Tapestry of Hope

November 2010 marked the historic gathering of the international community to Vientiane, Laos to celebrate and plan for the worldwide ban on cluster bombs at the Convention on Cluster Munitions First Meeting of State Parties. As a result of U.S. bombs dropped during the Vietnam-war era, Laos is the most bombed country in history on a per capita basis– and this convention was our chance to send a message of hope to the people of Laos for a future free of bombs.

Inspired by the beautiful textiles of Laos, Legacies of War worked with artists and organizers in the U.S. to develop the Tapestry of Hope: Weaving Together a Bomb-Free Future, a collection of art pieces from organizations, individuals, and collectives from across the nation which was installed in Vientiane during the Meeting. The project continues in Laos, where we are working to collect responses to bring back to the U.S., encouraging dialogue and healing.

You can engage by facilitating a workshop or submitting as an individual.

For more information, visit http://tapestryofhope.wordpress.com/.