July 2015 Newsletter – Hope Doesn’t Solve Everything, But it Changes Everything

Posted: Jul 7, 2015





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July 23, 2015

DC Sip & Save Lives Social

Washington, D.C.


Join Legacies of War and friends for a happy hour fundraiser with the proceeds going to help us continue with our life-saving programs and initiatives. 


August 8, 2015

Eat, Reflect, & Act to Save Lives
in Laos

Berkeley, CA


Join us in our celebration of Lao culture through food and art, as we mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the war in Southeast Asia, reflect on the legacies of unexploded bombs in Laos and discuss how you can help. 




August 1, 2015

5th Anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions


On this day, five years ago, the Convention on Cluster Munitions entered into force, thereby advancing the mission to rid the world of the bombs that have caused so much harm in Laos and in other war zones around the world. Read more here




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April 5, 2015 

The New York Times

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April 25, 2015 

The New York Times

Our Vietnam War
Never Ended

by Viet Thanh Nguyen


May 27, 2015 

The New York Times

Heirs of the Secret War in Laos

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June 30, 2015 

Minnesota Public Radio

Removing Bombs
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March 9, 2015 

National Public Radio

The Lone Buffalo cleared unexploded bombs and boosted needy kids” 

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January 31, 2015 

The Guardian

Laos: Thousands suffering from the deadly aftermath of US bomb campaign

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January 20, 2015 

War History Online

Laos casualties
from Vietnam War unexploded ordnance


March 30, 2015 

The Daily Record

Boonton woman looking for MIAs, unexploded bombs

in Laos

by Lorraine Ash


June 1, 2015 


The Laotians clearing their country of America’s unexploded bombs

by Stephen M. Bland





On June 19, 2015, the U.S. increased its funding to the UXO sector in Laos to $15 million – the highest level in history. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russell announced the increase in funding at the commencement of the Annual Comprehensive bilateral dialogue between the U.S. and Laos. The funding is targeted at enhancing capacity and efficacy in a nation-wide effort in Laos to survey UXO-littered land in order to render clearance activities more efficient. This funding will also support our partners on the ground, the dozen or so international and local organizations who work tirelessly to save lives and support victims by clearing bombs, supporting the injured and disabled and teaching young villagers about the dangers of unexploded ordnance.


In our press release, as Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) states:

“The tragic legacy of cluster munitions in Laos 
was ignored for years but is finally getting the
attention it needs. These additional funds
for fiscal year 2015 should be part of an ongoing
program to finally overcome this cruel history and
enable the Laotian people to reclaim their
land and rebuild their lives.”


The announced funding marks a five-fold increase since 2009, when Legacies of War, along with four former U.S. Ambassadors to the Lao PDR, first called on the U.S. government to provide more resources for the UXO sector in Laos.


We would like to thank all of our donors, volunteers and colleagues in the U.S. and the Lao PDR for being indispensable partners in this critical mission. The progress we have made so far would not have been possible without all of you!


thank you



Legacies of War would like to thank all of our donors – our longtime supporters and especially our first time donors– who are so important to helping us build for the future. All our significant progress and achievements are made possible by the important support and capacity offered through your generous donations.


We are deeply grateful to you.


The Legacies of War Team

Thank you /
Kop chai / Ua koj tsaug



legacies of war + article 22 campaign




Legacies of War is excited to launch an awareness-raising and fundraising campaign in partnership with the social entrepreneurship Article 22.


Use this code with your purchase: NEWLEGACIES

From NOW to August 7, Legacies and Article 22 will collaborate to spread the message about UXO in Laos showcasing the connection between UXO removal and increasing Laos’ ability to cultivate the land, through a collection of poignant images incorporating the unique products and pieces from Article 22’s collection. Throughout the campaign, a portion of the proceeds will go to Legacies of War so that we may continue our life-saving work on the UXO issue.


We encourage everybody to follow our Facebook and other social media platforms in order to keep up with the campaign.



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