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It is my strong belief that the continued harm and injury caused by bombs dropped nearly four decades ago is morally unacceptable.

I fully support an increase in U.S. funding to at least $10 million per year for the next ten years to clear contaminated land and provide assistance to victims and affected communities in Laos. It is never too late to do the right thing.

  • 3106. David Swartz, Wilmore, KY
  • 3105. Josephine Nuntida Saly, Fresno, CA
  • 3104. Joan Fumetti, Windsor Heights, IA
    “I didn't know. This breaks my heart.”
  • 3103. Kiara Henry, Powder Springs, GA
  • 3102. Patricia Carroll, Malvern, PA
  • 3101. Phonethip Inthaphone, Philadelphia, PA
  • 3100. Mark, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI
  • 3099. [Private], Kennesaw, GA
  • 3098. [Private], Marietta, GA
    “My mother and her family fled from Laos when she was very young, during the commnist take over, to came to live in the United States. I've always wanted to go back to my home country, but I'm scared because it is still communist and there are bombs everywhere. Please help my country”
  • 3097. [Private], Hope Mills, NC

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