MAG: Spring 2011 Newsletter

Posted: Jul 14, 2011

MAG’s Spring 2011 Newsletter – In-Depth Look at Laos

Hello Reader,

Attached you will find our Spring 2011 Newsletter. This edition of the newsletter is focused on Laos, which has the heart-breaking distinction of being the most bombed country, per capita, in the world.

This newsletter will provide you a history of this country and how MAG is working with development partners to ensure that the land we clear brings concrete improvements to people’s lives. Our featured story is about an extraordinary American family that was so moved by the beauty and challenges in Laos that they began selling garments from the area and using the proceeds to fund MAG’s efforts.

You will also learn about Legacies of War, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the Vietnam War-era bombing of Laos and advocating the clearance of unexploded weapons. Please sign their petition asking the U.S. Government to increase funding for unexploded ordnance removal. Sign it here.

We hope this newsletter moves you with local stories of how MAG’s work is changing communities. We encourage you to share our newsletter with your friends, families, and colleagues to educate them on the issue of unexploded ordnance in Laos and around the world.

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Patricia Loria

Marketing Manager

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