American communities like Raymond, WA and Anchorage, AK to large urban settings like Seattle and San Diego – where thousands attended, including members of Congress; and displayed pieces from the National Traveling Exhibition at the 2008 Dublin, Ireland, Convention on Cluster Munitions conference.
  • Created a space for healing for people who have suffered from the horrors of war and the refugee experience; collected over 100 stories through Our Shared Journey, an exhibit piece that connects individual stories to the broader human experience and political context.
  • Built a platform for our advocacy through “A Peaceful Legacy” petition campaign and as an active member of the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines and the international Cluster Munitions Coalition (CMC).
  • Provided civic engagement opportunities for Laotian Americans; thousands around the country have learned about the political process, become engaged through various campaigns and begun to raise their voices on this and other issues of concern to them.
  • Conducted a Lao speaker’s tour, featuring a UXO survivor and a female deminer, to 12 cities in the U.S., speaking to thousands of people in meetings and media interviews about the problems of unexploded ordnance and victim assistance in Laos.
  • Testified at the first-ever congressional hearing on the problem of unexploded ordnance in Laos (2010).
  • Leveraged visibility of the UXO issue through media, including the New York Times, Washington Times, CNN, the Diplomat, CBS News, PBS News Hour, National Geographic Explorer, and the Medium.
  • Acknowledged by President Obama in his speech in 2016; historic visit as the first U.S. President to ever visit Laos; made a historic multi-year commitment of $90 million over three years; highest funding committed to UXO sector in Laos