January 2015 Newsletter – Reflection on Last Year

Posted: Jan 1, 2015


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Greetings from Legacies of War



As we reflect on the year, we are especially grateful to our supporters, who helped us to reach a major milestone in 2014. Without you, we would never have been able to accomplish all that we have over the past ten years, including the highest ever allocation by Congress of $12M in annual U.S. funding. This means more Lao land being cleared for farming, increased number of victims receiving assistance, and fewer deaths and injuries caused by UXO annually.


What was once deemed insurmountable – the task of clearing UXO from Laos – is now viewed as solvable and within the foreseeable future. We hope you will join us to reach this goal!



Please consider a year-end contribution to Legacies. Your generosity will help us build on the success of the last decade. Together, we will ensure that Laos is not forgotten and removing UXO remains a priority for the U.S. government.


Best wishes for a wonderful New Year, and please keep in touch with us!


Legacies of War



Thank YOU for being part of our top 10 over the last decade:




Through our strategic awareness-raising programs, Legacies has spurred and transformed the debates of war legacies in Laos from an historically contentious issue fraught with pessimism to one of renewed hope and cooperation among governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders. Our advocacy has also shone a spotlight on the overall UXO problems in Vietnam and Cambodia, resulting in an increase in demining dollars for the SE Asia region.


As we look towards the next decade, we want to

highlight some significant markers for us at Legacies:



Remembering the families and communities whose lives have been affected by UXO

PHOTO (counter clockwise): A grandmother and sister in Salavan lost their grandson and big brother, two young boys in Xieng Khoang lost their friend a day before the start of the new school year, and family members in Luang Prabang are still grieving from an accident involving six children in their village.



Honoring those who paved the way for our work and who we recently lost, including Fred Branfman, who helped to expose the bombing, and Roger Rumpf, who worked to address its aftermath.



(Above) Fred Branfman on a the Plain of Jars during a Legacies Learning Trip to Laos (2008)



Celebrating our progress and acknowledging our key supporters at Legacies of War’s 10th Anniversary Celebration this July in Washington, DC.




Reflecting on the last decade and planning for the future with our board, staff and stakeholders, who are leading a strategic planning process for the next decade, including assessing our past and laying the groundwork for our future.



Renewing the goal of a safe Laos by sustaining a growing movement to address the UXO issue. We’ll continue to help cultivate and support a new generation of passionate educators and advocates, including filmmakers, community advocates and students, working for greater awareness and action for a safer Laos. With this in mind, we have an exciting year planned.

2015: A Preview



Beginning in 2015 and over the next 5 years, Legacies of War will work with key partners to implement a comprehensive education and advocacy plan, which lays the foundation for a Laos free from the dangers of UXO. The plan will build upon its current successful strategies, and include new initiatives in its policy, education, communications and leadership programs. Some of our programs include:


US-Lao Citizen to Citizen Dialogue Group on the UXO Issue: a process involving a select group of private citizens from Laos and the U.S. to help build a consensus on the problem and solutions for UXO in Laos. The series of dialogue in the U.S. and Laos will conclude with the group’s recommendations on the scale and resources needed to complete the task of UXO removal and victim assistance in Laos.


Night of 50 Dinners: 50+ coordinated, Lao-inspired dinners will be held across the U.S., Laos, and other countries that are invested in making Laos free from the threat of UXO. Culture, art, film and food will be integral components to the evening.


Next Gen Fellowships: The 12-18 month program, inlcuding an fellow from Laos and the U.S. will invest in a new generation of leadership to help to advance the UXO issue.




Expand our support among policy makers to raise awareness for sustained or increased funding levels at $12M or higher.


Community Engagement

Organize awareness-raising activities throughout 2015 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. This includes exhibit display, cultural performances, and other art components.


Capacity Building

Undergo organizational planning process, including deciding the future strategic direction and structure of the organization.


This first 2-years of a 5-year plan will set the foundation in achieving a clear understanding of the UXO problem in Laos and vision for solving the problem in the next several decades. The organization is seeking partners and investors for multi-year support and diverse funding sources to finish the job of making Laos safe from unexploded ordnance.



Your past support has made a difference and 40 years after the end of the bombing, your support matters now more than ever.


Help to end this legacy, so others can begin.


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