Current Signers

It is my strong belief that the continued harm and injury caused by bombs dropped nearly four decades ago is morally unacceptable.

I fully support an increase in U.S. funding to at least $10 million per year for the next ten years to clear contaminated land and provide assistance to victims and affected communities in Laos. It is never too late to do the right thing.

  • 3106. David Swartz, Wilmore, KY
  • 3105. Josephine Nuntida Saly, Fresno, CA
  • 3104. Joan Fumetti, Windsor Heights, IA
    “I didn't know. This breaks my heart.”
  • 3103. Kiara Henry, Powder Springs, GA
  • 3102. Patricia Carroll, Malvern, PA
  • 3101. Phonethip Inthaphone, Philadelphia, PA
  • 3100. Mark, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI
  • 3099. [Private], Kennesaw, GA
  • 3098. [Private], Marietta, GA
    “My mother and her family fled from Laos when she was very young, during the commnist take over, to came to live in the United States. I've always wanted to go back to my home country, but I'm scared because it is still communist and there are bombs everywhere. Please help my country”
  • 3097. [Private], Hope Mills, NC
  • 3096. Navila N Silivan, Endicott, NY
  • 3095. Pany Simpraseuth, San Francisco, CA
    “This saddens me to know that men and women who are born healthy lose their limbs/ lives because of the bombings that happened more than four decades ago.”
  • 3094. [Private], Harrisburg, PA
    “I was born in Laos in 1962 and adopted in 1964. My American father and German mother and siblings brought me over to the United States to live. I traveled to Laos on my 50th birthday to visit the country of my birth with my sister Caroline. We visited MAG and watched a movie which brought us all to tears.”
  • 3093. [Private], Chevy Chase, MD
  • 3092. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 3091. Viengsamay Kettavong, San Diego, CA
  • 3090. Khamsone Sirimanivong, Phoenix, AZ
  • 3089. Rachel Westrick, Grand Rapids, MI
  • 3088. Natalia, Montpellier
  • 3087. Philip Wardle, Nottingham, England, NM
    “NO to bombing.”
  • 3086. [Private], Carina Heights
  • 3085. [Private], Layton, UT
  • 3084. Nara S Sihavong, Clovis, CA
    “on Facebook:

    To my Lao-American friends and tagged friends, I share this personal and important post (pls. watch the video) that will touch your heart.
    Ignore that the messengers is engaged in the presidential race and you will look at the Unexploded Ordinance (OXU bombs) that are left in Laos with an unbiased heart.
    I was asked by a friend to join the UXO cause back in 2004 who went on to create a phenomenal non-profit to educate the world about UXO, but I was simply exhausted after completing our collective mission to get the Normalized Relations (NTR) in Congress between the US and Laos passed. I had a business to run, a young family to take care of and had to take a break from the highly charged but successful NTR campaign mission.
    But the UXO issue in Laos remains a major problem in Laos and a legacy that will haunt the US for the next century if not addressed.
    Please listen to what is said here by Hillary Clinton who visited Laos and the UXO sites. She understands it now. Congress needs to as well.
    And below, sharing my comment to a post for historical purpose. I strongly believe the UXO issue will not achieve long-term solution without the rally, again, by the caring support from the Lao-American community to speak to their Congress members.
    It's time to "Right the wrong".
    "That was a great post."
    What would it take so every Congress member understands the full ramification of UXO on Laos and to agree on a policy that Hillary Clinton just outlined, whether or not she wins the presidency?
    As the late honorable Senator Daniel Inouye, who was one of the key US Senators who originated and sponsored the bill in 2003 to normalize relations by the US to Laos (driven by the grass root movement of 15K petition signer from the Lao-American community, supporters at the state, Capitol Hill and many from all over the world) puts it, "As all great countries in the world should do, America as a great country must and will "right the wrong" it has done." The NTR team walked the halls to Capitol Hills, door-by-door for two years, to provide information to Congress members. Senator Max Baucus co-sponsored the Bill, along with Representative Betty McCullom (MN) and Rep. Ed Case (HI).
    Their realization was that Laos was never at war with the US, and there was no reason why the US would not have normalized relations with Laos particularly when the US had already normalized relations with Vietnam and Cambodia.
    It took the grass-root movement of their constituents, of the local NTR chapter, to visit their local offices as well, to drive home that message.
    And with that stern philosophy of "righting the wrong", Senator Inouye understood very well as a WWII Hero and Purple Heart recipient, he threw in hist support and rallied his colleagues to help pass and signed the NTR Bill in December 2004. This bill has undoubtedly paved the way to the very warm relations the US is having with Laos, which to this day is still considered the neutral ground and strategic country in Southeast Asia.
    Congress needs to understand, appreciate and rally to put a comprehensive bill and policy for a permanent and perpetual solution by the US to help "right the wrong" with the UXO issue in Laos that is much long over due - 40+ years and leaving 1/3 of Laos contaminated with UXO.
    As Hillary Clinton articulated that there has been been many good non-profits and volunteers who have done work to help clear UXO and educate the locals about the dangers. These organizations have done tremendous works like Legacies of War. They need more resources. But at that scale, it will be decades if not centuries, toward achieving the long-term and permanent fix.
    A movement is needed. Raising awareness and support among Congress members such as the late US Senator Daniel Inouye, is needed. Champions like former US Ambassador Douglas Hartwick and Lao Ambassador to the US Phantong Phommahaxay are needed.
    Hands down, it was the grass-root movement involving the Lao-American community (and the supporting voices of Oversea Lao people), the constituents, whose collective voice convinced their Congress members at home and at Capitol Hill, to listen and act to passing of NTR.
    The same action by the Lao-American community is needed to bring long-term solution to the UXO issue in Laos with the help of the US, a great country that given the opportunity will "Right the wrong".
    "In memory of US Senator Daniel K. Inouye."

    Nara Sihavong - National Coordinator of the US-Lao NTR National Coalition (2003-2004)

    — with Mike Hoover and 89 others.”
  • 3083. Kat Fitzpatrick, Schenectady, NY
  • 3082. [Private], Ocracoke , NC
  • 3081. Eric Pace, Mays Landing, NJ
  • 3080. Adolfo Covarrubias, Utica, NY
    “If I only known sooner....”
  • 3079. Chanly Noy Covarrubias, Utica, NY
  • 3078. John M. Morgan, Beallsville, OH
  • 3077. [Private], Victoria
    “While travelling in Laos, I saw the destruction that American bombing has caused in Laos. The continuing casualties are tragic and unjust, and the current rate of bomb removal is much too slow. I urge the US government to do more to ensure the safety of the Lao people.”
  • 3076. [Private], Omaha, NE
    “Please remove the bombs that were dropped. The war is log over. More innocent lives should not be lost.”
  • 3075. [Private], San Mateo, CA
  • 3074. Kelly Keenan, Brooklyn, NY
  • 3073. Racha Chittaphoumin, Modesto, CA
  • 3072. Bobby, Lowell, MA
  • 3071. Ezra Brown, Dorchester, MA
  • 3070. Sourikhunh Konekeo, Brooklyn, NY
  • 3069. [Private], Spokane, WA
    “The United States needs to continue to fund the removal of UXO in Laos.”
  • 3068. Bruce Waxman, Fairfax, VA
    “As a Vietnam veteran, I am very moved by this issue and the work of Legacies of War.”
  • 3067. Jana Igunma, London
  • 3066. Ellen Becker, Aston, PA
    “Since we left the bombs we have the responsibility to safely detonate them so the continued casualties STOP!”
  • 3065. Maly Siharath, Santa Ana , CA
  • 3064. Casper Phommajack, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 3063. [Private], Madison, WI
  • 3062. Mike Felker, Philadelphia, PA
    “I served as a navy hospital corpsman/medic with the US Marines in Viet Nam 1969-1970”
  • 3061. [Private], Albuquerque, NM
  • 3060. Kasim Arman Ul-haq, Rochdale
  • 3059. Sarah Keomany, Elgin, IL
    “My parents' home country. To read that innocent people are dying from these bombs that were never's heart wrenching. Laos is a struggling country as it is, the last thing they need are more of these bombs setting off.”
  • 3058. Filip Bijedic, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 3057. Karen S Greene, Washington, DC
  • 3056. Gregory Wagoner, Boston, MA
    “We created most of this ongoing tragedy. I've seen the results with my own eyes. We should assist this poor country clean up this danger.”
  • 3055. Brad Porteus, Singapore
    “The people of Laos deserve this. Let's clear this land and clear our conscious.”
  • 3054. Woodson Howe, Annapolis, MD
  • 3053. Rebecca Hiscock, Winchester
    “I am shocked that a country as rich as American refuses to commit to a total clearance programme. I am British and will be writing to my government to apply pressure on Obama”
  • 3052. Greg Mcleod, Portland, OR
  • 3051. Kevin Rathsasombath, Houston, TX
  • 3050. Samueljen, Fancrest, WV

  • 3049. Souvany Jennings, Humble, TX
  • 3048. Mary Strasser, Baltimore, MD
  • 3047. Frauke Chambers, Cottesloe, WA
    “I also think that cluster bombs should be banned everywhere!”
  • 3046. Stefanie Hasleton, Thirroul
  • 3045. Michael Stanley, Sydney AUSTRALIA
  • 3044. [Private], Sun Valley, CA
  • 3043. [Private], Seattle, WA
    “It is unacceptable for the U.S. to turn a blind eye to a problem it created. As a U.S. citizen, I should be proud of a country creating a legacy of peace, not leaving behind legacies of war and knowingly abandoning the responsibility of solving them.”
  • 3042. Tim Coutinho, San Jose, CA
  • 3041. Sriphachanh Silasa, Elkhart, IN
  • 3040. Prof Premraj Pushpakaran, Boston, MA
  • 3039. Elaine Emling, Silver Spring, MA
    “Please also increase funding for the COPE center in Vientiane.”
  • 3038. Jane Stone, Lexington, KY
  • 3037. [Private], Chino Hills , CA
  • 3036. Steve Stone, Lexington, KY
    “The former actions of the United States are causing the deaths of thousands of Laotians. We can decrease that numer by removing unexploded weapons. Let us exercise our conscience and do the mature and responsible thing. This action if necessary for the health and happiness of children and adults. How can we attone for the massive violence inflicted upon a [peaceful people?”
  • 3035. Kim Eng Koo Md, Rocky Mount, NC
    “Please increase funding for the COPE Center in Vientiane as well. They supply prostheses to those who had lost limbs due to the accidental setting of of the UXOs.”
  • 3034. Croseille Pongparnsana, Phila, PA
  • 3033. Kim Koenne, Cape Canaveral, FL
    “I believe it is never to late to do the right thing. Let us be responsible.”
  • 3032. John Fiddler, Seattle, WA
    “This is an American mess and the US should be the ones to clean it up. And I personally think a million a year for 10 years is not enough. We should pay what it takes to fix this problem...which is a fixable problem. Pick up the bombs and they will be gone for good.”
  • 3031. Michael W Wentz, Seattle, WA
  • 3030. [Private], Vicksburg, MS
  • 3029. Alicia Olson, McMinnville, OR
  • 3028. Charles Fay, Washington
  • 3027. [Private], Oldenburg, DE
  • 3026. Sierra, Reno, NV
  • 3025. Janelle Kaczmarzewski, Seattle, WA
    “We spent so much money every day bombing Laos... we need to make a greater effort in making amends.”
  • 3024. Terry Deegan, Clay, NY
    “We need to take responsibility. For removing these cluster bombs! Nomorechildren should be injured ans maimed!!!!”
  • 3023. Nuyeen, Saint Paul, MN
  • 3022. Ken Stec, Cazenovia, NY
    “No need for them to suffer from this anymore.”
  • 3021. Nick Lombardi, Phnom Penh
  • 3020. Kristin Sims, Appleton, ME
    “How can we avoid taking responsibility for this and call ourselves a moral people?”
  • 3019. Hayley Brooks, Ft. Wright, KY
  • 3018. Nancy E. Schneider, Ithaca, NY
    “So much suffering all these years after the war ended. The people, and certainly the children, deserve to be safe in their country.”
  • 3017. Eva Capobianco, Ithaca, NY
  • 3016. Sara Whitlock, Syracuse, NY
  • 3015. Cynthia Williams, Jamesville, NY
  • 3014. [Private], Elbridge, NY
  • 3013. Linda Bogart-greenlar, Syracuse, NY
    “View story Remnants of a Secret War by Mike Greenlar for images and story on related subject”
  • 3012. Paul Reading, FRESHWATER
  • 3011. Anne Pardee, Skaneateles , NY
  • 3010. [Private], Evanston, IL
    “Jacob Putnam's speech at Goshen College in February 2013 made me aware of this unacceptable situation in Laos. Thank you, Jacob.”
  • 3009. Christine M. Rizzo, Dexter, NY
  • 3008. A. Deegan, Syracuse, NY
  • 3007. Kimberley, Syracuse, NY
  • 3006. Isabella Pontarolo, El Dorado Hills, CA
  • 3005. Aldric Ulep, PEARL CITY, HI
  • 3004. [Private], Stanford, CA
  • 3003. [Private], Stanford, CA
  • 3002. Jare Fagbemi, Stanford, CA
  • 3001. Matthew Rodman, Vista, CA
  • 3000. [Private], Stanford, CA
  • 2999. [Private], Stanford, CA
  • 2998. Patricia Marlatt, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2997. Sasha Jelsma Van Ekert, Fountain Valley , CA
  • 2996. Tamara Keovanpheng, West Hollywood, CA
  • 2995. [Private], N. Charleston, SC
  • 2994. Vieng Siklar, N. Charleston, SC
  • 2993. Loren Adam, Blaine, MN
    “I've been working and paying taxes for 17 years. If I could, I would devote all the money I've been taxed past present and future to helping in the removal of UXO in Laos. Please increase the funding.”
  • 2992. Kue Chang, Stanford, CA
  • 2991. Paula Ochoa, Lodi, CA
  • 2990. Rachel Kruger, South Hero, VT
  • 2989. Calvin Voneravong, Grand Prairie, TX
    “Help Laos heal from war!”
  • 2988. Kristen Caplan, Glendale, CA
  • 2987. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 2986. Paul Roche, Harwinton, CT
  • 2985. Charles Felsenthal, Natick, MA
    “As a U.S. Air Force officer I saw the devastation in Xieng Khouang Province from the back seat of an OV-10 observation aircraft -- 32 missions in 1970-71. Phonsavanh, now a bustling small city, had one building left standing. Xieng Khouang Ville, the erstwhile provincial capital, was just outlines on the ground, the ghosts of buildings and streets, with nothing vertical left but a couple of old stupas. The damage was catastrophic. We (the U.S.) should have cleaned it up and assisted in reconstruction decades ago. There's no excuse for our turning away.”
  • 2984. Leslie Panyanouvong, Union City, CA
  • 2983. Carly Van Amber, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2982. Alan Didcock
  • 2981. [Private], Edinburgh
  • 2980. David Hahn, Sun City West, AZ
    “This is indeed another stark example of failed American foreign policy, that resulted in the deaths of tens-of-thousands of innocent civilians - women, children and even monks were indiscriminately slaughtered by American warplanes. Truly, a despicable and shameful reflection upon U.S. political and military leadership during this era of profit-minded warmongers. These bombings were crimes against humanity, yet not one American military member or politician was ever charged or stood trial.”
  • 2979. Aeng Chanthirat, Concord, NC
    “So true and so sad about this forgotten act of terrorism in our country.”
  • 2978. Chue Chou Tchang, St.paul, MN
    “I am a former soilder to the secret war”
  • 2977. Jessica Radford, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2976. Ryan Wolfson-ford, Aurora, OH
  • 2975. Linda Cast, New Braunfels, TX
  • 2974. [Private], Angola, IN
  • 2973. Jorge Muralles, Chicago, IL
  • 2972. Adrian Vlad, Chicago, IL
  • 2971. Zygmunt Czykieta, Chicago, IL
  • 2970. Martin Flowers, Nappanee, IN
  • 2969. [Private], Goshen, IN
  • 2968. [Private], Goshen, IN
    “Save the Laotians”
  • 2967. Madeline Labriola, Highland, NY
    “When will we ever learn? let's at least try to clean up the mess we left behind.”
  • 2966. [Private], Lymbrook, NY
    “Please clear out those land mines.”
  • 2965. Ashli Godfrey, Muncie, IN
    “Please stop the use of cluster bombs in war. They remain and harm innocents long after the war ends.”
  • 2964. Michael Burton, Vancouver, WA
    “I was assigned to the 56th ACW at NKP 67-68 and am entirely too aware of the destruction caused by our actions. We must clean up the mess we left behind”
  • 2963. Nicola Gomersall, Leeds
  • 2962. Bev Korasack, Toronto
    “Be responsible of your own action!”
  • 2961. Joseph O'boyle, Sedona, AZ
    “As a Vietnam Era U.S. Navy veteran I find it in-excusable that we have not done far more to aid the people of Laos in the removal of the very dangerous ordinance we were responsible for dropping on a country with which we were not even at war.”
  • 2960. [Private], Brookeville, MD
  • 2959. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 2958. [Private], Fairfax, VA
  • 2957. Nicole Miceli, Lic, NY
  • 2956. Andrew Dicken, Silver Spring, MD
  • 2955. Janemary Vongdara, RIVERSIDE, CA
  • 2954. Gabriel Morgan, BRONX, NY
    “We harmed this country over forty years ago, and we continue to kill a minimum of 100 people per year by not cleaning up the mess we made. We absolutely must take appropriate action immediately and stop killing thousands innocent people every decade in a country that we are supposed to be completely at peace with.”
  • 2953. [Private], Singapore
  • 2952. [Private], Fair Lawn, NJ
  • 2951. Jennifer Mamola, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • 2950. Kathie Manirath, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2949. Andy Wallace, Chester
    “I lived in Laos from 1969 to 1971 and attended the International School in Vientiane. I remember seeing children my own age who had lost limbs as a result of the bombing. I am deeply shocked to learn that 40 years later, this is still happening.”
  • 2948. Jessica Esteban, SOUTHGATE, MI
  • 2947. [Private], San Jose, CA
  • 2946. [Private], San Lorenzo, CA
  • 2945. David R. Klampert, Los Angeles, CA
    “Our (non-representative) government spent and continues to spend ongoing billions to destroy the lives of peoples of other countries, all for the sake of Halliburton, GE, Lockheed, et al; It's damn well high time we start investing the money to clean up the follies of a (wretched) select few rather than creating more turmoil everywhere we look.”
  • 2944. Don Conklin, Walker Lake, NV
    “please give these people some relief from a set of circumstances created by this country.”
  • 2943. [Private], Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2942. Jolene Wood, Denver, CO
  • 2941. Anne Myckow, Rockville, MD
  • 2940. Bobby Louangsaysongkham, Rockville, MD
  • 2939. Maibang Khounvongsa, Vancouver
  • 2938. Olivia Mekdara, Temple City, CA
    “One third of Laos is still covered in unexploded bombs, which is the fault of the US during the Vietnam & Secret War in Laos -- bombs left to be uncovered and detonated by innocent civilians of Laos. How is it so easy to turn a blind eye to them and not make ANY effort to undo the wrong of the U.S. government? I'm very disappointed in this country, as a daughter of two Lao immigrants. Always leave it to the U.S. to leave their mistakes and messes to be resolved and cleaned up by others.”
  • 2937. [Private], Scranton, PA
  • 2936. Donna Saytanides, East Norwich, NY
  • 2935. Christopher Chan, Irvine, CA
  • 2934. Jonathan Meyer, Mount Vernon, NY
    “Please help to finally end the war. It's not over until the cleanup is complete. Two casualties every week is two too many.”
  • 2933. Andrew Hung, Houston, TX
  • 2932. [Private], Oslo, NORWAY
  • 2931. [Private], Chicago, IL
    “This is an amazing country, and it's time Laos grew into its potential!!! Let's help get rid of these landmines and UXOs!”
  • 2930. Maria Sceva, Eugene, OR
  • 2929. Eric Reeder, Springfield, VA
  • 2928. Bob Higginson, Riverhead, NY
    “my wife is from laos and still has family there so it means alot to me to help this country. she lived in a refugee camp in thailand in the late 70s& early 80s before being sponsored to come to america.”
  • 2927. [Private], Washington, DC
    “This was an illegal campaign. Non-removal of this ordinance is morally incomprehensible and potentially opens the US for more costly lawsuits. Do the right thing.”
  • 2926. Melanie Graham, Marina, CA
    “Just hearing about this is shocking. I wish I had heard about it sooner. Take action now!!!!”
  • 2925. Nina Wickett, Marcellus, NY
    “Vietnam...the gift that keeps on giving. Such a tragedy, such a waste, the lives lost, the lives destroyed. War is indeed hell.”
  • 2924. Caroline Tihanyi, Syracuse, NY
  • 2923. [Private], West Liberty, IA
    “Even if we Americans can't get over there to remove the bombs from Laos, there should be someone who knows where they are buried so they can be removed and so the people won't have problems dying or becoming maimed in blasts that could be averted if the bombs were removed. If there was a way to get the bomb sniffing dogs to help with this like they do for the airports, maybe that would help in the long-run to get those bombs removed to benefit the generations of people who lived through the war years and those that only know what needs to be done now, 40 years later. Let's get that taken care of soon!”
  • 2922. Ed Phonephrachanh, McKinney, TX
  • 2921. Sean Xayaphet, Honolulu, HI
  • 2920. Alisak Sanavongsay, Merced, CA
  • 2919. Maja Sustersic, Maribor
  • 2918. [Private], Luang Prabang
  • 2917. Marcia Harr Bailey, Madison, WI
  • 2916. Connie Chiu, New York, NY
  • 2915. Sarah Weitzel, Los Angeles, CA
    “I recently saw a documentary about the continuing effects of the secret bombing campaign in Laos, and was deeply disturbed by the amount of suffering the innocent victims have endured. It is the U.S. government's absolute responsibility to clean up the mess it has made, and to make amends for this terrible act of barbarism.”
  • 2914. Samantha Waranch, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2913. Timothy Seibel, Hattiesburg, MS
  • 2912. Clairissa Mulloy, Fort Collins, CO
  • 2911. Jim, Easton, PA
  • 2910. [Private], Kampala
  • 2909. Dimitrispearljam, Volos
  • 2908. Anna Roughley, Kampala, Uganda
  • 2907. Christi Killien, Olalla, WA
  • 2906. Loyd Nolen Dunaway, Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2905. Brett Faulds, Seattle, WA
    “I've witnessed firsthand the modern day reprocussions of a 40 year old mess. We owe it to ourselves and the innocent Lao citizens to take responsibility for our country's actions.”
  • 2904. Sheila Reeves, Rockaway Beach, OR
  • 2903. Cosette Assadourian, Beirut
  • 2902. Cosette Assadourian, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2901. Peter Jacobs, Boston, MA
  • 2900. Deborah Reeves, Portland, OR
  • 2899. Stephanie Jones, Evergreen, CO
  • 2898. [Private], Phnom Penh
    “Everyone should know, understand the impact and sign the petition”
  • 2897. Lawrence Jaffe, West Hollywood, CA
  • 2896. Greg Watanabe, Gardena, CA
  • 2895. [Private], Australia
  • 2894. [Private], Capitola, CA
  • 2893. [Private], Somerville, MA
  • 2892. Miriam Struyk, Rotterdam
  • 2891. Eva Veble, Maribor
  • 2890. Johanna Laurila, Helsinki
  • 2889. Janine Kossen, Washington, DC
  • 2888. Katherine Blackburn, San Francisco, CA
  • 2887. John Balsley, ALEXANDRIA, VA
  • 2886. Marylou Minty, Canberra
  • 2885. Michelle Fahy, Canberra
  • 2884. Kate Wiggans, Geneva
  • 2883. Julie Houghton, Portsmouth
    “I can only repeat the first paragraph above "It is my strong belief that the continued harm and injury caused by bombs dropped nearly four decades ago is morally unacceptable" and ask that you do something NOW to make amends.”
  • 2882. Craig Ashcroft, Manchester
  • 2881. [Private], London
    “This needs to be dealt with ASAP, not the 30+ years that is forecast. Most importantly is that those forces that caused this make amends for the atrocity inflicted on this innocent country.”
  • 2880. John Rey Puyaoan, Falls Church, VA
  • 2879. Matt Pradichith, Addison, NY
  • 2878. [Private], Vientiane
  • 2877. Vincent Dubach, San Antonio, TX
    “We need to take responsibility for the actions that our government engages in overseas.”
  • 2876. Carol Sonderegger, Tulsa, OK
    “it is far past time to help rid this country of the bombs that remain there. the people of laos deserve to have a safe and productive environement to live in just like we do. the time is now to take care of this.”
  • 2875. Jason Shaw, Springfield, OH
  • 2874. Alannah, Wexford
  • 2873. Le Roux Marion, Vientiane
  • 2872. Nora Brennan, London
  • 2871. Sian Lambert, Manchester
    “Having visited Laos, I feel strongly that the US needs to invest to undo the wrongs it wrought on this country in the past. The continued devastation caused by UXO is an international disgrace and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.”
  • 2870. Thevenet, Siem Reap
  • 2869. Lynda Edwards, Johannesburg
    “I have seen some of the caualties and the fact that the injuries continue on a daily basis is truly unacceptable and must be avoided.”
  • 2868. Dianne James, Barrow-In-Furness
  • 2867. Darren James, Siem Reap
    “I support C.O.P.E through the company i work for and they are part of our foundation. i have seen first hand the effects of a war that ended over 30 years ago and to be honest it's a disgrace to all of humankind. Let's change the Legacy so a new one can begin.”
  • 2866. Gary Dever, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2865. Tanya
  • 2864. Elizabeth Clarke, Minneapolis, MN
    “I am a US citizen who lived in Laos and saw the ongoing devastation caused by cluster bombs. I think the only right thing for America to do is to spend more money - a fraction of the funds we are spending on new wars - on cleaning up our past transgressions.”
  • 2863. Hannah, Vientiane
  • 2862. Anne Ford, Perth, WA
    “Please do the right thing”
  • 2861. [Private], Takoma Park, MD
  • 2860. Joy Inthanongsak, Binghamton, NY
  • 2859. Donna Vanvalkenburg, Stamford, NY
  • 2858. [Private], Catlett, VA
  • 2857. Fred Reichert, 74226 Nordheim
  • 2856. Christine, San Francisco
  • 2855. Katie Miller, San Francisco, CA
  • 2854. [Private], Washington, DC, DC
  • 2853. Brandon Lipscomb, Huntington, WV
  • 2852. Nerina Cevra, Grand Rapids, MI
  • 2851. Amy Little
  • 2850. Andrew Sutton, Sout West Rocks
    “Do the right thing and help clean up you're mess”
  • 2849. Jipsa De Groot, Dronten
    “You owe it to the wonderful people of Laos!”
  • 2848. Anousone Outhabong, Vientiane
  • 2847. Kate Burbidge
  • 2846. Youme Nguyen Ly, Miami, FL
  • 2845. Anna Wright, San Francisco, CA
  • 2844. Brian Baker, Shelton, CT
  • 2843. John Sundara, Elgin, IL
  • 2842. Kham Sanavongsay, Dublin, CA
  • 2841. Inthava Borihane, Madison, WI
  • 2840. Nic Lott, Jackson, MS
  • 2839. Lounny Hastings, Walla Walla , WA
    “Signing to help promote health and healing in my home country.”
  • 2838. Jeff Skrenes, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2837. Phithsamay Pranikay Vang, Seattle, WA
  • 2836. Elinor Dixon, Rotterdam
  • 2835. [Private], Alexandria, VA
  • 2834. [Private], Alexandria, VA
  • 2833. Colleen Smith, Knoxville, TN
  • 2832. Rachel Stevenson, London
  • 2831. Paul Closs, Ithaca, NY
  • 2830. John Maloy, Greenwich, CT
  • 2829. Cresa Pugh, Vientiane
  • 2828. Tom, Lao
    “many people still live in a dangerous situation Plzz help them leave..”
  • 2827. Jason Miller, Bellevue, NE
    “Tables turn every day, my friends... will the next one land near you? We don't have to worry about what's right either: if it feels good, it probably is good.”
  • 2826. Mary Rizk, Fresno, CA
  • 2825. Andrea Ozment, New Haven, CT
    “I wanted to put a "20" in front of the million in the statement of support above. This is a tragic situation that has been overlooked for far too long -- let's not have the US associated with maiming and death, let's have us associated with compassion and responsible action.”
  • 2824. Thomas Nash, London
  • 2823. Manivanh Chanprasith, Vicksburg, MS
  • 2822. Michael Cramblit, Gwynn Oak, MD
  • 2821. Sakonh Pathipphanith, Houston, TX
    “I'd love to partner in anyway to help promote this cause.”
  • 2820. Krissyvan Truong, Chino, CA
  • 2819. Oudomphone Breeda Phoummany, Weehawken, NJ
    “"Unless we practice conservation, those who come after us will have to pay the price of misery, degradation, and failure for the progress and prosperity of our day. "- Gifford Pinchot”
  • 2818. Shawna R. Harbaugh, Jerome, ID
  • 2817. Umal Hassoon, Detroit, MI
    “That's just murder of innocent civilians for no reason at all.What a waste of HUMAN LIFE.”
  • 2816. Jacinta Cao
  • 2815. James Eaton, Mount Ayr, IN
    “Please, act quickly and remove these bombs.”
  • 2814. Jessan Dunn Otis, Providence, RI
    “"It is never too late to do the right thing."

    Please, do this with all alacrity.

    Thank you.”
  • 2813. Kevin Haake, Lincoln, NE
  • 2812. Diane Hiniker, Grand Marais, MN
  • 2811. Alicia Pierro, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2810. Seevanh, Vientiane Cap
    “We want to see Laos free of bombs please help to make this dream become true”
  • 2809. Robyn Parker, Grand Junction
  • 2808. Yoxa Dahm, Boulder, CO
    “It's never too late to do the right thing.”
  • 2807. Anfernee Chansamooth, Sydney
    “We cannot change the wrongs of the past, but we can definitely take steps to right those wrongs in the present for a better future.”
  • 2806. Susan Minamizono, Chula Vista, CA
  • 2805. Kathryn Santana, Bradbury, CA
  • 2804. Ed Flaherty, Iowa City, IA
  • 2803. Adrian Mueller, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2802. Choy Nanthavongdouangsy, Perris, CA
    “what else we could do?”
  • 2801. [Private], Menlo Park, CA
  • 2800. Carmen Willcox, Longview, TX
  • 2799. [Private], Auburn, WA
  • 2798. Sarah Logue, Reading, PA
  • 2797. Roberto López, Lutz, FL
  • 2796. Jacob Putnam, Goshen, IN
  • 2795. Kim Warren
    “Having worked in Laos for 4 years clearing UXO from the ground and working with survivors I strongly feel it is unacceptable that UXO still litter the country, preventing development and leading to tragic accidents. US needs to provide more help to Laos please.”
  • 2794. Bob Kundrat, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2793. Rigoberto Villeda, Orlando, FL
  • 2792. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 2791. David Fairlie, Latina
  • 2790. Alexandra Kirby, Warsaw, Poland
  • 2789. Dan Allison, St. Petersburg, FL
    “It's really the least we can do.”
  • 2788. Amy Wright, Stafford, CT
  • 2787. Larry L Geiser, SANFORD, FL
    “The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has been working to research bomb clearing methods, and in removing bombs in Laos, since about 1977 ( More needs to be done by the US government to help clear these bombs.”
  • 2786. Shari Regenbogen
  • 2785. Bärbel Fink, Oulu, Finland
    “Is this campaign only for citizens of the US???”
  • 2784. Monica Montijo, Upland, CA
  • 2783. Hanna Lakkala, Vientiane
  • 2782. [Private], Cambridge, MA
  • 2781. Mc Wright, Annandale, VA
  • 2780. [Private]
  • 2779. Kathy Miller, Vincennes, IN
  • 2778. Julia Sentes, Superior, CO
  • 2777. Pat Van Valkenburg, Selkirk, NY
  • 2776. Jose De Arteaga, Washington, DC
  • 2775. Lene Dahl, Madison, NJ
  • 2774. Nicole Bruck, Stamford, CT
    “I went to Laos and was shocked to learn about the horrendous bombings the country suffered at the hands of the Americans. The unexploded cluster bombs are still destroying lives today and no one cares because these people are poor and have no voice. It is time the US took responsibility for its actions. This makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be American.”
  • 2773. Lise Dahl, Morristown, NJ
  • 2772. Isaya Chirachaturaphak, Fairfax, VA
  • 2771. Alisa Chirachaturaphak, Fairfax, VA
  • 2770. Roan Razon, Virginia Beach, VA
  • 2769. Akkarin Chirachaturaphak, Fairfax, VA
  • 2768. Iris Willow, San Francisco, CA
    “We have a moral responsibility to clean up the mess we left for the Lao people and I urge my representatives to continue funding at a higher rate per year the removal of UXO until the risk is completely contained, so the Lao people can live without fear that their children will be killed or maimed by these devices. I further urge that the US outlaws the use of cluster bombs in future wars.”
  • 2767. Dalit Bobby Arkarath, Carbondale, IL
  • 2766. [Private], Oslo
  • 2765. Taylor Dorman, Springfield, MO
  • 2764. [Private], London, CA
  • 2763. Ruth Baker, Sydney
  • 2762. Greta Scharnweber, New York, NY
  • 2761. Brandon Sternquist, Gaithersburg, MD
  • 2760. Isabelle Wippermann, London
  • 2759. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 2758. Cin Kowlessar, Etobicoke
  • 2757. S Yum, Seattle, WA
  • 2756. Aaron Bell, Washington, DC
  • 2755. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 2754. Gary Howlett, Seattle, WA
    “It is time to simply do the right thing.”
  • 2753. [Private], Hilton Head Island, SC
  • 2752. Ildiko Hamos-sohlo, Englewood, NJ
  • 2751. Darshana Bolt, Burlington, VT
  • 2750. Zepher Potrafka, Columbus, OH
    “Even my 5 year old students at the YMCA know that if they make a mess, they have to clean it up.”
  • 2749. Bessie Toohey, Cleveland, OH
  • 2748. Katie Phan, Seattle , WA
    “My family was part of the refugees that left Laos because of the bombings in the secret war.”
  • 2747. Linda Chambers, St. Catharines, Ontario
    “I recently spend 17 days in Laos, until then I had no idea of what happened there. I shamed by the Americans who did this and by the lack of responsibility taken by the American Government to clear these bombs. The Laos peple were innocent bystanders and are still suffering.

    Laos has been ruined by many wars and there is little left of its rich history”
  • 2746. Paula Cibery, Placerville, CO
    “Thank you for the work you are doing! It feels wonderful help make restitution for the wrongs that were visited on these amazing people.”
  • 2745. Kristina Refsbeck, Fairfield, CT
  • 2744. Andrew Bain, Washington, DC
  • 2743. Emory Harkins, Providence, RI
  • 2742. Lilly Ngolvorarath, Providence, RI
  • 2741. Elizabeth Catlin, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2740. Cory Sheldon, Streetsboro, OH
  • 2739. Deborah Menasha, Boston, MA
  • 2738. Christine Ruth Christman, Des Moines, IA
    “My birth brother recently died, from cancer from agent orange; we need to stop the deaths from the war- clear out the unexploded bombs before more people lose more family members.”
  • 2737. Lisa Sterritt, Armstrong, CA
  • 2736. Stephanie Mccarthy, Paris, France
  • 2735. Tramy Huynh, Bronx, NY
    “There is a responsibility to remove the cluster bombs. They are very damaging, especially to unsuspecting victims.”
  • 2734. [Private], Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 2733. Mike Walkingstick, Mountain View , CA
  • 2732. Dezerai Seitzer, Napa, CA
  • 2731. Trond Øye, Oslo
  • 2730. Joy Andrews, San Francisco, CA
  • 2729. Gary Sayviseth, Hayward, CA
  • 2728. Jordan Inthirajvongsy, Orlando, FL
  • 2727. [Private], Denver, CO
  • 2726. James J. Laverty, Plymouth, MI
  • 2725. Arksone Anachack, New Britain, CT
  • 2724. Janet Jacquier, Marina, CA
    “Peace is the way.”
  • 2723. David R. Munoz, Berthoud, CO
    “I was a teenager when my country dropped these bombs and want to do what I can to make sure that atrocities like this never happen again. What were we thinking?”
  • 2722. Rebekka Holmquist, Portland, OR
  • 2721. Sam, Vientiane,laos
  • 2720. [Private], Burnsville, MN
    “I am an American citizen born in Laos. I believe all should be able to live their lives without fear of UXOs, like I do. I will do all I can to help the people of Laos feel the freedom of fear of the UXOs in their land.”
  • 2719. Jeeyun Park, Richmond, VA
  • 2718. Daniel Hiniker, Annapolis, MD
  • 2717. Alexandra Hiniker, Annapolis, MD
  • 2716. John Lobban, Indianapolis, IN
  • 2715. [Private], New Albany, OH
  • 2714. [Private]
  • 2713. Carolina Perez, Richmond, VA
    “Please repair the wrongdoing of our ancestors. Since we are the present, we are our ancestors' future that strives for Human Dignity. Thank you.”
  • 2712. Ryan Wenzler, Bloomington, IN
  • 2711. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 2710. Mark Woodward, Alexandria, TN
  • 2709. Souxada Luangraj, McLean, VA
  • 2708. P. Thongmahavong, Antioch, CA
    “I love your cause! I have been looking for a movement like this for long time now. Thank you!”
  • 2707. Kortnee Silver, Colorado Springs, CO
    “These people deserve peace of mind and safety. These basic human rights abuses cannot remain ignored.”
  • 2706. Stefan Bobko, Melbourne
    “Help the Laos who have suffered from the bombing for so long please.”
  • 2705. Linda Blackstone, San Francisco, CA
  • 2704. Ruby Kane, Oakland, CA
  • 2703. Jainna Phommachanh, Callahan, FL
  • 2702. Tzianeng Vang, Maplewood, MN
    “Thank you for your continuous care for motherland. It is the right thing to do. Making a mess is simple, but acknowledgin that one made the mess to have costed so much lives and continue to do so is a positive step. By doing so we can look forward toward a future where our relatives in motherland Laos will not be haunted by such man made explosive devices. May PEACE be with us all!

    Ua tsaug - Thanks,
    Ua koj tsaug - Thank you,
    Ua mej/nej tsaug - Thank you all (everyone)”
  • 2701. William A. Suda Iii, Brightwaters, NY
    “Removing the bombs is the least we Americans should demand!

    I think even John Wayne would agree!!!”
  • 2700. Abigail Warfel, Champaign, IL
  • 2699. Boonnhong Bev Korasack, Toronto, CA
  • 2698. Lauren Dressel, Moorestown, NJ
  • 2697. Preston S. Silvey, The Plains, OH
    “I would like to see the U.S government offer the victims of these unexploded ordinances compensation for medical care and lost wages resulting form contact with these devices. As an American I feel we should be doing more to help these people with their livelihoods that our military has negatively impacted.”
  • 2696. Douglas Crawford, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2695. T. Mackenzie Bryant, Fairfield, OH
  • 2694. Catherine Horne, Middletown, DE
  • 2693. [Private], Toronto, CA
    “Good Job please spread the info.”
  • 2692. Robertas, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2691. Qao, San Francisco, CA
  • 2690. Michelle Sourisak, Raleigh, NC
  • 2689. Miguel Sanchez, Daly City, CA
  • 2688. [Private], Midway City, CA
    “The actions of the U.S were indescribably wrong and ignorant. Now, our inaction is wrong and ignorant.
    We need to clean up the mess we've made, and help these people.”
  • 2687. Alan Ryter, San Francisco, CA
    “Stop the loss of innocent lives.”
  • 2686. Ashif Nawab, Springfield, VA
  • 2685. Danut Prisacaru, Austin, TX
  • 2684. Jerry Ghastin, Austin, TX
  • 2683. Anthony Hogan, San Francisco, CA
    “I will forward this friends, family and colleagues.”
  • 2682. Khamphoy Sayavong, Austin, TX
  • 2681. Charlotte Sands-berking, Hopkinton, MA
  • 2680. Dylan Kean, Richmond, VA
    “It's time to take responsibility for our actions. People are dying every day because of the carelessness of a forgotten legacy and it's up to us to make sure that legacy doesn't stay forgotten.”
  • 2679. Pauline Lai, Dallas, TX
  • 2678. [Private], Fairfax, VA
    “Great work, Chan and Friends!”
  • 2677. [Private], Walnut Creek, CA
  • 2676. Jennifer Lachman, Washington, DC
    “Keep up the great work!”
  • 2675. [Private], Chicago, IL
    “Take responsibility for what's yours USA!! Don't spread your war sperm and then leave without turning back to fix the harm that's been done.”
  • 2674. David Monroe, Richmond, VA
  • 2673. Sone Loh, Fairfax, VA
    “Where there is hope, there is healing.”
  • 2672. Sara Fredericksen, Racine, WI
    “In this day of age, all we can do is help end violence, and give peace to everyone and everywhere. Peace and Love.”
  • 2671. Kim Newman, Glendale, AZ
    “My father is a Vietnam Vet. I am a walking legacy of war.”
  • 2670. Crystal Tice, Ames, IA
  • 2669. [Private], Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2668. Sarah Braden, Mission, KS
  • 2667. Somara Madalinski, Brookline, VT
  • 2666. Ruth Ellen Primm, Norman, OK
    “love my I Love Peace bracelet made from bomb material dropped over Laos that i purchased from your website. I wear it everyday.”
  • 2665. Sallie Lockhart, West Palm Beach, FL
    “We need to stop the harm and suffering of innocent lives!”
  • 2664. [Private], Chicago, IL
    “war n humanity don't mix...”
  • 2663. [Private], Scottsdale, AZ
  • 2662. Brianne Macy, Edison, NJ
  • 2661. [Private], Little Rock, AR
  • 2660. Lisa Sood, Watford
  • 2659. [Private], Geneseo, NY
    “It's almost unbelievable that this is not a major concern of the US military. Makes you wonder if the military has an unspoken policy about which lives are worth protecting and which aren't. That's a tragic thought.”
  • 2658. Kirstie, Spring Valley, CA
  • 2657. Kim Fortin, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2656. Annette Gingerich, Hastings, MN
    “I am already a Legacy of War...”
  • 2655. [Private], Melbourne
  • 2654. Gregg Montgomery, Sonoma, CA
    “As an American I can not sit idly. It was MY tax dollars that went toward the devastation Laos. I feel a great responsibility now to help these gentle people regain their lifestyle by helping them clear their land. It's been forty years but the war on Laos continues. The US has a responsibility to help. It's the right thing to do.”
  • 2653. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong, Minnetonka, MN
  • 2652. Gao Sheng Lee, BROOKLYN PARK, MN
  • 2651. Christi Dillon, Mooresville, NC
  • 2650. Brock Hemsouvanh, Anchorage, AK
  • 2649. Katie Brunk, Monrovia, MD
  • 2648. Bousa Tatpaporn, Richmond, CA
    “I support this public petition to have the US do more to remove the bombs and assist the victims.”
  • 2647. Sean Hettenbach, New York, NY
  • 2646. Richard Mayhugh, Santa Fe, NM
  • 2645. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 2644. Tilo, Elgin, IL
    “Lao pride”
  • 2643. Janelle Hu, Washington, DC
    “LOW, many thanks for bringing a face, voice, and hope to so many.”
  • 2642. Brendan Work, Missoula, MT
    “We teach kids to say sorry and fix what they broke. Time to get some congressional boots on the ground in Laos and do the same.”
  • 2641. Bobby Sayarath, Southfield, MI
    “Unfortunately the devastating effects of war lasts many times longer than than the conflict itself. Count me in.”
  • 2640. Beth Cook, Bloomington, MN
  • 2639. Amrit Kendrick, Claremont, WA
    “We need to be responsible as a nation. We need to clean up the mess and prevent future use of such arms.”
  • 2638. Clem Work, Missoula, MT
  • 2637. Janet Brown, Seattle, WA
    “This is long overdue. Let's clean this up.”
  • 2636. Shawna Bonnett, Prince George
  • 2635. Noah Putnam, Chicago, IL
    “My mother is from Laos and the country is close to my heart.”
  • 2634. Alexandra Bunzl, Riverdale, NY
  • 2633. Jennifer Nitz, Missoula, MT
  • 2632. [Private], Faribault, MN
  • 2631. Christina Rattanavong, Plano, TX
    “As a Laotian American, I wholeheartedly support advocacy and education on the clearance of unexploded bombs in Laos. Legacies of War is an agent of change, but we can all lend a voice to plead for assistance for the people and land affected.”
  • 2630. Savuth Saing, Urbana, IL
    “As a former member of the US Army's Engineer Corp., unexploded ordnance is no laughing matter. Lets pray that everyone stays safe until the clearance is complete. Godspeed.”
  • 2629. Mai Choua Thao, Madison, WI
  • 2628. Jeanne Taylor, Winterhaven, CA
  • 2627. Jerry Redfern, Peralta, NM
    “No matter our current financial situation, we as Americans need to offer more than peanuts to the people we bombed in Laos. This should be a national moral imperative.”
  • 2626. Gael Charboneau, Marion, IL
  • 2625. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 2624. Heather Brown, Norwalk, CT
  • 2623. Mike Davis, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2622. [Private], Lexington, KY
  • 2621. Alexandra Krosche, Pelham, NY
  • 2620. Mary Novasic, San Francisco, CA
  • 2619. Saengmany Ratsabout, Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 2618. Tracy Herring, Indianapolis, IN
  • 2617. Sherry Rieger, New Philadelphia, OH
  • 2616. [Private], HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA
    “Please clean up this messed left by us. The people of Laos do not deserve this.”
  • 2615. [Private], Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2614. Henry Rajsombath, Vacaville, CA
    “Innocent lives have been taken and there is no type compensation for the damage that has been done. This has been an a disaster and will continue to hinder the development of Laos until all these UXO's are removed.”
  • 2613. Julie Van Den Bergh, Yung Shue Wan
    “Not only morally unacceptable but also economically. Having worked in Xieng Khouang on and off for the past 10 years I have witnessed first hand how the contamination is THE biggest impediment for the local population to improve their subsistence living.”
  • 2612. Ammy, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2611. Jessica Yi, Washington, DC
    “"The quality of mercy is not strain'd, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed. It blesseth him who gives and him who takes." -Portia, The Merchant of Venice”
  • 2610. Sandy Sara, Dallas, TX
    “Thank you for supporting in clearing the uxo.”
  • 2609. Mike Theo, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 2608. Andy, Anchorage, AK
  • 2607. Rebekah Enns, Harrisonburg, VA
  • 2606. Chaz Wyman, Brighton
    “Laotians are a peaceful and polite people.
    This is a crime beyond all the machinations of terrorists.
    The US ought to be ashamed”
  • 2605. Michael Greenlar, Syracuse, NY
    “Worked on "Remnants of a Secret War " book project for over 10 years. Explores the unexploded ordnance in Post War Laos. see more at”
  • 2604. Souphat Souvannarath, Clearwater, FL
  • 2603. [Private], Gig Harbor, WA
  • 2602. Rod Kline, Quarryville, PA
    “I was at Korat, Thailand in 1967 to 1968. I personally handled some of these bombs. I would like to help in some way”
  • 2601. Alexandra Beuscher, Wellfleet, MA
  • 2600. Rosemary Rocco, Maple Grove, MN
    “Thank you all for doing this work.”
  • 2599. Nalee Phommachanh, Rochester, NY
  • 2598. Demetri Dennis, Rochester, NY
  • 2597. Channry Ree Sea, Portland, OR
  • 2596. Mari Quenemoen, Washington, DC
  • 2595. David Saetae, Rochester , NY
  • 2594. Jim Phommavohane, Tampa, FL
  • 2593. Ceetha, Rochester, NY
  • 2592. Soudary Kittivong-greenbaum, Oak Park, IL
  • 2591. Jessica Walter, \\', s-Gravenhage
  • 2590. Lance Sayavong, Riverside, CA
    “It's sad that no other country is helping Laos, I am a Lao-American Veteran (Persian Gulf War Vet).

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • 2589. Jennifer Miller, Lees Summit, MO
  • 2588. Deborah Watson, Red Deer
  • 2587. Annaliese Hammer, Lompoc, CA
  • 2586. Laura Brose, Staten Island, NY
  • 2585. Agnes Xiong, Mpls, MN
    “save our people!”
  • 2584. Ryan Lim, Washington, DC
  • 2583. Laura V Pretzman, Springfield, VA
  • 2582. [Private], Alhambra, CA
  • 2581. Leah Caudell-feagan, Charlottesville, VA
  • 2580. Chanel Govreau, Madison, WI
  • 2579. Kara Herd, Woodbridge, VA
  • 2578. Tammy Zhao, Richmond, VA
  • 2577. Grace Heckel, Richmond, VA
  • 2576. Asha, Richmond, VA
  • 2575. Jessica Rupkey, Baltimore, MD
  • 2574. Kendria Williams, Richmond, VA
  • 2573. Negeen Kianersi, Dunn Loring, VA
  • 2572. Harrison B. Williams, Richmond, VA
    “Help the people in Laos.”
  • 2571. Maria Huynh, Virginia Beach, VA
  • 2570. Chita Luong, Richmond, VA
  • 2569. Channing Hicks, Midlothian, VA
  • 2568. Dylan Kean, Richmond, VA
    “The U.S. has a responsibility to fix the mistakes of the past and not simply forget them with time.”
  • 2567. Ladda Douangnouanexay, Dover, NH
  • 2566. Hongphayvanh L Vatthana, Annandale, VA
    “Laotian in Laos Country need those land for survivals.”
  • 2565. Saychareunsouk Pathammavong, Herndon, VA
  • 2564. Gregory Poling, Glen Burnie, MD
  • 2563. Khamphat Chanthavong, Manitowoc, WI
    “Legacies of war is a top priority or example number one for topic in laos history . You've done a good job and it is a time to reveal it's secret to the world ,just keep up with it and I'll support all the way.”
  • 2562. Mychal Mitchell, Evanston, IL
  • 2561. [Private], Springfield, VA
  • 2560. Aleena Inthaly, Springfield, VA
    “I'll spread the word!”
  • 2559. [Private], Portland, OR
    “i want to make peace with my soul and destiny as I have come to have an intimate knowledge of Southeast Asia. I am also aware the harm that my homeland has caused your region.”
  • 2558. Madeline, Woodbridge, VA
    “This is an awesome cause!!”
  • 2557. Charmaine Schmidt, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2556. Marilu, Fontana, CA
  • 2555. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2554. Amkhane Phommanirath, Rochester, NY
  • 2553. Brian Bowman, Forest Hills, NY
  • 2552. Christopher Krosche, Pelham, NY
  • 2551. Julia Wunderlich, Port Chester, NY
  • 2550. Robert Hettenbach, New York, NY
    “I feel strongly that the US and other countries involved in creating such a dangerous environment must step up and help to fix it. We need to let everyone know that we demand something be done.”
  • 2549. Donna Medina, Pelham, NY
  • 2548. Janet Hettenbach, New York, NY
  • 2547. Jennifer Hettenbach, New York, NY
  • 2546. Athena Batsios, Nassau, NY
  • 2545. Mike Miller, Idaho Springs, CO
  • 2544. Willy Olsen, Adelanto, CA
  • 2543. Justina Lasalle, New Orleans, LA
  • 2542. [Private], Sneads Ferry, NC
  • 2541. Seth Tuler, Greenfield, MA
  • 2540. Manichanh, Laos
    “I do really like legacies of war too!”
  • 2539. Katherine Smith Jacobs, Seattle, WA
  • 2538. Justina Poskeviciute, Gettysburg, PA
  • 2537. Martha Eberle, Dripping Springs, TX
  • 2536. Chanthala Insisiengmay, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2535. Burl Henry, Iowa City, IA
  • 2534. Ruth Mclean Dawson, Alexandria, VA
  • 2533. Lubin, Auckland, CA
  • 2532. David Mann, Falmouth, KY
  • 2531. Peter Van De Velde, Luang Prabang
    “Companies in the Weapon Industry ; please join the funding and clean up your shit! Now!”
  • 2530. Auke Koopmans, Chiangmai
  • 2529. Robert New, Rutland, VT
  • 2528. Leslie Paramytherng, Bothell, WA
  • 2527. [Private], Washington, DC
  • 2526. Judy Hiniker, Annapolis, MD
  • 2525. [Private], Piedmont, CA
  • 2524. Wendy Oser, Berkeley, CA
  • 2523. Peggy Erickson, Coon Rapids, MN
  • 2522. Robert Carr, Leicester, NC
    “The USA needs to take responsibility for its wars and the harm caused to civillians.”
  • 2521. Charles E. Geitner, Fullerton, Ca , CA
    “This is one of our problems wherever we send the military. The least we can do is to aid these countries in clearing land mines so that the country involved might one day think of us as a "peace-loving" country.”
  • 2520. Amanda Benvenuto, Watervliet, NY
  • 2519. J. Pieter Versweyveld, Bartow, FL
  • 2518. Bounma, Akron, OH
    “Please help these countries and there people so that they can have more chances of looking forward to live there life; by increasing the funding for MAG foundation. Thank you”
  • 2517. Michael J. Freeman, Cincinnati, OH
  • 2516. Marla Bottesch, Norridgewock, ME
    “The use of cluster bombs is a war crime. Why are they not outlawed by all the nations of the earth? Why would we do this to ourselves? What is the matter with the people of this earth?”
  • 2515. Francine Ungaro, Southington, CT
  • 2514. Lacey Kammerer, Fresno, CA
  • 2513. John Richkus, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2512. Howard Mock, Chicago, IL
    “we made them. we sold them. we dropped them. now it is time we take responsibility and clean them up.”
  • 2511. John H Anderson, San Diego, CA
  • 2510. Zoe Harris, San Anselmo, CA
  • 2509. Cary Moy, Oak Park, IL
  • 2508. Deanna Rosen, Slc, UT
  • 2507. Michael W Evans, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2506. Linda Drescher, Golden, CO
  • 2505. Arthur Kennedy, Isla Vista, CA
  • 2504. Daniel Belachew, Cambridge, MA
  • 2503. Art Hanson, Lansing, MI
  • 2502. George Walberg, Fayetteville, WV
  • 2501. Kathleen Wolfe, Des Moines, WA
  • 2500. Elgrit B. Russell, East Stroudsburg, PR
  • 2499. Barb And Phil Powell, Rochester, MN
    “We are morally obligated to clean up our mess!”
  • 2498. Ann Schneider, Gurnee, IL
  • 2497. Wayne Mullins, Granby, MO
  • 2496. Nate Hagemann, Kansas City, MO
  • 2495. Vic Burton, Kansas City, MO
    “The least we should do is clean-up the mess we have made.”
  • 2494. Terry Tedesco-kerrick, Phoenix, AZ
  • 2493. Olivia, Houston, TX
  • 2492. Tiana Alexandra, NYC, NY
    “We are also based in HCMC and I have been several times to film at the plain of jars since over 11 years ago (see my film BOMBS AWAY on YOUTUBE). We greatly appreciate the work MAG does in Laos and the rest of the world, Thank you”
  • 2491. [Private], Bennington, VT
  • 2490. Diane Shaughnessy, Tacoma, WA
  • 2489. Steven Ganci, St. Petersburg, FL
    “Removal of these horrible left-overs from our bombing of a country that never attacked us must be a serious priority. I strongly encourage greater efforts to help eliminate unexploded bombs from the laotian countryside.”
  • 2488. Frank X. Kleshinski, Jeannette, PA
  • 2487. Mary Mutch, La Crosse, WI
    “These people have suffered enough. It's time to put an end to the remaining unexploded bombs.”
  • 2486. Jon Stewart, Ipswich, MA
    “Removal of dangerous material from a warzone should be a part of ANY conflict, past ot future. Politicians are so used to pushing their ideology using "future generations" as the victims of opposing ideas... WELL... we ARE the future generation in this case and we must assume the liabilities PAST generations didn't pay for.”
  • 2485. Mary Williams, Salt Lake, UT
  • 2484. Jan-paul Alon, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • 2483. Annette Bryant, Kansas City, MO
  • 2482. S Sureck, St Petersburg, FL
  • 2481. Peter Berres, Lexington, KY
    “I am a Vietnam veteran who has returned to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in recent years. I think it is criminal for the USA not to assist in ridding these countries of this unexploded ordinance”
  • 2480. Linda Mcknight, Joelton, TN
  • 2479. Wen Yang, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 2478. Deborah Outman, Decatur, GA
  • 2477. Jane Davidson, Englewood, NJ
    “No person should have to live with the threat of being blown up or injured by explosives and bombs.”
  • 2476. Lewise Busch, Arlington, VA
  • 2475. Susan Puscheck, Ypsilanti, MI
    “The United States bears responsibility, and should contribute to the removal of all these bombs.”
  • 2474. Jim Phillips, Sonoma, CA
    “Please provide funds for clearance of unexploded weapons. Thank you.”
  • 2473. Gary Cronin, Santa Fe, NM
  • 2472. Marie-louise Jackson-miller, Quincy, MA
    “Landmines have always been cheaply made, widely distributed and so, so costly in injury and loss of innocent lives. Our U.S. military budget needs to include clean up costs for landmines and unexploded devices carelessly left long after wars end.”
  • 2471. Anthony A Capobianco, Bethel Park, PA
    “Time to stop war and killing everywhere”
  • 2470. Marguerite Winkel, Spokane, WA
  • 2469. Linda Andersson, Medina, WA
    “I lived through the era when our leaders believed these people were subhuman, hence took the right to mutilate and murder them for any reason whatsoever. I'm ashamed to this day, even moreso than when I was in my teens and 20s. We must help them. They did not deserve all that we did to them.”
  • 2468. Ellen Goodman, East Providence, RI
  • 2467. John Viacrucis, Moorhead, MN
  • 2466. Joseph Alfano, New York, NY
  • 2465. Nayeem Aslam, Villa Park, IL
  • 2464. Emliy Doutre, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2463. Tina, San Francisco, CA
  • 2462. Mikki Chalker, Binghamton, NY
  • 2461. Patricia Orlinski, Sun City, AZ
    “Keep innocent people safe from the destructive implements of war that rob us of the help needed for people out of work, elderly, handicapped, etc.”
  • 2460. Phillip J Crabill, Highland Village, TX
    “We must help these people clear their land of these explosive devices we dropped there! We must do this caring and much needed action NOW!”
  • 2459. Cheryl Dzubak, Yardville, NJ
  • 2458. Edward Grenier, Seattle, WA
  • 2457. Rachel M Hervey Phn, Santa Margarita, CA
    “A small token token to try and erase our shame for the disaster we caused those poor people through no fault of their own ! Sincerely,”
  • 2456. Lorraine Kirk, Nederland, CO
  • 2455. Sarah, Cherry Hill, NJ
  • 2454. Tim Zemba, Los Angeles , CA
  • 2453. Diana Bohn, Berkeley, CA
  • 2452. Bruce Cohen, Worcester, MA
  • 2451. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 2450. Michael Martin, Mountain Home, ID
  • 2449. James Mulcare, Clarkston, WA
  • 2448. Mike Antone, Sacaton, AZ
  • 2447. Kathy Burpee, Cold Spring, NY
  • 2446. Eric Hoffman, Arlingon, VA
  • 2445. Jeffrey Bains, Lady Lake, FL
  • 2444. Nan, Saint Paul, MN
    “Please help us get rid of these horrific weapons”
  • 2443. Rusty Simpson, Baltimore, MD
  • 2442. Brian Stauffer, Aptos, CA
  • 2441. Jorge, San Diego, CA
    “Shame on america, a typical legacy of american policy; invade, bomb, destroy and then leave.”
  • 2440. Justin Boulom, Pomona, CA
  • 2439. [Private], Fresno, CA
  • 2438. [Private], Alpharetta, GA
    “support us!”
  • 2437. Anna Sisavat
  • 2436. [Private], Monnickendam, NE
  • 2435. [Private], Vientiane
  • 2434. [Private], Vientiane
  • 2433. Azlan A. Aziz, Vientiane
  • 2432. Sengathit Luangsouvannavong, Vientaine
  • 2431. [Private], Carpinteria, CA
  • 2430. Alexander Otendal Olsen, Vientiane
  • 2429. Vilakone Chansamouth, Vientiane
  • 2428. Sara Björkqvist, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2427. [Private], Vientiane, Laos
  • 2426. Martin Haack, Vientiane
    “Good work acry on with this.”
  • 2425. Vilakone, Vientiane
  • 2424. Timo H. Hogenhout, Vientiane
  • 2423. Emily Chaisone, Sterling, VA
  • 2422. Richard P. Mura, Los Angeles, CA
    “Great cause!”
  • 2421. Tara Gujadhur, Dayton, OH
  • 2420. Simeon Magliveras, Singapore
    “People need to know about this on-going problem”
  • 2419. Into Champon, San Marino, CA
  • 2418. Neil Geo, Chantilly, VA
  • 2417. Alonzo Silavong, Murfreesboro, TN
  • 2416. Brittney Keophoxay, Woonsocket, RI
    “It's horrible how the Laotian people have to suffer this. The U.S must fix what they have done. I myself am Laotian and can't stand to hear this.”
  • 2415. Cam Thu Hoac, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2414. Vivian Le, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2413. Jessica Liu, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2412. Colin Cuddehay, Cebu
    “What a bloody disgrace ! The USA has the nerve to "go after" others when quite possibly tha USA is a war criminal in a class of it's own. Kidnapping people around the world would be "an outrage" if committed by other nations,of course the USA is a good guy : in their humble opinion !”
  • 2411. Tiffanie Nguyen, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2410. Kai Cheng Hii, Melbourne
  • 2409. Angela Nguyen, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2408. Melinda Douangratdy, Alameda, CA
  • 2407. Sonenarin Keodara, Two Rivers, WI
  • 2406. [Private], Vientiane
    “I strongly recomend US Governement to increase funding for UXO sector in Laos and to any sectors such as NGO who is doing UXO Clearance, Mine Risk Education, and Victims assistant”
  • 2405. Lisa Phommaseng, Jonesboro , GA
  • 2404. [Private], Boisbriand
  • 2403. [Private], Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2402. Daniel Neisess, Phoenixi, AZ
  • 2401. Sai Souphom, Alexandria, VA
  • 2400. Gonzalo Cancino, Reston, VA
  • 2399. Vyla Phavong, Seattle, WA
  • 2398. John Nelson, Redondo Beach Ca. 90277
    “Having been to Laos recently I learned and witnessed the tragic situation which continues to exist for the gentle and good people of Laos. To do anything less than rapid removal of the constant life threatening conditions damages the soul of America and is shameful.”
  • 2397. Josh Saines, Sydney
  • 2396. Duke Viravong, LA, CA
    “One Love, Khon Lao”
  • 2395. Dinh Le, Madison , WI
  • 2394. Lashima Goshine, Bronx, NY
  • 2393. Abel Chajet
  • 2392. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 2391. Janine Palludan, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2390. [Private], Jamaica, NY
    “bombs are fucking bad stop it”
  • 2389. Jhordan Caballero, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2388. Joesen, Cornelia, GA
    “I am Laotian, born in the United States and I also support this cause.”
  • 2387. Larry Karlovsky, Des Moines, IA
  • 2386. Liam Kenemanisoth, Lawrenceville, GA
  • 2385. Noel Kenemanisoth, Lawrenceville, GA
  • 2384. Alyssa Vong, Suwanee, GA
  • 2383. Phileo Bkedem, Atlanta, GA
    “Keep spreading the word.”
  • 2382. Daniel Calder, North Babylon, NY
  • 2381. Nang Vansee, Mesa, AZ
  • 2380. Khampha Thephavong, Fresno, CA
  • 2379. Mitchell I. Bonner, San Francisco, CA
    “I have personally seen some of the bombed areas in Laos, especially XiengKhieng Province”
  • 2378. Sourichanh Chanthyasack, Washington, DC
    “Congratulations and thank you Legacies of War for raising the visibility and bringing more awareness of the UXO issue in Laos to the American public and government.

    We all have family in the Motherland, we cannot forget who we are and where we came from.

    People have the right to live bomb-free and poverty-free, just as much as food, water; air. The people of Laos live on less than US1.50 per day, their survival depends on the ability to farm the land to feed their families.

    People should not have to choose between their next meal or death/injury because the ground they walk on are infested with unexploded bombs lying hidden beneath the soil.

    The U.S. government should take more responsibility/leadership towards making the country of Laos, today known as Lao PDR, become bomb-free, the Laotian American community must stand up and speak up for this injustice against the past and future people/generations of Laos.


    Mr. Sourichanh (Sirch) Chanthyasack, MBA
    CEO, Laotian American National Alliance (LANA)
    Washington, D.C.”
  • 2377. Hongphayvanh L Vatthana, Annandale, VA
    “Laos people are the victim of Vietnam war.”
  • 2376. Maia Buchukuri, Tbilisi.GEORGIA
  • 2375. [Private], West Valle Ycity, UT
    “why has this not been made public? serious matter.”
  • 2374. [Private], Stockholm
    “Responsibility not a US trademark but c'mon.”
  • 2373. Eddie Douangdara, Lakeland, FL
  • 2372. Carolyn Centrone, Sydney Australia
  • 2371. Peter Wang, Saint Paul, MN
  • 2370. [Private], Rochester, NY
  • 2369. Vipraseut, La Courneuve
  • 2368. Viengkham (tom) Siriphanthong, HENRIETTA, NY
    “100% fully support”
  • 2367. Sengdaian Rasichanh, New York, NY
  • 2366. Mayone Khamnivong, Anchorage, AK
  • 2365. [Private], MINNEAPOLIS, MN
  • 2364. Ven. Ajahn David Chutiko, Westford, MA
    “In the name of all that is holy, please let us do all that we can to clean up a horrible moral and military mess we are responsible for in Laos and in the memory of all the innocent men, women and children let us vow that it will never happen again. If you have never viewed the DVD "Bombies", PLEASE do.”
  • 2363. [Private], Minneapolis, MN
    “Make Peace, Not war.
    Bush lie people dies.”
  • 2362. Dr. Yang Dao, Brooklyn Park, MN
    “I am Dr. Yang Dao, a U.S. citizen residing the state of Minnesota, U.S.A. In December, 2005, I led an official delegation of the Laotian multi-ethnic community in the U.S.A. to participate in the U.S.-Laos NTR conference in Vientiane, Laos. After the conference, my delegation traveled to Xieng Khouang province where the provincial authorities took us for a tour in visiting the hospital in Phone Savanh of the Plain of Jars. There, we met a young Lao Phouan man, lying in his bed with an amputated leg. I then asked him: "Younger brother, what happened to your leg?". He looked at me with tears in his eyes and sadly said: " Last September, I was digging a hole to put a fence around my rice field to prevent the buffalos from eating my rice and, suddenly, a cluster bomb exploded and blew off my right leg". Profoundly troubled by the tragic situation of the young man, I took my wallet off from my pocket and gave him 100 U.S. Dollars. While touching his head with compassion, I said: "Younger brother, take this money for you and your family".

    When my delegation was preparing to leave the hospital, an ambulance arrived at the entry, carrying another young Lao Phouan man, completely unconscious, with a serious wound in his face covered with fresh blood. He was followed by his young wife who carried a boy of two years old on her back and held the hand of her other son of four years old. I asked the young Lao Phouan lady: "Younger sister, what happened to your husband?". With tears, she answered to me: "This morning, it was very cold. (The winter is often hard in the plateau of Xieng Khouang province). My husband put some dried woods together to make a woodfire in front of our house for our two kids to warm up their cold hands. All of a sudden, they heard a strange noise like a whistling sound coming from the woodfire. Completely scared, my two sons run away, but my husband stayed by the woodfire and, with a dried wood, moved the burning woods to try to find out the cause of this strange noise. Then a cluster bomb exploded and seriously injured my husband's face". I could not retain my tears and I handed a 100 US Dollars bill to the young lady to help her support her family in difficulties.

    Like me, Puongpun Sananikone from Hawaii, Seng Fo Chao from Oregon, Chao Lee and Lansanh Souvannasoth from Minnesota, who were part of my NTR delegation, were profoundly indignant at these terrifying explosions of the remaining cluster bombs of the Secret War of Laos (1961-1975), which continues to kill and to injure innocent people of Laos.

    Therefore, as a Lao Hmong living in the U.S.A., I urge all my Laotian countrymen to sign the Peaceful Legacy Petition to ask the U.S. Government to provide funding and assistance to the victims of the cluster bombs in Laos. I thank each and everyone of you for your compassion and solidarity toward the multi-ethnic people of Laos.

    Dr. Yang Dao
    Former member of the National Political Consultative Council
    of the Kingdom of Laos (April 1974- June 1975)”
  • 2361. [Private], Ewa Beach, HI 96706, HI
    “Yes, wars or acts of wars happenned; it is time to repair them with good deeds !
    Peace to all !”
  • 2360. Manorak Luangkhot, Alexandria, VA
  • 2359. [Private], Brisbane
  • 2358. Bounna Buaseng, Brisbane
  • 2357. [Private], San Antonio, TX
  • 2356. [Private], San Antonio , TX
  • 2355. Dr Bill Vistarini, Warrnambool
    “I worked in Laos ifrom 1970 to 1975 and the 90s and then again from 2004 - 2006. I have seen first-hand the effects of US bomboing - haphazrd at best. I've seen US specialsits working to recover bits of US pilots and neglecting the impact of the bombs that were dropped. I spent time in a US military hsotpital sharing a ward with US pilots - none of whom were confident that the bombs that they dropped were anywhere targets. It is time to accept some real responsibility for the 1.5 million toms of bombs that were dropped.”
  • 2354. Virasene Viravong, Leigh-on-sea
  • 2353. Marjory A Hutchison De Medina, Madrid
  • 2352. Paul Strona, Honolulu, HI
    “This is such a small amount, but will have a big impact in helping to start clearing a mess that we created.”
  • 2351. Vee Vongphrachanh, Anchorage, AK
    “Thank you very much to all organizers and supporters to make this happened .”
  • 2350. Sary Tatpaporn, Richmond, CA
    “As a former refugee from Laos, I support this petition to appeal to the US government to take a full responsibility and take the lead to adress this outstanding issue and provide needed assistance to the victims of the war.”
  • 2349. John K Mondrick, Utica, NY
    “I became a bomb tech to help this cause. It's been rough going, but it is my current, life ambition.”
  • 2348. Denise Bouboulis, South Orange, NJ
  • 2347. Marcia Bailey, Madison, WI
  • 2346. [Private], Washington, DC
  • 2345. Joe Walsh, Portland, OR
    “We must be accountable for these terrible weapons of war. So sad!”
  • 2344. Claire Winchester, Inverness (Scotland U.K.)
  • 2343. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2342. Viraphol Sengsourya, San Diego, CA
  • 2341. Noah Vang, MN
  • 2340. Steven Nguyen, Broomall, PA
  • 2339. Toni Dang, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2338. Aj, Fort Smith, AR
  • 2337. [Private], Converse, TX
  • 2336. [Private], Nashville, TN
    “Please helps saved childrens of Laos.”
  • 2335. Alex Lengsavath, E. Hartford, CT
    “i am american citizen and would like to help this long struggling between this two nation move on to the right direction. i speak lao and english very fluently and i am relate to very high rank officecial in lao mr somsavat lengsavath..thing will working out very well in this two nation...khop jai very much”
  • 2334. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2333. [Private], Dijon
  • 2332. [Private], Casselberry, FL
  • 2331. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2330. Outh Chanthaphanith, Tacoma, WA
    “Lets finish what was started.”
  • 2329. Phouthong Sisombath, Converse, TX
  • 2328. Kari Mcsiri, Converse, TX
  • 2327. E Nhouvannasack, Converse, TX
  • 2326. [Private], Lille
  • 2325. Sao Lao
  • 2324. Amy Vanek, Austin, TX
  • 2323. Richard, Garland, TX
    “both sides loss in a war”
  • 2322. Jen Cooper, Edgewater, FL
  • 2321. [Private], Seattle, WA
    “I feel it is the obligation of the U.S. government (my government) to increase funding of UXO cleanup in Laos. I feel the U.S. needs to sign the cluster bomb treaty which 111 other countries have agreed to. We are the most technologically advanced country in the world, we have the resources to create weapons so accurate they can target a penny on a road from miles away, why are we using old technology that kills kids 40 years later?”
  • 2320. Thui Intilavong, Houston, TX
  • 2319. Alma, Dallas, TX
  • 2318. Kham P., Houston, TX
  • 2317. Keooura Sanavong, Dallas, TX
  • 2316. Karen Phillips, Houston, TX
    “Hope everyone can join in this effort.”
  • 2315. Emily Walters, Sugar Land, TX
  • 2314. Charles Vaughn, Houston, TX
  • 2313. Tim Manriquez, Houston, TX
  • 2312. [Private], Casselberry, FL
  • 2311. Sandy Thongkhamsouk, Lowell, MA
  • 2310. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2309. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2308. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2307. Jack Nichols, Houston, TX
  • 2306. Kathleen Orlik, Orlando, FL
  • 2305. Maria, Houston, TX
  • 2304. Catherine Wilson, San Diego, CA
  • 2303. Prasongsith Sinbandit, San Diego, CA
  • 2302. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2301. Christina Bounyasaeng, San Diego, CA
    “Peace for LAOS!!! Hope this makes a difference for our people!”
  • 2300. Don Xaypanya, San Diego, CA
  • 2299. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2298. Nancy Vibounphonh, San Diego, CA
  • 2297. Kenny Mahavanh, San
  • 2296. [Private], Cypress, TX
    “United State should do more to remove the mess we created in the past. People still live in dangerous environment.”
  • 2295. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2294. Thongvilay Noymany, Fort Worth, TX
  • 2293. [Private], Humble, TX
  • 2292. Deuanpheng Boyd, Orlando, FL
  • 2291. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2290. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2289. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2288. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2287. [Private], Houston , TX
  • 2286. Elrie, Houston, TX
  • 2285. Nok Intilavong, Houston, TX
    “peace for laos”
  • 2284. Nok, Houston, TX
    “peace for laos”
  • 2283. Sak Luangpakdy, Houston, TX
  • 2282. Kahlua Mahavanh, Cypress, TX
  • 2281. Amie Mahavanh, Cypress, TX
    “Innocent lives should not be lost, the children that die from these bombs were not even alive when they were dropped. They are paying the price with their lives just by living there. If the people of Laos had a voice, they would ask for help but because it is such a poor country, they do not know where to go for help. So the Laotian-Americans from the US should lend a hand and help out. Speak up for our native country....”
  • 2280. Aimee Kelly, Spanish Fork, UT
    “The US should take responsibility and make Laos a safe place to live. So many innocent lives are ruined because of war even when the war is "over".”
  • 2279. Tom Sivilli, Tucson, AZ
    “Thank you for your work in stopping this horrible injustice.”
  • 2278. Adam Keophonexay, Salem, OR
  • 2277. Brenda Zielinski, Boston, MA
    “It is the least we can do and far less than we should.”
  • 2276. Colt Teuscher, Gainesville, TX
  • 2275. Bounmy Thongthep, Sacramento, CA
    “I really support on " A Peaceful Legacy Petition " to remove bombs out of the contaminated Laoland and provide assistance to victims and affected communities there.”
  • 2274. [Private], Beaverton, OR
  • 2273. Joel Haugen, Scappoose, OR
    “Team USA is responsible for the UXO mess in SE Asia and we are morally obligated to do whatever we can to clean it up!”
  • 2272. [Private], Philadelphia, PA
  • 2271. Douglas P. Harvey, Tampa, FL
  • 2270. Bharat Sahgal, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 2269. Parina Daraphet, Oakland, CA
  • 2268. Selicia Baker, Waltham, MA
  • 2267. Scott, San Francisco , CA
  • 2266. Thina, Fitchburg, MA
  • 2265. Elizabeth Kittiphane, Revere, MA
  • 2264. Bonnie Louangrath, Everett, WA
  • 2263. [Private], Houston, TX
  • 2262. [Private], Beldenville, WI
    “Thank you for doing what you are doing.”
  • 2261. Charles Riley, Richmond, CA
  • 2260. Vincw Daliessio, Mickleton, NJ
    “The US government needs to account for EVERY piece of ordinance, and assume full responsibility, civil and criminal, under US standards, for any and all injury to innocent people or property. Anything less is unjust.”
  • 2259. Libby Gadsen, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2258. Laurens Wildeboer, KYNETON, AK
    “Dropped by the manager of the AXIS OF EVIL, committed to bringing democracy and McDonalds to your neighbourhood”
  • 2257. Wilfredo E Cespedes, Lynn, MA
    “It is a small act that must be done for the sake of the living. We owe it to them for not stopping it then.”
  • 2256. Lester Kurtz, Fairfax, VA
  • 2255. [Private], San Francisco, CA
  • 2254. [Private], San Francisco, CA
    “My prayers are with you, and my heart goes out to you. Be safe, and have hope.”
  • 2253. [Private], Philadelphia, PA
    “all i heard was laos was only givin 10million$ by the americans to help with the removal, i hope laos never sign any treaty with them. just give us the equipment and money so we can rebuild our lost culture.”
  • 2252. Adrienne Dao, Arlington, VA
    “Glad to be of any help.”
  • 2251. Molli Voraotsady, Fayetteville, GA
  • 2250. Jodyce Noysavanh, Fort Worth, TX
  • 2249. Yaejoon Kwon, Champaign, IL
  • 2248. David Snyder, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2247. Hlee Lee, Saint Paul, MN
  • 2246. Chanida Phaengdara, Minneapolis, MN
    “As a daughter of a Lao-American soldier who was part of the war in Vietnam, I fully support and urge the U.S. to act and give back to my family's home country by clearing the war path for Laos' future economic and social development.”
  • 2245. Sally Benson, Palm Springs, CA
    “This scourge and the bombing of Laos were exposed to the US Congress in the early 1970s. Nearly 40 years later the bombs are serious legacy that desperately needs amelioration.”
  • 2244. Sandra Hunnicutt, Culver City, CA
    “We must resolve to end the human suffering endured by Laotian through these bombs.”
  • 2243. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 2242. Mino Sundara, Atlanta, GA
    “Let us all create a legacy for future Laotians and not a harmful emotional past for Laotian families and children still living from the effects of UXO's.”
  • 2241. Phrahut Sanaphol, Pittston, PA
    “please let me know what i can do! i have excessive amounts of free time right now!”
  • 2240. [Private], Stockton, AK
  • 2239. [Private], Torrance, CA
  • 2238. Amy Rajsavong-chan, West Covina , CA
  • 2237. Paul Consalvo, Malden, MA
  • 2236. Tu, SAN DIEGO, CA
  • 2235. Mc, Marshall, MN
  • 2234. Jeffrey Erdman, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2233. Jyll Smith, Tulsa, OK
  • 2232. Jason Nguyen, Houston, TX
  • 2231. James Peter Funk, Malvern, PA
  • 2230. Jonathon Hill, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • 2229. To Niya Scott-smith, Atlanta, GA
    “We need peace, peace that surpasses all understanding!”
  • 2228. Danin Kemp, Temple, TX
    “I agree - I think it is high time that this issue was addressed.”
  • 2227. Sean Michael Gray, Boston, MA
  • 2226. Lisa, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2225. [Private], Roxbury, CT
  • 2224. Maria Carbonell, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2223. Bo Thao-urabe, Eagan, MN
  • 2222. [Private], Lilburn, GA
  • 2221. [Private], Lemon Grove, CA
  • 2220. Andy Clark, South Shields, AK
    “governments need to take action so no more innocents are harmed.”
  • 2219. [Private], Norman, OK
  • 2218. Angelica Lopez, Holyoke, MA
  • 2217. Emily Smith, Round Rock, TX
  • 2216. Sierra Sasha Spears, New Orleans, LA
    “My name is Sierra Spears and I am a 20 year old Political Science junior at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. This morning, a representative of this organizations, along with a few other organizations, gave presentations to promote awareness of the vast amount of bombs that were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam war. As a member of this country, I feel it is our obligation to assist in cleaning up the mess made by our army. Therefore, I am in full support of this petition. Also, I am interested in writing elected governmental officials to persuade them to allocate funds to go towards this cause. Today I told Channapha that I would assist in promoting awareness of this particular subject matter by promoting it via Facebook. Today, as promised, that has been done. Thank you for informing us about this moral injustice. I will help as mush as I can.

    Sierra Spears”
  • 2215. Haley Laidlaw, Lakewood, CO
  • 2214. Andy Feith, New Orleans, LA
  • 2213. [Private], Gainesville, FL
  • 2212. Brianna West, Coral Springs, FL
  • 2211. Tyler Wilkinson, Houtzdale, PA
    “I think it's horrible that other countries are having to deal with the fallouts of our government. I'm all for this petition!!”
  • 2210. Robert French, Boston, MA
  • 2209. Thomas Dichter, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2208. Nicholas Cramer, Auburn, NY
  • 2207. [Private], Las Vegas, NV
  • 2206. Sky Baez, Rochester, NY
  • 2205. J. Lane, Concord, NH
  • 2204. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 2203. Timothy Doak, Queensbury, NY
  • 2202. Laura Mcnamara, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2201. Andrew J. Santucci, Ludlow, MA
  • 2200. David Sanders, Ripley, TN
  • 2199. [Private], Dorchester, MA
  • 2198. Jorge Ardila, London, AK
  • 2197. Airline Inthyrath, Boston, MA
  • 2196. N.b. Bowyer, Charleston , WV
  • 2195. Luxchany Bouapha, Rochester, NY
  • 2194. Phouthon Siharat, Enid, OK
    “I spent a year working in Laos for a non-profit IT company. One of our project was for UXO Lao where I witness the aftermath of the littered bombs in Laos. Just from the maps, plotted with little red dots where bombs were dropped created a huge solid bloody streak from North to South. This was an overhead view on a map. Imagine on the ground, lives affected in the past and lives of today continuously taken back to what happened over 30 yrs ago by these unexploded ordinance. Helping and cleaning up is not about the past it is about the future.”
  • 2193. [Private], AK
  • 2192. Wanida Jiamram, Ubonratchathani Province, TN
    “We don't want War agian in the future in this area of Mekong sub region countries...We want to building peacful.”
  • 2191. Tom Rigden, Trinidad, CA
  • 2190. Richard Forsyth, Vientiane, AK
    “I feel that the legacy left by the US after the Vietnam war should be charged as a crime against humanity. 40 years is a disgraceful period of time to still have this problem particularly when it is continues to be inflicted on further countries.”
  • 2189. Marta Baczynska, Warsaw, AK
  • 2188. Bertron, Campuac, FL
  • 2187. [Private], Sacramento, CA
    “Please help clear unexploded bombs out of Laos, for its people can work on rice fields for food.”
  • 2186. Loi Sam, Denton, TX
  • 2185. Emily Reilly, Galveston, TX
  • 2184. Vanessa Lanza, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2183. Patrick Clarkin, Providence, RI
    “This needs to be a priority, as a matter of national conscience.”
  • 2182. Lisa Nowlain, Oakland, CA
  • 2181. Christine, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2180. Christy Innouvong, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2179. Sarah Linneirtt, Arlington, VA
  • 2178. Devon Thai, Woodbridge, VA
  • 2177. Sharon Horton, Mountian View, CA
  • 2176. Selby Vasquez, Billings, MT
  • 2175. Scott Do, Santa Clara, CA
  • 2174. Sing Bourommavong, Springfeild, VA
  • 2173. S.rerce Martin, Alexandria, VA
  • 2172. Sivilay Phabmixay, Springfeild, VA
  • 2171. Raya Abraham, Redwood City, CA
  • 2170. Ratha Nith-vannalaih, Hayward, CA
  • 2169. Amy Chanthaphavong, NY, CA
    “Please give us the proper funds!”
  • 2168. Nou Sonlamany, Woodbridge, VA
  • 2167. Paul Mounkhaty, Vienna, VA
  • 2166. Norman Howell, SS., MD
  • 2165. Noelle Singharath, Concord , CA
  • 2164. Thavisouk Phrasavath, Pearl River, NY
    “I am 100% Lao for Lao.”
  • 2163. Mark Urbanek, Mountian View, CA
  • 2162. Marcela Ferlito Walder, Washington, DC
  • 2161. Luz Nazariu, Ashburn, VA
    “Please remove the bombs”
  • 2160. Lucy V. Martinaz, Leesberg, VA
    “Please remove the bombs”
  • 2159. Lynn Cunningham, Bonney Lake, WA
  • 2158. Keesa Donnafield, Auburn, WA
  • 2157. La Liem, Sacramento, CA
  • 2156. Kingsavanh Pathammavon, Arkington, VA
    “I am native Lao, please remove bombs.”
  • 2155. Kay Phounsawath, Woodbridge, VA
  • 2154. Johannes Hampl, Santa Clara, CA
  • 2153. Jerry Sithiphone, Sacramento, CA
    “Keep up the good work! Thank You! ”
  • 2152. Greg Koenen, Arlington, VA
  • 2151. Bryant Linneirtt, Mento Park, CA
  • 2150. Fritz Saunders, Vienna, VA
  • 2149. Frances Mazzanti, Palo Alto, CA
  • 2148. David Johnson, Vienna, VA
  • 2147. Dona Wilkinsin, Wheaton, MD
  • 2146. Datchanee K. Colvin, Hercules, CA
    “Be careful! Thank you”
  • 2145. Dara Stiphty, Point Pleasant, NJ
  • 2144. Christin Chan, Mento Park, CA
  • 2143. Cassandra Cunningham, Bonney Lake, WA
  • 2142. Cami Johnson, Manassas , VA
  • 2141. Bouakhay Sayasithsena, Clifton , VA
  • 2140. Amy Bounvichit, Manassas, VA
  • 2139. Janet Pugh, Clarksville , VA
  • 2138. Margaret Cunningham, Kent, WA
  • 2137. Doug Pugh, Hagerston, MA
  • 2136. Kenneth Cunningham, Bonny Lake, WA
  • 2135. Nancy Cunningham, Auburn, WA
  • 2134. Chris Blau, Everett, WA
    “Please send me one disabled bomb thanks”
  • 2133. Phousackda Nanghton, Springfeild, VA
  • 2132. Sengchanh Souvajnaphan, Springfeild, VA
  • 2131. Diane Hibino, Bethesda, MD
    “We heartedly support the removal of the cluster bombs”
  • 2130. Bounsou Mounkhaty, Annandale, VA
  • 2129. Souphala Chomsisenaphet, Vienna, VA
  • 2128. Chrys Mcculloch, Palo Alto, CA
  • 2127. James Wilson, Los Ahoshills, CA
  • 2126. Pamela D. Wilson, Los Ahoshills, CA
  • 2125. Norm + Jemie Dishotsky, PA, CA
  • 2124. Ken Harois, Los Altos, CA
  • 2123. Edua Arraham, San Mateo, CA
  • 2122. Ed Colloff, San Mateo, CA
  • 2121. Peng Sengsoupith, Modesto, CA
  • 2120. Waiyde Palmer, Los Angeles, CA
    “Remove this ordnance so future generations are safe”
  • 2119. Brian Chaisone, Sterling, VA
    “Get 'er Done.”
  • 2118. Soulapha Manivony, Bristow, VA
  • 2117. La Peagan, SanRamn, PA
  • 2116. Tou Mounkhaty, Vienna, VA
  • 2115. John Triplett, Bethesda, MD
    “Visited the project in Laos in June 2009 that works at removal and prosthetics”
  • 2114. Kelsey Wildstone, Seattle, WA
  • 2113. Meth Taylor, San Diego, CA
  • 2112. Mark Hefflinger, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2111. Joseph Kalubi, Irving, TX
    “They have to remove the landmines in Cambodia too”
  • 2110. Jonathan, Murfreesboro, TN
    “Laos has been dealing with this problem for so long i only hope that this problem will be gone in the future”
  • 2109. Nyna Tidwelll, Provo, UT
  • 2108. Alason, Smyrna, TN
  • 2107. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 2106. [Private], Las Vegas, NV
    “it's wrong, needs to stop”
  • 2105. Anthony, San Diego, CA
  • 2104. [Private], Miami, FL
  • 2103. Andrew Tran, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2102. Vicky Sophabmixay, San Diego , CA
  • 2101. Michael Sikimkouy, Walnut, CA
  • 2100. Susan Davis, New York, NY
  • 2099. [Private], Seattle, WA
    “We broke it, we need to pay for it.”
  • 2098. Scott Saephan, Visalia, CA
  • 2097. [Private], Midlothian, VA
  • 2096. Nancy, Fullerton, CA
  • 2095. Maly Bouatay, Fullerton, CA
  • 2094. Robert J. Niemic, Washington, DC
    “I've visited Lao twice. I love the peaceful Lao people and the beautiful country's natural resources. It's a shame that the country cannot be enjoyed completely because of the existence of vast quantities of unexploded ordnance, including 45-75 million cluster bombs that litter forests, rice fields, villages, school grounds, roads, and other populated areas.”
  • 2093. Chantha Ruehle, MILWAUKEE, WI
    “Laos is trying very hard to grow as a country and they cannot be successful alone. We must do what we can to help our homeland.”
  • 2092. James Davenport, Logan, AK
  • 2091. [Private], Corona, CA
  • 2090. Noy Munedouang, New York, NY
  • 2089. Van Keonavongsa, Lawrenceville, GA
  • 2088. [Private], Elancourt, AK
    “I am in FRANCE.”
  • 2087. Joseph Cieswick`, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2086. [Private], Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • 2085. [Private], Lawrenceville, GA
  • 2084. Peter Krause, Newark, DE
    “For my friend Saysna I.”
  • 2083. Rachel Rodriquez, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2082. Monica Keay, La Crescenta, CA
  • 2081. Philip Rowe, West Hollywood, CA
  • 2080. Paul Macander, Encino, CA
    “ ”
  • 2079. Adam Pardonek, Weho, CA
  • 2078. Ossiel Orozco, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2077. Douglas Lants, Weho, CA
  • 2076. Nick Van Briemen, La Crescenta, CA
  • 2075. Aj Brody, West Hollywood, CA
  • 2074. Jennifer Hobsen, North Hills, CA
  • 2073. Isaac Espinosa, Glendale, CA
  • 2072. Maia Masse, Glendale, CA
  • 2071. Michelle Garcia, Bell, CA
  • 2070. Monte Lox, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2069. Michelle Carlos, Glendale, CA
  • 2068. Mayeli Sanchez, Ontario, CA
  • 2067. Cindy Gomez, Maywood, CA
  • 2066. Luis Salazar, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2065. Jasmine Love, Sherman, NV
    “thank goodness you are doing this, thank you!”
  • 2064. Asher Glynn, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2063. Gary Allen
  • 2062. Luis Roman, Los Angeles, CA
    “Peace Now”
  • 2061. Laura Kanter, Irvine, CA
  • 2060. Low Perez, Bell, CA
  • 2059. Tammie Valer, Glendale, CA
  • 2058. Jaclyn Garcia, Alta Loma, CA
  • 2057. Katie Kovalin, Columbus, OH
  • 2056. Keith Cohn, Wetto, CA
  • 2055. Judy Criasson, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 2054. Jason Frazier, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2053. John Buthre, Redrocks, CA
  • 2052. Jeffrey Ballam, North Hills, CA
    “I wish you well in this endevour”
  • 2051. Jen Marie Riney, La Crescenta, CA
  • 2050. Jill Kovakin, Burbank, CA
  • 2049. Julia Hardman, Inglewood, CA
  • 2048. Jenny Christie, Valley Village, CA
  • 2047. Jeff Sumner, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2046. Jason Lombardi, North Hills, CA
  • 2045. Hopi Tarrant, Long Beach, CA
  • 2044. Catherine Sharp, North Hollywood, CA
    “Please remove them”
  • 2043. Michael Reilly, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2042. Andria Wilson, San Pedro, CA
  • 2041. Erik Elliott, Grenada Hills, CA
  • 2040. Eric Anthony, West Hollywood, CA
  • 2039. Emma Mooso, North Hollywood, CA
  • 2038. Edward Turner
  • 2037. Edith Arias, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2036. Kim Rile, Pasadena, CA
  • 2035. Doug Swanizier, Suhland, CA
  • 2034. Ian White, Dublin, D18
  • 2033. Dahlia Ferlib, Glendale, CA
  • 2032. Cora Budeann, Los Angeles, CA
    “Peace to everybody”
  • 2031. Bruce Heller, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2030. Andrea Romero, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2029. Chris Rodriquez, Hollywood, CA
    “I'm a full supporter”
  • 2028. Steve Chen, Marina Del Rey, CA
  • 2027. Bret Haugh, W. Touca Lake, CA
  • 2026. David Grayer, Studio City, CA
  • 2025. Grace Lee, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2024. Mike Gomez, Santa Clara, CA
  • 2023. Dustin Robertson, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2022. Sandra Daugherty, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2021. Ariel Bustamante, Montebello, CA
  • 2020. Janine Dubois, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 2019. Sean Nadeau, Santa Monica, CA
  • 2018. Hai Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2017. Mike Romero, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2016. Keith Lamont
  • 2015. Barbara Kohl, Woodland Hills, CA
  • 2014. J. Brantley
  • 2013. Annie Mclaughlin, Long Beach, CA
  • 2012. Mariana Vaca
  • 2011. Catie Pipal, Irvine, CA
  • 2010. Emily Vasquez
  • 2009. George Kim, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008. Eric Jorgenson, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2007. Saanjh Kishore, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2006. Eileen Larsen, T.O., CA
  • 2005. Lauren Schacher, T.O., CA
  • 2004. Ryan Cameron, Weho, CA
  • 2003. Jim, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2002. David Miramuntes
  • 2001. Andrew Dubois, North Las Vegas, NV
  • 2000. Deandre Ellison, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1999. Nyanna Mateos, Ontario, CA
  • 1998. Joshua Rodin, Weho, CA
  • 1997. Sawyer, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1996. Allen Petty, Los Feliz, CA
  • 1995. Michael Piosson, North Hollywood, CA
  • 1994. Brady Mcgill
  • 1993. Kevin Crossby
  • 1992. Christina Kaufman
  • 1991. Kate Gritman, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1990. Thomas Perea Ii, Ontario, CA
  • 1989. Ron Floath, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1988. Robert Modero, Weho, CA
  • 1987. Florian Klein, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1986. Joseph Pergi, Beverly Hills, CA
  • 1985. Bobby Donnoll
  • 1984. Emil Gavrailov, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1983. Sean Clifford, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1982. Christina Simos, Weho, CA
    “injustice to one is an injustice to all”
  • 1981. Leslie Price, Studio City, CA
  • 1980. Sean Humphries, Lakewood, CA
  • 1979. Carl Chiockio, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1978. Doug Swankler, Sunland, CA
  • 1977. Elena Zamora
  • 1976. Michael Eames, Reseda, CA
  • 1975. John Butler, Redondo, CA
  • 1974. Nick Van Bremen, La Crescenta, CA
  • 1973. Gerson Rapoport, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1972. Zhigmiew Czuszyushi, Warsaw, 848
  • 1971. Dan Etheridge, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1970. David Tucker, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1969. Joshua Throneburg, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1968. Matt Brodlie, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1967. David Zelman, Venice, CA
  • 1966. Milo Elenez, North Hollywood, CA
  • 1965. Carole Salerno, North Hollywood, CA
    “Go you guys”
  • 1964. Tom Krause, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1963. Ari Udeze, Los Angeles, CA
    “It is about time!”
  • 1962. Nick Garrison, Los Angeles, CA
    “It is the US's responsibility to fix its legacy.”
  • 1961. Joey Gyondla, Los Angeles, CA
    “Peace on earth”
  • 1960. Tracy Srock, Valley Village, CA
    “Good luck and God bless!”
  • 1959. David Grayes, Studio City, CA
  • 1958. Jeff Priess, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1957. Van De Shields, Los Angeles, CA
    “Please help out our country!”
  • 1956. Robert Zabb, Los Angeles, CA
    “Remove the bombs!”
  • 1955. Mike Ludwig, West Hollywood, CA
    “Do something about this!”
  • 1954. Jason Garrett, Weho, CA
  • 1953. April Koh
  • 1952. Ratama Lim
  • 1951. Rick Watts, West Hollywood, CA
    “Land should grow food, not casualties”
  • 1950. Laura Ayard, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1949. Victor Salgado, Riverside, CA
  • 1948. Esme Duz
    “Hope this makes a difference”
  • 1947. Shane Kennington, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1946. Brandon Wilson, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1945. Mary Carlos, Glendale, CA
  • 1944. Samantha Pilcher, Redondo Beach, CA
  • 1943. Septhanie Van , Los Angeles, CA
    “Great Work”
  • 1942. Scott Zarduba
  • 1941. Tom Kraose, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1940. Lisa Dolbow, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • 1939. Michelle Enriquez, Grand Terrace, CA
  • 1938. Adam Spann, Riverside, CA
  • 1937. Greg Baine, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1936. Cece Mehc, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1935. Julianne Stack
  • 1934. Paulo Murillo, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1933. Ricardo Ferrise, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1932. Rob Brestow
  • 1931. Cody Haight, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1930. Kongsananh Phothichack, Oakland, CA
  • 1929. Scarlett, Oakland, CA
  • 1928. Tiffany, Oakland, CA
  • 1927. Kevin, Sacramento , CA
  • 1926. Lao Pride, Oakland, CA
    “Hopefully this will help.”
  • 1925. [Private], JOILET, IL
  • 1924. [Private], Concord , CA
  • 1923. Yvonne, Rockford, IL
  • 1922. Maleesa Phommavongsay, Montreal, VT
  • 1921. [Private], Angers, AK
  • 1920. Gary D, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1919. Walter M. Haney, Westminster, MA
    “I was a teacher in Laos, 1968-71 and became deeply involved in the issue of U.S. bombing of Laos”
  • 1918. Nicole Hendry, Austin, TX
  • 1917. Sarah Phounsavath, Partlow, VA
    “it's been long enough..... this needs to be taken care of now!”
  • 1916. Cassidyf, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1915. Alan Tabony, Austin, TX
  • 1914. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
    “Good cause!”
  • 1913. Justin Spelman, Boulder, CO
  • 1912. Michelle Green, Chicago, IL
  • 1911. [Private], Ogden, UT
    “U.S government need to look into this matter very seriously and increase more fund to help clean up the affected area and provide help for the affected individual and their family.”
  • 1910. Natalie Amat, Logan, UT
  • 1909. [Private], Merrick, NY
    “There must be no more innocent children killed or injured.”
  • 1908. Lou Saysithideth, Murfreesboro, TN
  • 1907. [Private], Blacksburg, VA
  • 1906. Anjali Fleury, Austin, TX
  • 1905. Alena Saysithideth, New York CIty, NY
  • 1904. Beth D'haem, Kalamazoo, MI
  • 1903. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 1902. Trisha Wong, New York City, NY
  • 1901. Malia Moss, Austin, TX
  • 1900. Thanasinh Nachampasack, Dallas, TX
  • 1899. Svante Rocabado, Austin, TX
    “My family is from Laos and they were harmed greatly by the bombing and I believe that something should be done about the bombs that still affect the people living there today”
  • 1898. Travis, Santa Cruz, CA
  • 1897. Michael Oulavong, Rockford, IL
  • 1896. [Private], Brooklyn, NY
  • 1895. Tomas F. Klimt, L.A, CA
    “I hope to see a peacefull future and this is a good step towards that vision :)”
  • 1894. Michael Manipakone, New York, NY
    “I fully support the removal of bombs from Laos!”
  • 1893. Jessica Peck Williams, Dallas, TX
  • 1892. [Private], Loves Park, IL
  • 1891. Saylom Saenbandith, Rockford, IL
  • 1890. [Private], Chicago, IL
  • 1889. Rod Phasouk, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1888. Kimberly Saenbandith, Cherry Valley, IL
  • 1887. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1886. Allen Todd, OR
  • 1885. [Private], Vientiane , AK
    “I am American now living in Laos. This land MUST be cleared. There is NO excuse. None.”
  • 1884. Steve Calvarese, Philadelphia , PA
    “"A gitf of giving is worth giving if the present time is filled with love. Lets act now because the power of love can overcome any obstacle." -- S.C.”
  • 1883. Marsan, Paris, FL
  • 1882. Jenny Phantharath, Placerville, CA
  • 1881. Malai, Sacramento, CA
  • 1880. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 1879. [Private], Rosemead, CA
  • 1878. [Private], Richmond, CA
    “Please do right by helping to save lives in Laos. It's only fair that we clean up the mess we've created many years ago. It's shouldn't have to take this long or be so dangerous.”
  • 1877. [Private], Oak Park, IL
    “I just watched the movie Betrayal: Nerakhoon and I am outraged at what the U.S. government did in Laos and to refugees from Laos. We need to make any reparations possible to that country and its people.”
  • 1876. Treebark Pulizzano, Tampa, FL
    “thank you , many blessings ; world of healing , not bleeding”
  • 1875. Anthony Nguyen, Milpitas , CA
  • 1874. Jesse Phongsa, Rockingham, NC
  • 1873. Ratanakhone, Conyers, GA
  • 1872. [Private], Bridgeport, CT
  • 1871. Mark Lucey, Jr., Canton, NY
  • 1870. Theary Voeul, Providence, RI
  • 1869. Alejandro Soto, Lorton, VA
  • 1868. Xavier, East Elmhurst , NY
    “I have always thought how there were consequences for the bombings. Four decades later, and it still causes problems. Logically, the U.S. government should spend the sufficient amount of money it is has to help the victims and avoid any future cases.”
  • 1867. [Private], Chicago , IL
    “I saw Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations about Laos recently, and had NO IDEA this was happening! Americans need to know about this and the government needs to increase funding to help rid this country of our 'legacy.'”
  • 1866. [Private], Ewing, NJ
    “THIS NEEDS TO STOP! It will be such a simple gesture for the US to clean the bombs up and let these people simply live”
  • 1865. John Somsacksy, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1864. [Private], TX
  • 1863. Brittany Parham, Canton, NY
  • 1862. Andy Rampersaud, Bronx, NY
  • 1861. O'keefe Foster, Norwich, VT
  • 1860. Gabriel Colas, Coral Springs, FL
  • 1859. Austin Melleon, Queensbury, NY
  • 1858. Winston Higgins, Canton, NY
  • 1857. Alcee Walker, West Palm Beach, FL
    “My hearts goes out to everyone in the matter. God Bless”
  • 1856. Cullen White, Canton, NY
  • 1855. Andrew Le, Canton, NY
  • 1854. Lashawn Pena, New York, NY
  • 1853. [Private], Honolulu, HI
    “I appreciate the efforts to shed light on the scars of war in Laos. But please please note that there's two sides to every war. While it is horrific that a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes 24-hours a day, for 9 years by the U.S. in Laos....The Communist North Vietnamese sent millions of men and miles and miles of deadly military equipment supplied by China and the Soviet Unioin to the South to kill millions of their countrymen. Oh, don't forget about that the Ho Chi Minh ran through Laos, illegally. While we're at it, let's also count the hundreds of thousands of of Lao citizens wiped out by the forces of the Vietcong and their Pathet Lao counterparts...and ironically, the very reasons why they are now in the U.S. and other Western countres as survivors and refugees of that war, and are now leading this very effort! Let's tell history with both eyes open, can we?”
  • 1852. Daniel, Westhollywood, CA
  • 1851. [Private], Jax, FL
  • 1850. Tuvy Pham, Seattle, WA
  • 1849. Yenvy Pham, Seattle, AK
  • 1848. [Private], Amsterdam, AK
  • 1847. Allen Wilridge, Alta Loma, CA
  • 1846. [Private], Attleboro, MA
  • 1845. Put, Fresno, CA
    “ Lao Social Network. Come join us”
  • 1844. Michael Khamsomphou, Irvington, AL
  • 1843. Charles Prewett, Greensboro, NC
  • 1842. Chanthaly Phonthongsy Pulizzano, Antioch, TN
  • 1841. Wendy Sengdao, Mesquite, NV
  • 1840. Soupany Saignaphone, Aurora, CO
  • 1839. Anogsack Khampraseuth, Fresno, CA
    “America, clean up your mess!”
  • 1838. [Private], Los Gatos, CA
  • 1837. [Private], Woodbridge, VA
  • 1836. Apichai Thavichith, Woodbridge, VA
  • 1835. Ashley Marzullo, Providence, RI
  • 1834. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1833. [Private], Worcester, MA
  • 1832. Dali, Attleboro, MA
  • 1831. [Private], New York, NY
  • 1830. Erin Blodgett, Clinton, IA
  • 1829. Ashley Kauffman, Wausau, WI
  • 1828. [Private], Warwick, RI
  • 1827. Dave Phavong, Tuwkila, WA
  • 1826. Patty Phavong, Tuwkila, WA
    “US needs to clean up the mess they created.”
  • 1825. [Private], Annandale, VA
    “It was irresponsible and digusting how the United States used Laos as somewhat of a testing ground for bombs. The U.S. should be held accountable for those who are still being injured by these bombs.”
  • 1824. Monette Orlino, South Riding, VA
  • 1823. Amy Mounkhaty, Chantilly, VA
  • 1822. [Private], Chantilly, VA
  • 1821. Nayomi Plaza, Mayaguez, PR
  • 1820. Kate Moulding, Providence, RI
  • 1819. Lucie, Deux-montagnes, CA
  • 1818. [Private], Montreal, AK
  • 1817. Claudette Sariya, Murfreesboro, TN
  • 1816. [Private], Providence, RI
  • 1815. Khonexai Phommaraj, New York, NY
  • 1814. [Private], RI
  • 1813. M Bo Yai, Jersey City, NJ
  • 1812. Davide Gnoato, Providence, RI
  • 1811. Tony Nguyen, New Orleans, LA
  • 1810. Paul Pasaba, Warwick, RI
  • 1809. [Private], Cranston, RI
  • 1808. Khanthaly Sinouthasy, Cranston, RI
  • 1807. Bob, Fountain Valley, CA
  • 1806. Hollie Jones, Fall River, MA
  • 1805. Jim Pan, Bellevue, WA
  • 1804. Dao Khamsy, Providence, RI
  • 1803. Tho Xaykosy, Narragansett, RI
  • 1802. Bora Yoeun, Taunton, MA
  • 1801. Frances Sariya, Farifield, CT
    “This breaks my heart, please sign and pass it on.”
  • 1800. Bruce Saykhamphone, Woodbridge, VA
  • 1799. Debra Winski, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1798. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 1797. Khammouane Khantikone, East Haven, CT
    “I am disgusted with the U.S funding. A couple of millions is just a "drop in the bucket" to clean up the mess they left behind and it should have been done decades ago. So many innocent lives were lost and victimized by this . Shame on U.S! But like anything in life, the minority always has to fight and demand for justice. I didn't know about this bombing occurred in my homeland until recently and I feel many American are not aware of this tragedy either. We need to make our voice heard––loud and clear, and demand the U.S funding immediately.”
  • 1796. [Private], Rogers, MN
    “As a US Army National Guard soldier, and Lao-American citizen (both parents born and raised in Laos), I believe we should go back and retrieve these UXO's.”
  • 1795. Ketmani Kouanchao, Hemet, CA
  • 1794. Vorada Silivongxay, Clovis, NM
    “US should do the humane thing and support clearning those fields.”
  • 1793. Michael Chapel, New Smyrna Beach, FL
    “I asked a friend's 5 year-old granddaughter this question: If I went to another country and left something behind that would hurt the children there, what would be the right thing to do about that? She looked at me as if I was stupid and said, "Go back and get it." I commented that it was a long time ago, so why should I be bothered? She told me that doing the right thing is forever. I find it incredulous that a five year-old can exhibit wisdom that appears to be lost on those who are in the position to do the right thing, but will not. Who we are seems to be getting more blurry as time goes on.”
  • 1792. Judy Sisneros, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1791. [Private], Charlotte, NC
  • 1790. Brian G. Benington, Salt Lake City, UT
  • 1789. Mark Mcgahee, Atlanta, GA
  • 1788. Mina Mounkhaty, Manassas, VA
  • 1787. [Private], Springfield, VA
  • 1786. John Sayasavanh, Wilsonville, OR
    “The people of Laos should be free of fear when walking around instead of thinking that they might step on a bomb or even anyone else stepping on it and losing their life.”
  • 1785. [Private], Wausau, WI
    “Clean up the messes that we have made, and be accountable for our actions. I do not consider myself connected to my country in any way.”
  • 1784. Amber Kauffman, Wausau, WI
  • 1783. William Douangboupha, Wausau, WI
  • 1782. Toby Keomysay, Omaha, NE
  • 1781. Kenne Phimmasonsouk, Murfreesboro, TN
  • 1780. [Private], Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 1779. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 1778. Brian Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1777. Mylien Huynh, Seattle, WA
  • 1776. [Private], Philadelphia, PA
  • 1775. Winson Ch'ng, Roseville, MN
  • 1774. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 1773. Marcella Pabros-clark, Los Angeles, CA
    “We must take responsibility.”
  • 1772. John Walter, Atlanta, GA
  • 1771. [Private], Chaska, MN
  • 1770. C. Kelly Smith, Providence, RI
    “No one should have to suffer or die because of the refuse of war.”
  • 1769. Adam Schreifels, St. Louis Park, MN
  • 1768. Ter Vongnaraj, Winnipeg, CA
    “I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain, "No Reservation," where he visited an area where these bombs were at and met this man (whose leg was blown away) and his family. Basically their livelihood was shattered because of the bombs. Anthony Bourdain asked himself in an excerpt. How this man cannot be mad at the Americans? Well if he's not going to get mad then I will.”
  • 1767. Carol A.savanh, Fargo, ND
    “The US.Goverment is Fully accountable & Responsible for every precious Lao life that is/has/will be taken by there Secret careless Heartless Act.of "Bombing" the World War I,& II.Now its time for the US.Goverment too Be Held Accountable & Responsible for there Heartless Actions!!!”
  • 1766. Mary Baccam, New York, NY
  • 1765. Brian Kluge, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1764. Kevin Frantze, San Diego, CA
    “It is shameful that the U.S. has not taken responsibility for past actions by taking people out of harms way. Let no other child who thinks he/she's found a toy be maimed, killed or injured from this shameful chapter of our history. Clean up the bombs now!”
  • 1763. Sofia Checa, Amherst, MA
  • 1762. Somphone Sonenarong, New Haven, CT
    “These covert activities was coined the "The Secret War" not because no one knew about, but because the general tax payer was not aware of the U.S.'s activities. For 9 years, 260 million cluster bombs dropped on a country that only reported a population of 3 million! A blank budget for many years, some years amounted to 5 Million Dollars (1970 dollars)! That is a little more than 1 million per person. These bombs surely left a legacy. My family and many others came to America to struggle in assimilating to the American culture. It is sad that many Lao people are unaware of their history and are unaware of how our country was a playground for B-28's and millions of bombs. Today as we speak, the Ho Chi Minh trail still contain remants of a dark history. The 200,000 Lao-Americans are struggling to meet basic needs. Only 5% have attained a Bachelors degree or higher. We have more people incarcerated (7%) then we do with degrees. Something needs to be done. Our history is being lost and placed in the Vietnam War complex. It us that remains but yet we continue to struggle. What was once coined the Secret War is now becoming a lost segment of Southeast Asia. Let's go back to Lao and correct the government's mistakes of 40-50 years ago.”
  • 1761. [Private], Stockton, CA
  • 1760. [Private], Brooklyn, NY
  • 1759. [Private], Des Moines, IA
  • 1758. Gregory Michael Mannix, Reno, NV
  • 1757. [Private], Rockingham, NC
  • 1756. Demitri Nicholson, Ellerbe, NC
  • 1755. Bryan Brown, Rockingham, NC
  • 1754. Aung Lin, Seattle, WA
  • 1753. Jesse P., Rockingham, NC
    “Lets make Laos a better place for the peoples who suffered back then!”
  • 1752. Oulom Inthalangsy, Urbandale, IA
  • 1751. Donechanh Southammavong, Waukee, IA
  • 1750. Anousak Pathammavong, VIENNA, VA
  • 1749. M. Sue Mcgowan, Juneau, AK
    “The USA has been fortunate to have never had a war fought on its soil that involved massive air strikes, which resulted in unexploded bombs buried in the ground. Consequently, the USA has never had to deal with removal of unexploded ordnance, or fixing the people who inadvertently set them off. Please increase funding for removal of these bombs, wherever they may be (Cambodia, Laos, etc.) located.”
  • 1748. Elicia Blodgett, Salvador, AK
  • 1747. Erica Richardson, Bellevue, WA
  • 1746. De Guerrilla, San Diego, CA
  • 1745. Alice, Seattle, WA
  • 1744. Ashlei Khanthaphixay, Arvada, CO
  • 1743. Jenna, IA
  • 1742. Hana Tauber, Boston, MA
  • 1741. Joseph W. Childers, Omaha, NE
  • 1740. Jennifer Mannix, Juneau, AK
  • 1739. Doua Thor, Washington, DC
  • 1738. Anora Phengsiaroun, London, AK
  • 1737. Ashley Daoheuang, Bloomington, MN
  • 1736. Sinnasone Daoheuang, Richfield, MN
  • 1735. Yvette Torres, San Francisco, CA
  • 1734. Anthony Nhoybouakong, Charlotte, NC
  • 1733. Kevon Peoples, Manassas, VA
  • 1732. Kc Tang, Arvada, CO
  • 1731. Jowying Noi, Arvada, CO
  • 1730. Minnie Morklithavong, Smyrna, TN
  • 1729. La Kingsavanh, Rockford, IL
    “i believe that removing the unexploded bombs will enhance laotians to live in peace, harmony and not in fears.”
  • 1728. Amanda Tran, Madison, WI
  • 1727. Alex Moore, Providence, RI
  • 1726. Home Sengsavang, Nashville, TN
  • 1725. Kim Barr, Murfreesboro, TN
    “This is a disgrace and should be cleaned up.”
  • 1724. Anchalee Panigabutra-roberts, Lincoln, NE
  • 1723. [Private], Northfield, MN
  • 1722. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 1721. Johnny Saysombath, Murfreesboro, TN
    “it sad to know that after we helped them with that war they would run out on our people n drop unwanted bombs in our country because they had no other use for the bombs. America is a great country but i love my people more. i commend u on doing this.”
  • 1720. [Private], Lowell, MA
    “Please help and I thank you for your continued support.”
  • 1719. Nina Xoumphonphakdy, Murfreesboro, TN
  • 1718. Ignatius Bau, San Francisco, CA
  • 1717. Candy Nhoybouakong, Providence, RI
  • 1716. Marc M., Vallejo, CA
  • 1715. [Private], Nashville, TN
  • 1714. [Private], Emeryville, CA
  • 1713. Phakasy, Paris, AK
  • 1712. Andrea Mcdonald, Santa Monica, CA
  • 1711. Katharine Revello, Seattle, WA
  • 1710. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 1709. [Private], Storm Lake, IA
  • 1708. Hung Hoang, San Diego, CA
  • 1707. Sean Yeung, Seattle, WA
  • 1706. Padao Yang, Rochester, MN
  • 1705. [Private], Gold Canyon, AZ
  • 1704. [Private], Bellingham, WA
  • 1703. Porfirio Tanedo, Seattle, WA
  • 1702. Mario Pilapil, Burien, WA
  • 1701. Kenneth Nelson, Seattle, WA
  • 1700. [Private], Ames, IA
  • 1699. Taylor, Storm Lake , IA
  • 1698. Nou Nou Phousirith, Apple Valley, MN
  • 1697. Matthew Powell, Rochester, MN
  • 1696. Nicolas Burrows, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1695. Khammoune Powell, Rochester, MN
    “If the US can fund and train the Royal Lao Military to war, they can at least fund and provide technological equipment and training to the Lao people to rid of these ordinance. US has an obligation to do so. Together, US and Laos can join hands again, this time for a much needed cause. This is an opportunity for the US to do the right thing and repair the relationship, please take it!”
  • 1694. R.michael Morrison, Glendale, CA
  • 1693. Pat Butranon, Seattle, WA
    “Families, villages, towns, and a country were torn apart. US Government, PLEASE come help us clean up your mess. Innocent people's lives are at stake.”
  • 1692. [Private], Kent, WA
  • 1691. Karen I. Collazo, Mayaguez, PR
    “This country needs peace :)”
  • 1690. Hannah Martin, BINGHAMTON, NY
  • 1689. Aenoi, Escondido, CA
  • 1688. Judie Kim, Stockton , CA
  • 1687. Viyada Kim, Stockton , CA
  • 1686. Southysa Phounsavath, Stockton, CA
  • 1685. [Private], Sherwood, OR
  • 1684. [Private], Isabela, PR
    “It is the right thing to do”
  • 1683. Jordan Sandvig, Minneapolis, MN
    “Get rid of those baby bombs!”
  • 1682. Kathy Long, Torrance, CA
    “We need to be responsible for our messes and clean up after ourselves. Let us set an example. How wrong that it is the innocent that suffer most - the children.”
  • 1681. Donna Jones, Sebastopol, CA
  • 1680. [Private], Walkersville, MD
    “my parents, they from laos, laos is a beutiful country, but with some potential to give, and their land, agriculture, that people survive, ad very tragery, war, i still remember my grand pa, tell me history from laos, thank u,,,,”
  • 1679. [Private], Morganton, NC
  • 1678. [Private], Auburn, WA
  • 1677. Oudomphone Bounyavong, AK
  • 1676. Rachel, Seattle, WA
  • 1675. Vilawan Lam, Stockton, CA
  • 1674. Patrick Farren, Annapolis, MD
  • 1673. Lori Phanachone, Storm Lake, IA
    “Stand up, speak up, sign up!”
  • 1672. Jennie Blades, LACROSSE, WI
  • 1671. John Trice, Springfield, MO
  • 1670. Simone Sanoubane, S. CATHARINES, AK
  • 1669. [Private], New York, NY
    “The US government must be held accountable to what they did in Laos during the Vietnam War. No country wants to hold the unwelcomed and undeserved title of "most bombed country in history."”
  • 1668. Brad Rockwell, Austin, TX
  • 1667. Agnesa Lord, Pacific, WA
  • 1666. Tanya, Stockton, CA
  • 1665. [Private], Los Angeles, CA
  • 1664. Mmoises, Seattle, WA
  • 1663. Hoa Huynh, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1662. [Private], Clements, CA
  • 1661. Nittaya Phounsavath, Stockton, CA
  • 1660. Daisy Acevedo, Stockton, CA
  • 1659. Judith Flroes, Stockton, AK
  • 1658. Leah Olaguez, Elk Grove, CA
  • 1657. Kevin Cohee, Sacramento, CA
  • 1656. Chinetana Phounsavath, Stockton, CA
  • 1655. Sophia Unger, Sacramento, CA
    “In 1974-75, I lived with my wife in a Lao village and got to know the Lao character well. I found the Lao to be a wise and gentle people, wanting no part of the war they were forced into by the geopolitical struggle of our government and others. We nearly destroyed their country and owe it to them, at the very least, to clean up the terrible weapons we left scattered over their homes, killing and maiming their children.”
  • 1654. Phounsavath, Verviers, AK
  • 1653. Duong Nguyen, Chicago, IL
  • 1652. Terry Andrews, Chicago, IL
  • 1651. Lena, Kirkland, WA
  • 1650. Montana Xaysanamoungkoun, Federal Way, WA
  • 1649. Sihay Tran, Corona, CA
  • 1648. Emilee Hay, Corona, CA
  • 1647. Laura Moore, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1646. Mike Pham, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1645. Nancy Yeang, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • 1644. Rattana Yeang, OAKLAND, CA
  • 1643. Kari Mcgrady, Senoia, GA
  • 1642. Eric O. Jackson, San Juan, Puerto Rico, PR
    “Much success in helping to right historical wrongs.”
  • 1641. Marcia Cohen, Brookline, MA
  • 1640. Leana Pastores, Seattle, WA
  • 1639. Tony Barker, Seattle, WA
    “These killings need to stop now!!!!!!”
  • 1638. Anousone Fongthavisay, Andover, MN
  • 1637. [Private], Duluth, GA
    “If the U.S. can spend our tax money everywhere else why not go get what they left behind!!!!!!”
  • 1636. [Private], Lynnwood, WA
  • 1635. Sherry Kounnavong Babbitt, Rochester, NY
  • 1634. Riamsalio Phetchareun, Champaign, IL
  • 1633. Lauren Davis, Seattle, WA
  • 1632. [Private], Granite Bay, CA
  • 1631. Anna Phongsamouth, Rochester, NY
  • 1630. Morgan Mcfaddin, Atlanta, GA
    “We need to take responsibility for our careless actions. I support this petition and I hope the American community will take notice.”
  • 1629. Susan, Simi Valley, CA
  • 1628. Troy, Chatsworth, CA
    “Please remove the bombs because children like me often die from”
  • 1627. Jonathan Thames, Monterey, CA
  • 1626. Raiza, Renton, WA
  • 1625. Orady Mcfaddin, Atlanta, GA
    “Americans need to clean-up what they have left behind. It has been far too long”
  • 1624. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 1623. Chris Jetton, Washington, DC
  • 1622. Chris Whitty, Oshkosh, WI
  • 1621. Khamphou Phounsavath, Norcross, GA
  • 1620. [Private], Bellingham, WA
  • 1619. Cyrus Howe, Seattle, WA
  • 1618. Ken Arnold, Fountain Valley, CA
  • 1617. [Private], Kent, WA
  • 1616. Pauline Theam, Seattle, WA
  • 1615. May Vongvirath, Springfield, VA
  • 1614. [Private], San Francisco, CA
  • 1613. Tom Crowe, Long Beach, CA
    “If you've never experienced a bomb going off in front of you, consider yourself extremely fortunate. If wars MUST be fought, it should be fought hand to hand. I lost a good friend to a bomb in Iraq, a school chum I knew and was fond of. I was stationed on the other side of the world when I was told of his death...both of us serving proudly in the military, both of us serving as gay men in the military. Please don't let his death be in vain.”
  • 1612. Jeffrey Taylor, San Francisco, CA
  • 1611. Peter Netzel, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1610. Jay Austin, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1609. Gretchen Mitchell, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1608. Boun Khammanivanh, Alexandria, VA
  • 1607. Seng Pradachith, Alexandria, VA
  • 1606. Soupanya Chomsisengphet, Vienna, VA
    “One day, Lao will be bomb free!”
  • 1605. [Private], Greensboro, NC
  • 1604. Alex San Dinero, Miami Beach, FL
  • 1603. Song-nam Mounivong, Smyrna, TN
  • 1602. Santi Mounivong, Smyrna, TN
  • 1601. Chelle-renee Josefowicz, Harvest, AL
  • 1600. Knut Møgster, Oslo, Norway, AK
  • 1599. Esperanza Collazo, Providence, RI
  • 1598. Waiyde Palmer, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1597. Billy Souvannarath, Clearwater, FL
  • 1596. Stephen Zollman, San Francisco, CA
  • 1595. Polly Schack, Sacramento, CA
  • 1594. David John Fleck, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1593. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 1592. Daphne Yee, Sacramento, CA
  • 1591. Lisa Lac, Oakland, CA
  • 1590. [Private], San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 1589. Jason Dean, Federal Way, WA
  • 1588. Kattrina Cade, FPO, MP
  • 1587. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 1586. [Private], Colorado Springs, CO
  • 1585. Blouise Mueller, Sacramento, CA
  • 1584. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 1583. [Private], Minneapolis, MN
  • 1582. Angelina Phung, Prior Lake, MN
  • 1581. Sangouane Senethavilay, Burnsville , MN
  • 1580. Anney Senethavilay, Burnsville , MN
  • 1579. Lila T., Minneapolis, MN
  • 1578. [Private], Pensacola, FL
  • 1577. [Private], Oakland, CA
    “Let's clean up our mess and protect the people of Laos.”
  • 1576. Sharon Potts, San Leandro, CA
    “No one should have to live in fear of these bombs going off. They should be banned forever.
    Sharon Potts”
  • 1575. Ann Glang, Eugene, OR
    “Please begin to remedy the problems our country has created.”
  • 1574. Lillisn, Medford, OR
  • 1573. Krystle Wallis, Woodland Hills, CA
  • 1572. [Private], Pittsburgh, PA
  • 1571. Matthew Xavier Wizniak, Canyon Country, CA
    “It just seems right to help clean up any mess we contributed to making.”
  • 1570. [Private], Minneapolis, MN
  • 1569. Vatsana Nakhammouane, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 1568. Jerry Vongvirath, Sacramento, CA
  • 1567. Thavinh Chanhthathep, Sacramento, CA
  • 1566. Pane Vongphasouk, Sacramento, CA
  • 1565. Allan Saly, Sacramento, CA
  • 1564. Tony Innouvong, Algona, WA
  • 1563. Malayphone Saly, Sacramento, CA
  • 1562. Josephine Saly, MsJosephineSaly@Yahoo.Com, CA
    “I believe it's time for a change not only in the U.S but everywhere around the world & this is where im going to start, by helping out this cause.”
  • 1561. Uncle Don B. Fireland Fanning, Flagstaff, AZ
  • 1560. Alison Levy, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1559. Pete Winberg, Minnneapolis, MN
  • 1558. Eddie Daggett, Seattle, WA
  • 1557. Alexandra Dunham, Plano, TX
  • 1556. Robert Hadley, Chicago, IL
  • 1555. Houa Xiong, Summers, AR
  • 1554. Michael Dean Montgomery Brockway, Waterloo, IA
  • 1553. George R Lee, West Hollywood, CA
  • 1552. Duane Cody, Anchorage, AK
    “We dropped the bombs - we should clean them up.”
  • 1551. [Private], Woodbury, MN
    “We are obligated to the world, as its leading nation, to clean up after our own mess.”
  • 1550. Nana Sylaprany, Sydney, Australia, HI
  • 1549. [Private], Gainesville, GA
  • 1548. [Private], Bloomington, MN
  • 1547. [Private], Fresno, CA
  • 1546. [Private], Fayetteville, AR
  • 1545. Loth Wigley, Prattville, AL
    “I support this petition with my whole heart. I would like to see a continuing effort to remove all the unexploded bombs in Laos. The US dumped them there, they should and need to continue to help remove them. Lets keep the people of Laos safe.”
  • 1544. Jaysen Saly, Spring Lake Park, MN
    “I support this cause and hope the U.S. will increase funding for these efforts.”
  • 1543. Orathay Dethluxay, Philadelphia, PA
    “Please help my people! This has continued on for FAR too long!”
  • 1542. Samantha Phrakonkham, Winnipeg, MN
  • 1541. Analy Tapanya, Fairfax, VA
  • 1540. Boua Saly, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1539. Aileen Salle, Boston, MA
  • 1538. Rev. Denver Nevaar, Mts, Denver, AK
  • 1537. Dan, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1536. Pathana, La Vergne, TN
  • 1535. [Private], Woodbridge, VA
    “Laos..a land of peace loving people; only to be thrust into war after war for reasons of competing ideological / political agendas, border disputes, ethnocentrism, natural resource claims,among others. These were the issues during the time of the War. One must ascertain as to what the real cause of the war and eventual fall of the country to communists was. The underlying reason for the inevitable fall of the country was simply; Laos was not as developed, organized, and prosperous as we would all like to think; hence its defense forces were not as big or strong as it should have been compared to its neighbors. It's neighboring countries have superior weaponry and a whole lot more soldiers to go with it. Therefore, as much as we wanted to defend our country at the time; we simply couldn't. The French were there and they kept our neighbors in check. With the French gone, Laos was fair game; the country was vulnerable to outside hostilities. Yes, America did try to help but ultimately it is the Laos people's responsibility. We could have been more convincing in getting America to stay and to get the rest of the world to help our cause, after all, only our country was at stake! Anyhow, that was the past and there's nothing that we can do to change that; but what we can do is learn from it by working together, broaden communication, and providing leadership through education, mentoring the young, and helping the older generation to heal and move on with there lives. We can come together not only to get rid of the unexploded bombs that's still killing our people but also to help further the country, through peaceful means such as,voluntary work providing any expertise in science and engineering, health care, economic investment to expand its import/export base, and avocation of development, education, and social well-being of its citizens.”
  • 1534. Khamphou Luangrath, Brussels, AK
  • 1533. [Private], Milwaukee, WI
    “The United States dropped more bombs on Laos than World War I and World War II combined. It will take decades to remove them.”
  • 1532. [Private], West Warwick, RI
  • 1531. Michelle Virapanya, Royal, IA
  • 1530. Ger Vue, Arcata, CA
  • 1529. S. Joe Panyanouvong, Orlando, FL
  • 1528. Deth Khaiaphone, Naples, FL
  • 1527. [Private], Marshalltown, IA
  • 1526. Louis Sengmanivong, Brooklyn Park, MN
    “I'd like to go home one day, I have a vision of what it might be like and I hate to be disappointed.”
  • 1525. Dao Vilachit-mom, Cornelia, GA
  • 1524. Heather Davis, Marshalltown, IA
  • 1523. Lo Vongsaravane, Little Rock, AR
  • 1522. Brandin Versteegh, Ames, IA
    “It's about time to clean up the mess.”
  • 1521. Bounxou, Rodeo, CA
  • 1520. Sriphachanh Silasa, Elkhart, IN
    “It's about time that the United States take responsibility for their actions.”
  • 1519. [Private], Woonsocket, RI
  • 1518. Rose Tran, Bridgeport, CT
  • 1517. Kevin Loung Khot, Fort Worth , TX
    “i just want to see the wonderful of people in laos getin save please help them get away from killing......”
  • 1516. Amy Somboun, Chelmsford, MA
  • 1515. Allen Thikeo, Lynn, MA
  • 1514. Yom Souvannasane, TX
  • 1513. Patrick Phanhmaha, Sacramento, CA
  • 1512. Christina Suarez, Storrs, CT
  • 1511. Aldonille Campo, Storrs, CT
  • 1510. Jenna Lee, New York, NY
  • 1509. Arno Bounphasaysonh, Southbridge, MA
  • 1508. Annavy Nguyen, Glastonbury, CT
  • 1507. Jennifer Cheng, Islip, NY
  • 1506. Richie Huynh, Boston, MA
  • 1505. Pete Tran, Boston, MA
  • 1504. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1503. Sandrine Catris, Bloomington, IN
  • 1502. Gao Sheng Lee, North St. Paul, MN
  • 1501. Savies, Lynn, MA
  • 1500. Ellen Hinchcliffe, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1499. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1498. Claire Dabandons, Chicago, IL
  • 1497. [Private], San Francisco, CA
  • 1496. Kevin Sunny Simmalavong, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 1495. [Private], San Marcos, CA
  • 1494. Nanajittung Lanxang, Houston, TX
    “thank you for saving lao people”
  • 1493. Anna, Vienna, VA
  • 1492. Victor Cheng, Villa Park, IL
  • 1491. Mary Daniel, Renton, WA
  • 1490. Sinhlapakone Truong, El Cajon, CA
  • 1489. Noe Douangboutdy, Onalaska,, WI
  • 1488. Somsanith
  • 1487. Phithsamay Pranikay, Seattle, WA
  • 1486. Youme Landowne, Brooklyn, NY
    “Hearts one with the people of Laos, we must each do all we can to support the peaceful,safe removal of these long-lasting destructive weapons. Khop Jai”
  • 1485. Aillie Hu, Lincoln, NE
    “The United States has an obligation to clean up after themselves. The fact that these bombs have not been removed is an embarrassment to this country.”
  • 1484. Britt Fleming, North Mankato, MN
  • 1483. Teng Vang, Saint Paul, MN
  • 1482. Gina Kundan, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1481. Soo Na Pak, Oakland, CA
    “People, communities, and the world deserve to live without fear, with love, and with health.”
  • 1480. Vorada Savengseuksa, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1479. Susana, Boston, MA
  • 1478. Katrina Barrientos, New Rochelle, NY
    “I pray for the citizens of Laos.”
  • 1477. Pam Phanouvong, Modesto, CA
  • 1476. [Private], Alexandria, Va, VA
    “The children are affected by the chemical contamination leaking from bombs and minds as well. America is blamed and will always be blamed for this history. So let's clean it up.”
  • 1475. [Private], San Diego, CA
  • 1474. Jennifer, Boston, MA
  • 1473. Ayaka Saito, Boston, MA
  • 1472. [Private], Honolulu, HI
  • 1471. Laura Lee, Boston, MA
  • 1470. Lisa Ly, Providence, RI
  • 1469. Anh Chung, Boston, MA
  • 1468. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1467. Hongphayvanh L Vatthana, Annandale, VA
    “Lao people are poor and they need those land to grow food for them to survive without fear.”
  • 1466. Anne Frank, Laguna Beach, CA
  • 1465. Miki Matsuzuki, Scarsdale, NY
  • 1464. Liana Ung, Revere, MA
  • 1463. Nong, Burnsville, MN
    “The movie, "The Betrayal" explains very well how the United States is responsible for those bombs. Therefore, we need to remove those bombs.”
  • 1462. Don Chan, Boston, MA
    “The US put the bombs there, it is the US government's duty to remove them.”
  • 1461. [Private], Boston, MA
  • 1460. [Private], Dallas, TX
  • 1459. Lily, Boston, MA
  • 1458. Haylee Thikeo, Boston, MA
  • 1457. Cliff Long, Reisterstown, MD
    “A most worthwhile cause. With each bomb removed, the country of Laos (and the world) will heal a little more.”
  • 1456. [Private], Tampa, FL
    “It is our responsibility to help because we caused the problem.”
  • 1455. [Private], Worcester, MA
  • 1454. Paul Hanesana, San Diego, CA
    “I think America needs to put a big effort in to removing these bombs from Laos.”
  • 1453. Somlina Ricketts, Manassas, VA
  • 1452. Dick Burkhart, Seattle, WA
    “The US has the responsibility to continue to help remove the horrible legacy of the Vietnam War.

    -- former IVS Laos volunteer”
  • 1451. Maly Siribounthong Jong, EL SOBRANTE, CA
  • 1450. [Private], Minneapolis, MN
  • 1449. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 1448. [Private], Lakeville, MN
  • 1447. [Private], Columbia, MO
  • 1446. [Private], Anaheim, CA
  • 1445. [Private], Washington, DC
  • 1444. Praseuth Thikeo, Boston, MA
    “This is an excellent petition and I hope the U.S government takes it seriously. Thank you.”
  • 1443. [Private], Alexandria, VA
  • 1442. Noukla Ngamsanith, Haymarket, VA
  • 1441. Don Sirichanto, Nashville, TN
    “Two of my 3rd grade classmates got blown into pieces by the bombie. The sad part about it is that these American left behinds are still killing the innocent folks in Laos on the daily basis. America needs to be responsible for its action.”
  • 1440. Bounmany, Stephanie, Fort Worth, TX
    “our friends and families are still getting hurt from these bombs still left. america does need to take to full responability of removing all of the remaining bombs-activate and unactivate.”
  • 1439. Mc Wright, Annandale, VA
    “We MUST fund the clearing of contaminated land in Laos....”
  • 1438. Khampha Thephavong, Fresno, CA
  • 1437. Liphi 99, Boisbriand, AK
  • 1436. Linda Vongsavath, Alpine, TX
  • 1435. Moni Phengsitthy, Hanover, MD
  • 1434. [Private], Falls Church, VA
  • 1433. Chanhday Phanhdara, San Pablo, CA
  • 1432. [Private], Philadelphia, PA
  • 1431. [Private], Seattle, WA
    “I was a civilian medical volunteer in Laos, 1958-60, and with AID in South Viet-Nam, 1962-64. I know what mines and bombs have done to the people in that part of the world. Please help.”
  • 1430. Eric P. Mounkhaty, Chantilly, VA
  • 1429. [Private], Buffalo , NY
  • 1428. Samantha Coleman, Abingdon, MD
  • 1427. Ana Chaisone, Sterling, VA
  • 1426. Emily Chaisone, Sterling, VA
  • 1425. Sue Chaisone, Sterling, VA
  • 1424. Somxay Chaisone, Sterling, VA
    “USA, please act responsibly.”
  • 1423. Chanmala Phonpadith, Falls Church, VA
    “Thank you for the powerful work that you do. You are changing and saving so many lives today and in the future.”
  • 1422. Marianne, North Providence, RI
  • 1421. [Private], Washington, DC
  • 1420. Gay Spies, Sydney NSW Australia, AK
    “Innocent people, many of them children, are still being killed by unexploded ordnance, resulting from a war in which they were unwittingly involved. Basic humanity demands that every effort be made to make these lands safe again by removal of bombs and bombi.”
  • 1419. [Private], Alexandria, VA
  • 1418. Dennis Ebel, Long Beach, CA
    “Having been in Laos, I can state that this is an important petition.”
  • 1417. [Private], Spring City, UT
    “We cannot abandon these folks because we have a moral obligation to remove the dangers associated with our past actions in the region. We must do our duty as citizens of the world.”
  • 1416. [Private], Santa Ana, CA
  • 1415. Oznur Terekli, Keller, TX
  • 1414. Christina Woodruff, Bedford, TX
    “I fully support this because to many innocent people in the world are being punished and suffering for crimes not their own and it is time someone for them, the ones who have not have a heard voice yet.”
  • 1413. Mithamaly Siharath, Euless, TX
    “Stop Bombing!”
  • 1412. Linda Manyvanh, Pinole, CA
  • 1411. Keri Manyvanh, Pinole, CA
  • 1410. Nona Melkonian, San Francisco, CA
  • 1409. [Private], San Fransisco, CA
  • 1408. Emily Krafft, Portland, OR
    “Our country needs to immediately take full responsibility to clean up the deadly legacy they left in Laos during the Vietnam War. That we have already waited 35 years of is unacceptable.”
  • 1407. Greg Abbott, Cashmere, WA
    “"The one who throws the stone forgets ..." so let's resist this horrible human habit. Don't feel sorry, feel resolved.”
  • 1406. Ruby Sisaphonpinathorn, Lompoc, CA
  • 1405. Linda Hammon, Herndon, VA
  • 1404. [Private], Alexandria, VA
  • 1403. [Private], Arlington, VA
  • 1402. Lee Thomas, La Mesa, CA
  • 1401. Michelle Viengvilay, Laguna Hills, CA
  • 1400. Walter, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1399. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 1398. Ae Savatdy, San Diego, CA
  • 1397. [Private], Charlottesville, VA
  • 1396. Darren Dale, Ithaca, NY
  • 1395. [Private], Charlottesville, VA
  • 1394. Wixay Souvannarath, Thakek, KS
  • 1393. Britani German, Fresno, CA
  • 1392. [Private], SD, CA
    “This is the equivalent of someone secretly taking a deadly crap in your backyard. Then later, people and animals started dying from that stinking crap. So, the US government ought to clean their own crap. Not only that, but reparations need to be made to help Laos out!”
  • 1391. Gazi Saief Mahmud, Berkeley, CA
  • 1390. Phu Phan, San Francisco, CA
  • 1389. [Private], Utica, NY
  • 1388. Mike Dwyer, Oakland, CA
  • 1387. [Private], BELGIUM, AK
  • 1386. Darivanh Ortiz, Johnston, RI
  • 1385. Allison Friese, Lebam, WA
  • 1384. Catherine Brock, Altamonte Springs, FL
  • 1383. Glo Mills, St Paul, , MN
    “I am so sorry for what my country did.”
  • 1382. Sirichanh Sisavatdy, Chino, CA
  • 1381. Soukchareune Bouphathong, Federal Way, WA
  • 1380. Teng, Sacramento, CA
  • 1379. Audrey Springer, Fort Collins, CO
  • 1378. John Hennessy, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1377. Ali Rashed, Ilford, AK
  • 1376. Xochitl Duran, Pasadena, CA
    “Let's do this together and make this happen. Now. Clean up our messes now.”
  • 1375. Dennis Conkni, San Francisco, CA
  • 1374. Aster Meche
  • 1373. Lin Hlaing
  • 1372. Amy Boudsady
  • 1371. Aemad Komarizadeh
  • 1370. Tony Sompasong, San Diego, CA
  • 1369. Amy Chanthaphon, Stockton, CA
    “Family are from Laos-still have family there”
  • 1368. Day Kham
  • 1367. Aksonephet Mounlamai
    “Thanks for saving our history and pursuing justice!”
  • 1366. Aline Xayasouk, Berkeley, CA
  • 1365. Ammala Amphonesinh, Carlsbad, CA
  • 1364. Amy Aphawong
  • 1363. Amy Arata, Oakland, CA
  • 1362. Amy Beinart, San Francisco, CA
  • 1361. Stephanie Young, Antioch, CA
  • 1360. Anchela Hart
  • 1359. Andres Matillano
  • 1358. Angela Flyn, San Andrew, CA
  • 1357. Nanh Lovanh, Bowling Green, KY
    “Keep up the cause.”
  • 1356. Angli , Sacramento, CA
  • 1355. Anna Kaiyarath
  • 1354. Annette Albrecht, Rub Lansdale, MN
  • 1353. Anony Srisouranh, Sacramento, CA
  • 1352. Anonsae Fongthavisay
  • 1351. Anonsone Fongthauisay, Andorer, MN
  • 1350. Anthony Caldwell, San Francisco, CA
  • 1349. Anny Oudom
  • 1348. Anetta Phonseya
  • 1347. Izset Ahapoz
  • 1346. Arleene Velayo, San Francisco, CA
    “Peace Please Thx.”
  • 1345. Aromy Xayasouk, Berkeley, CA
  • 1344. Natasha Dedrick, San Francisco, CA
  • 1343. Andy Arvai, San Diego, CA
  • 1342. Saveng
  • 1341. Amanda Siphah
  • 1340. Audrey Harkness, San Francisco, CA
  • 1339. Alisa Aurilio, Romoland, CA
  • 1338. Annie Xaykasy, San Diego, CA
  • 1337. Susan Manivanh, San Diego, CA
  • 1336. Victoria Trevino
  • 1335. Liza Gossett, Clovis, CA
  • 1334. Nancy Panyananang
    “Please help out our country!”
  • 1333. Bee One, San Diego, CA
  • 1332. Banchong Cong, San Diego, CA
  • 1331. Renvamin Basto
  • 1330. Nongyao Tookta Luangdethleuxa, Modesto, CA
    “Hopefully this will help out!”
  • 1329. Beau Bennett
  • 1328. Melissa Margolis, Alameda, CA
  • 1327. Benny Mullinax, Potrero, CA
  • 1326. Emi Hasegana
  • 1325. Becky Yang
  • 1324. Kuan Pidech, Whittier, CA
  • 1323. Michelle Steele, San Francisco, CA
  • 1322. Vilai Douangmaha, Fresno, CA
  • 1321. Vilay Manixay, Richmond, CA
    “Please remove the bomb from Laos!!!”
  • 1320. Billie Sayavong, San Diego, CA
  • 1319. Ko Keoniany, Laveen, CA
  • 1318. Walter Lee
  • 1317. Jay Park, Marina Del Rey, CA
  • 1316. Sam Vongvlay, San Diego, CA
  • 1315. Noy Bouchaleun, San Diego, CA
  • 1314. Joey Rattanasinh, San Diego, CA
    “I like to see more documentations.”
  • 1313. Bounmee Kala
  • 1312. Bounmy Sone, Banning , CA
  • 1311. Bai Phanhkank Phanhkank, Fremont, CA
  • 1310. Binly Phounsiri, Berkeley, CA
  • 1309. Nguyen Vu, San Diego, CA
  • 1308. Phillip Stiv, Antioch, CA
  • 1307. Nancy Rathsasombath, Winchester, CA
    “I love Laos!”
  • 1306. Brian Sounalath, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1305. Bee Chansouk, San Diego, CA
  • 1304. Brooke Sanasinh, Corona, CA
  • 1303. Jackson Manivanh, San Diego, CA
  • 1302. Danny Souvannarath, San Diego, CA
  • 1301. Brittany He, Sacramento, CA
  • 1300. Calix Vu-bui, Santee, CA
  • 1299. Fernando Hernandez
  • 1298. Tune Phomphakag
  • 1297. Chris Balme, San Francisco, CA
  • 1296. Christoph Geladorf
  • 1295. Bobby Chanhthathep, Sacramento, CA
  • 1294. Chanh Mouangtchott, San Diego, CA
  • 1293. Dum Phommatha, San Diego, CA
  • 1292. Charlie Chin
    “U.S. must clean up after itself.”
  • 1291. Victor Esquirel, National City, CA
  • 1290. Chiakil Koyane, San Marcos, CA
  • 1289. Jason Lau, Castro Valley, CA
  • 1288. Cinde Sayvongsa, San Diego, CA
  • 1287. Chris Kounnavong, San Diego, CA
  • 1286. Dina Anestopoulos, San Diego, CA
  • 1285. Scott Cook
  • 1284. Crystal Sithiphong, San Jose, CA
  • 1283. Lynn Thank, La Mesa, CA
  • 1282. Claudia Rosa, San Francisco, CA
  • 1281. Christella Widjaja
  • 1280. Cyndi Vongvanith, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1279. Cynthia Nguyen, Palo Alto, CA
  • 1278. Diana Chandara, Berkeley, CA
  • 1277. Daleevan Xayyavong, San Diego, CA
  • 1276. Dana Roytenberg, San Francisco, CA
  • 1275. Daniel Thiengmany, San Jose, CA
  • 1274. Danielle Duong, San Jose, CA
    “Please remove bombs!”
  • 1273. Danny Danrong, El Cerrito, CA
  • 1272. Darrey Hild, Tempe, AZ
  • 1271. Bryan Ross, San Francisco, CA
    “Stop the Rage.”
  • 1270. David Claycomb, Solana Beach, CA
  • 1269. Dave Oldman, San Francisco, CA
  • 1268. David Quach, San Diego, CA
  • 1267. David Pucgen
  • 1266. David Phongsa, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1265. Dave Cherry, San Francisco, CA
    “Sooner the better...wake up America”
  • 1264. Dennis Ly, Pacifica, CA
  • 1263. Dennis Marcin, La Mesa, CA
  • 1262. Rosie Josne, San Francisco, CA
  • 1261. Diane Bradley, San Diego, CA
  • 1260. Phetdonang Chan Ratsachack, Pinole, CA
  • 1259. Andrew Chant
  • 1258. Danny Liemthongsamout
  • 1257. Dorothy Tse
  • 1256. Dolly Sithounnolat, San Francisco, CA
  • 1255. Andrew Vongphaihanh, Fresno, CA
  • 1254. Don De La Cruz, San Diego, CA
  • 1253. Douan Phomsavanh, San Diego, CA
  • 1252. Kathleen Douangsanith
  • 1251. Vandy Douangta, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1250. Art Sovphi, Stockton, CA
    “Peace not War!”
  • 1249. David Page, San Francisco, CA
  • 1248. David Pongphile, San Diego, CA
  • 1247. Judy Hanesana, San Diego, CA
  • 1246. Phanom Xaymountry, San Diego, CA
  • 1245. Nick Hill, San Diego, CA
    “bring peace”
  • 1244. David Wan, Daly City, CA
  • 1243. Daniel Willis, Whittier, CA
  • 1242. Ed Dorrington, Oakland, CA
  • 1241. Deunesavanh Pongphia, National City, CA
  • 1240. Tenace
    “Interesting Activity”
  • 1239. Elizabeth Webb, San Francisco, CA
  • 1238. Ellen Rattanamengkhoue, Oakland, CA
  • 1237. Emily Yapo, Newark, CA
  • 1236. Clinton Wiqnet, Ella, CA
  • 1235. Eric Johnson, Petaluma, CA
  • 1234. Eric Nguyen, San Diego, CA
  • 1233. Erin Viengxay, Los Gatos, CA
  • 1232. Elaine Russell, Sacramento, CA
    “The US must take responsibility for the bombing and fund the removal of UXO”
  • 1231. Ekkarath Sisavatdy, Federal Way, WA
    “Please keep doing what you do Legacy of War! USA/Vietnam/Laos be liable do the right thing. ”
  • 1230. Etta Sunday, La Mesa, CA
  • 1229. Maryjane Cordora, Pacifica, CA
  • 1228. Erin Rice, Orangevale, CA
  • 1227. Chow Saephan
  • 1226. Andrew Sayasane, San Diego, CA
  • 1225. Fong Vannavong, San Diego, CA
  • 1224. Frank Galinde, Modesto, CA
  • 1223. Manorota Thosy, San Diego, CA
  • 1222. Le Marious Sword, Sunnyvale, CA
  • 1221. Gary Marcus, San Francisco, CA
  • 1220. Gayle Sayyadeth
  • 1219. George Berticevich
  • 1218. Gerard Padro, Berkeley, CA
  • 1217. Gianna Driver, San Francisco, CA
  • 1216. Andy Ng
  • 1215. Gloria Lee
  • 1214. Jacob Lorfing, Austin , TX
  • 1213. Gary Phom, Murrieta, CA
  • 1212. Natlaya Vannailaithong, San Diego, CA
  • 1211. Hak Bounthavy, Richmond, CA
  • 1210. Cynthia Han-riggleman, San Diego, CA
  • 1209. Brittney Ly
  • 1208. Sara Scarf, Oakland, CA
  • 1207. Dmz
  • 1206. Bounlent Phouangsavanh, San Diego, CA
  • 1205. Daniel Chansouk, San Diego, CA
  • 1204. Hoany Le, Oakland, CA
  • 1203. Holly Huynh, San Jose, CA
    “U.S. Needs to take responsibility and clear those cluttered bomb.”
  • 1202. Holly Wise, Austin, TX
  • 1201. Lom Vanhnasy, San Diego, CA
  • 1200. Tata Insixiengmay, San Diego, CA
  • 1199. Nui Noa Khamvog
  • 1198. Kennedy Phounsiri
  • 1197. Melanie Taing
  • 1196. Debbie Vanthamah
  • 1195. Won Cheol Park, San Diego, CA
  • 1194. Robert Movradinov, Brooklyn , NY
  • 1193. Inpone Vongphakdy, San Diego, CA
  • 1192. Nith Sivongxay, Richmond, CA
  • 1191. Jacueline Jensen, Oakland, CA
  • 1190. Jacqueline Sinn
  • 1189. Suni Busch, Petalum, CA
  • 1188. Thavin Keosampalan
    “Protect Refugees”
  • 1187. Janet Siharath, Daly City, CA
  • 1186. Jayne Oarodnik, Oakland, CA
  • 1185. Joy Willard, La Mesa, CA
  • 1184. Jimmy Siharath, San Diego, CA
    “Please bring peace in Laos.”
  • 1183. J. Singletm
  • 1182. J. Singleton
  • 1181. Jiawei Huang
  • 1180. J. Dustin Wright
  • 1179. Janet Lee, San Diego, CA
  • 1178. Jen Pothilat, San Diego, CA
  • 1177. Jennie Molloia, Oakland, CA
  • 1176. Keo Lam, San Francisco, CA
  • 1175. Jenny Wong, San Lorenzo, CA
  • 1174. Jeremy Pritchett, San Diego, CA
  • 1173. Jerome Edward, Chicago, IL
  • 1172. Jm Claffy, Sacramento, CA
  • 1171. Jimmy Frichittarang, San Pablo, CA
  • 1170. Jim Ounniyom
  • 1169. Jean Ishibashi, San Francisco, CA
    “good luck!”
  • 1168. Jit Litthachack, San Marcos, CA
  • 1167. Jared Mannen
  • 1166. Jimee Sananikone
  • 1165. Joan Miller, Vallejo, CA
  • 1164. John Viriyavong, San Diego, CA
  • 1163. Jose Olivar, San Diego, CA
  • 1162. Jon Dragonette, San Francisco, CA
  • 1161. Ajonathan Syharath, Concord, CA
    “Laos Family”
  • 1160. Jonnthan Petrillo, Sacramento, CA
  • 1159. Joseph Phouthavoug, Sacramento, CA
  • 1158. Jeff Prasith, San Diego, CA
    “I love Laos!”
  • 1157. Jonathan Hu
  • 1156. Johnny Sonvunnavaj
  • 1155. Johnny Sonvannarai, Oakland, CA
    “Its all America fault for bombing our country and now that (they) wont acknowledge us!”
  • 1154. Shaun Kirby, Sacramento, CA
  • 1153. Julie Trinh
  • 1152. Justo Tapia, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1151. Zell Dragonette, San Francisco, CA
  • 1150. Khammat Spabmixay, San Diego, CA
  • 1149. Kasey Kunstmanas, San Diego, CA
  • 1148. Katie Bounieyang
  • 1147. Souny Keomany, Laveen, AZ
  • 1146. Acotan Smithersmosh
    “Peaceful Legacy”
  • 1145. Karona Phommavonsay, San Diego, CA
  • 1144. Kevin Cressa, San Francisco, CA
  • 1143. Kirk Dunn, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • 1142. David Ravago
  • 1141. Khamvanh Souvannaphoxay, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1140. Khamboune Philavanh, Corona, CA
  • 1139. Kheck Sengmany
  • 1138. Connie Rasilth, San Diego, CA
  • 1137. Kiene S. Phabmixay
  • 1136. Kiene Sophanbmixay, San Diego, CA
    “Maybe I could share some info.”
  • 1135. Kim Dam
  • 1134. Kit Kit, Richmond, CA
  • 1133. Nino Bouphasavanh, San Francisco, CA
  • 1132. Sirisophaphone Vongsikeo, Escondido, CA
  • 1131. Khambay Phounsavath, Woodbridge, VA
  • 1130. Kris Easterling, Oceanside, CA
  • 1129. Kristen Durkam, Berkeley, CA
  • 1128. Christine Basto, South San Francisco, CA
  • 1127. Krystina Nop
  • 1126. Khammany Saengdara, Corona, CA
  • 1125. Kimberly Senglothnam
  • 1124. Kevin Kudla, Rohnert Park, CA
  • 1123. Keo Souvannalenth, San Diego, CA
  • 1122. Khamph Southisombath, La Jolla, CA
  • 1121. Kyle Luanguiseta
  • 1120. Vietca Do
  • 1119. Christie Bouatich
    “Hi (:”
  • 1118. Lamphoune Phanvilay, Sacramento, CA
  • 1117. Angela Siharath, San Francisco, CA
    “I love my people”
  • 1116. Saysomone Manyphey, Oakland, CA
    “Laos Family”
  • 1115. Laury Thammavong, Berkeley, CA
  • 1114. Laura Phonseya
  • 1113. Laura Thammarong, Berkeley, CA
  • 1112. Lauren Schneider
  • 1111. Leilani Chan, Los Angeles, CA
    “Don't you care about the BOMBS!”
  • 1110. Rich Nam, Los Banos, CA
  • 1109. Daniel Saetia
  • 1108. Somphet Phouvongsa
    “Lao RULE”
  • 1107. Lisa Pham
  • 1106. Lisa Ruth Elliott, San Francisco, CA
  • 1105. Tomy Saengdara
  • 1104. Khemphone Insyarath, Fresno, CA
  • 1103. Lom Cui
  • 1102. Phillip Luque, San Diego, CA
  • 1101. Lori O'neill
  • 1100. Loy Ketkhenesa, Sacramento, CA
  • 1099. Phonethep Loungnakhone, San Diego, CA
  • 1098. Jennifer Man
  • 1097. Jan (ian) Sayasane, San Diego, CA
  • 1096. Laa Sengalova, San Diego, CA
  • 1095. Kevin Peterson, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1094. Latsamy Luangdetmalay, Des Moines, IA
  • 1093. Manolak Chanthabandith, San Diego, CA
    “No more bombs.”
  • 1092. Lotus Yee Fong, San Francisco, CA
    “Dr. Henry Yu History left UCLA --> U. of Calgary 50 yrs of US military Asia Pacific”
  • 1091. Mey Mach, Oakland, CA
  • 1090. Mai Xayavong Newberg, El Sobrante, CA
  • 1089. Malimone Rodden, Newark, CA
  • 1088. Maly Willis, Whittier, CA
    “Clearn them out!”
  • 1087. Maly , Hercules, CA
  • 1086. Manivone Sylvangkhan
  • 1085. Kathleen Manning
  • 1084. Phayrod Manssy, Stockton, CA
    “world peace”
  • 1083. Manuel Rodriguez, San Mateo, CA
  • 1082. Marie-reine Velez, Downey, CA
  • 1081. Mark Claycomb, Pacifica, CA
  • 1080. Mark Mukai, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1079. Mark Poirier, San Francisco, CA
  • 1078. Matthew Johnston, San Francisco, CA
  • 1077. Aronchule Matthews, San Diego, CA
  • 1076. Maria Yang
  • 1075. Mayxay Xiong, Sacramento, CA
  • 1074. Chris Tran
  • 1073. Bounmee Kanthanthin, Sacramento, CA
  • 1072. Phetsamay Lindsay, Novato, CA
    “History is still trying to be cleaned up in Laos.”
  • 1071. Malana Men
  • 1070. Thong Luangdetmalay, Des Moines, IA
  • 1069. Maricel Valencia, San Diego, CA
  • 1068. Michael Freitas, South San Francisco, CA
  • 1067. Michael Peterson
  • 1066. Milo Krastev, San Francisco, CA
  • 1065. Mimi Chanthyasack, San Francisco, CA
    “Keep up the good job.”
  • 1064. Mindi May, San Diego, CA
  • 1063. Elvina Souksavath
  • 1062. Frank Martinez, Pico Rivera, CA
  • 1061. Maria Martinez, Pico Rivera, CA
  • 1060. Michelle Louangamath, Danville, CA
  • 1059. Marly Chanthilack, San Diego, CA
    “Great up the great work!!!”
  • 1058. Mollii Khangseresiny
  • 1057. Marilyn Cornwell
    “peace always”
  • 1056. Jenny Mai
  • 1055. Andrew Phommathep, Oceanside, CA
  • 1054. Qoneric Amundson, Oakland, CA
  • 1053. Lane Moua, Manasha, CA
  • 1052. Steven Bouchaleun, San Diego, CA
  • 1051. Jessica Sangthai, San Diego, CA
  • 1050. Don Hart
  • 1049. Sherrie Miranda, Chula Vista, CA
  • 1048. Richard Anderson
  • 1047. Wattana Madhyamahandana, Hayward, CA
  • 1046. Christy Phanthavong
  • 1045. Hongviley Thongsamouth, Oakland, CA
  • 1044. Breanna Cueras, Atascadero, CA
  • 1043. Nang Sinbandit, San Diego, CA
  • 1042. Nang Philapanh, San Diego, CA
  • 1041. Nang Dunn, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • 1040. Alexis Sidavong
  • 1039. Alex Neylan
  • 1038. Nghi Maokhamphiou, Roseville, CA
  • 1037. Nicole Ison
  • 1036. Nikky Soutthavilay
    “I love Laos.”
  • 1035. Nina Keefar, Oakland, CA
  • 1034. Mai Duory
  • 1033. Souvannarath Tony
  • 1032. Viphaphone Vannasy, Pittsburg, CA
  • 1031. Nola Khamsourinh
  • 1030. Inthanong Basto, San Francisco, CA
  • 1029. Nathan Sikhamsay, Murrieta, CA
    “Get rid of those bombs already.”
  • 1028. Noy Chanthalangsy, Emeryville, CA
  • 1027. Noy Chanthalanggy
  • 1026. Von Neak, Antioch, CA
  • 1025. Noy Sophabmixay, San Diego, CA
  • 1024. Naosavang Paneinh, Oakland, CA
  • 1023. Nu Somvilay, San Diego, CA
    “Great job, clean now”
  • 1022. Nicky Souriyamath
  • 1021. Richard Chansouk, San Diego, CA
  • 1020. Lay Manyuan, San Diego, CA
  • 1019. Kanut Laoharawee, San Francisco, CA
  • 1018. Olivia Avilla, Hayward, CA
  • 1017. Ong Moua, Fresno, CA
  • 1016. Ae Southanmaury, San Diego, CA
  • 1015. Adam Paganini, San Francisco, CA
  • 1014. Paleth Vilavanh, Richmond, CA
  • 1013. Panha Chheng, San Francisco, CA
  • 1012. Panya Vongkhampha, Fresno, CA
  • 1011. Paul Eldao
  • 1010. Stephanie Wilhamson
  • 1009. Pa Vang, Berkeley, CA
  • 1008. Piper Morgan, Oakland, CA
    “Stop Bombs!”
  • 1007. Eillen Sinn
  • 1006. Peggy Flynn, San Diego, CA
  • 1005. Mason Paulon
  • 1004. P. Damnernpholkul
  • 1003. William Canpero, San Francisco, CA
  • 1002. Peter Flores, San Jose, CA
  • 1001. Peter Luangaphay, Sacramento, CA
  • 1000. Brooke Zobrist, San Francisco, CA
  • 999. David Phan
    “Hi :)”
  • 998. Phayvanh Xayasoulc, Chula Vista, CA
  • 997. Phayvanh Nanthavongbouangsy, Riverside, CA
  • 996. Calvin Phetsoumphou, San Pablo, CA
  • 995. Outhone Phettaphong, San Diego, CA
  • 994. Philip Siharatit, San Francisco, CA
  • 993. Phonexay Singharatzavong, Lynwood, CA
  • 992. Dr Bounlieng Phommasouvanh
  • 991. Phonesavanh Savatdy, San Diego, CA
  • 990. Somehith Phongboupha, Pinole, CA
  • 989. Khamphout Vincent, Fresno, CA
    “ (founder)”
  • 988. Troy Phitshanoukanh
  • 987. Grace Malinis, San Diego, CA
  • 986. Pivon Chanthyasack
  • 985. Pamela Khammvongkhune, San Diego, CA
  • 984. Kelly Chan, Sacramento, CA
  • 983. Paul Melbostad
  • 982. Pim Siripanyo
  • 981. Phetsavanh Tran, Redwood City, CA
    “Support the campaign”
  • 980. Paul Nauert, Santa Cruz, CA
  • 979. Phone Toommaly
  • 978. Panome Soukamneth, San Diego, CA
  • 977. Mahina Donangbonphm
  • 976. W J Hall
  • 975. Faith Pritchett, San Diego, CA
  • 974. Paitoon Inthavong, Fresno, CA
  • 973. Sou Phetsaumphae, San Pablo, CA
  • 972. Paul B. Sihachack
  • 971. Peilinlt Sisomout, Sacramento, CA
  • 970. Paul Sphabmixay, San Francisco, CA
  • 969. Paula Viengxay, Santa Cruz, CA
  • 968. Dampol Souvannarath, San Diego, CA
  • 967. Monica Siharath, Oceanside, CA
    “Supportive regarding removal of bombs.”
  • 966. Raquel Portillo
  • 965. Bouavanh A.j. Rasih, San Diego, CA
    “Excellent Presentation”
  • 964. Ruthsanne Ly, San Francisco, CA
  • 963. Ray Boutsy, Tracy, CA
  • 962. Robert Covinstein
  • 961. Shelly Wong
  • 960. Phonethip Rattanasinh
  • 959. Rei Zukada, San Marcos, CA
  • 958. Reiko Furuya, San Francisco, CA
  • 957. Roland Miname
  • 956. Raymond Estrella, San Diego, CA
    “Peace to the world!!! I love Lao food.”
  • 955. Russell Jeung, Oakland, CA
  • 954. Rosa Keophimane, Sacramento, CA
  • 953. Richard Kinnett, Tahoe City, CA
  • 952. Preeyapor Khamajaree
  • 951. Roger Xiong, Sacramento, CA
  • 950. Rosaline Prach, San Diego, CA
  • 949. Rosemary Phanthao, Menitee, CA
  • 948. Sara Rhodes, National City, CA
  • 947. Vilaysack Vanisavath, Manassas, VA
  • 946. Sakeenan Shabazz
    “Liberate your country because it's the right thing to do!”
  • 945. Sakeenah Shavazz
  • 944. Sakuna Thongchanh
  • 943. Debbie White, Vallejo, CA
  • 942. Daniel Hua, San Diego, CA
  • 941. Sandra Siharath, Daly City, CA
  • 940. Sanith Sisavath, CA
  • 939. Suzanne Phengsy, San Francisco, CA
    “It's been long and done. Clean up”
  • 938. Tony Santhai, San Diego, CA
  • 937. Santhana Saythong, Vista, CA
  • 936. Tseey Lovanh, Bowling Green, KY
  • 935. Carey Wong
    “Take the bombs off!!!”
  • 934. Christan Sat
  • 933. Patrick Ouaue, Fremont, CA
  • 932. Sivie Park, Marina Del Rey, CA
  • 931. Soyuri Minami, San Marcos, CA
  • 930. Stacey Chanthachaek
  • 929. Steven Cho
  • 928. Scott Chahon, San Diego, CA
  • 927. Sandra Phouseya, Oakland, CA
  • 926. Sean Sengpraseuth, Hercules, CA
  • 925. Sebrina Phev
  • 924. Seksid Laoharawee, San Francisco, CA
  • 923. Serfio Lopez, Sacramento, CA
  • 922. Setha Chuep, San Francisco, CA
  • 921. Seum Xaysana, La Mesa, CA
  • 920. Shane Stamm, San Francisco, CA
    “I hope it happens.”
  • 919. Sishena Vanisavath, Manassas , VA
    “Whatever he says....”
  • 918. Sith
  • 917. Simm Sansinh, Corona, CA
  • 916. Jimmy Cheung
  • 915. Dr. Samlong Phommasouvanh, Weedburg , MN
  • 914. Christy Siphonekhac, La Mesa, CA
  • 913. Michael Vongthavady, El Sobrante, CA
    “No bombing in Laos!”
  • 912. Andy Siriphongsarath, Fresno, CA
  • 911. Sonryong Sengchanl, Marreita, CA
  • 910. Mao Keo, San Francisco, CA
  • 909. Jimmy Mau, San Francisco, CA
  • 908. Suzanne Skiffington
  • 907. Alan Skiffinga
  • 906. Sara Yamashita, San Diego, CA
  • 905. Sing Thomson, San Diego, CA
  • 904. Sandra Cate
  • 903. Robert Lee, Glendora, CA
  • 902. Jennifer Mai
    “There's bombs in Laos? That's bad!”
  • 901. Lee Lee, San Francisco, CA
  • 900. Seng So, Hayward, CA
  • 899. Nam Nguyen, San Diego, CA
    “Strongly support this program.”
  • 898. Sonia Serna, La Jolla, CA
  • 897. Soukan Darathep, San Jose, CA
  • 896. Soumana Homsombath, Lemon Grove, CA
  • 895. Sounthavong Sananikone
  • 894. Sourita Phounsiri
  • 893. Darom Southichak, Fresno, CA
  • 892. Souy Chhom, La Mesa, CA
  • 891. Gail Wechsler, San Francisco, CA
  • 890. Sengchanh Panyachith, Oakley, CA
  • 889. Sy Phichita, San Francisco, CA
  • 888. Johnny Philsuil
  • 887. Susan Phommalisach
  • 886. Noy Phuthama, El Sobrante, CA
  • 885. Somchay Sihathep, Clovis, CA
  • 884. Step Lee, Oakland, CA
  • 883. Steph Lee
  • 882. Margret Ortez, San Diego, CA
  • 881. Susan Woo, San Francisco, CA
  • 880. Jpros Suarez
  • 879. Gail Caswell, San Francisco, CA
  • 878. John Cooper
  • 877. Aphone Serekeo-effenberger, San Diego, CA
  • 876. Sompasong Vongphakdy, San Marcos, CA
  • 875. Chuck Frazier, San Diego, CA
  • 874. Teeda Sitachett, Tahoe City, CA
  • 873. Khampasong Sourinthone
    “Remove the bomb.”
  • 872. Taja Gabrielle De Jesus, San Francisco, CA
    “Thank you”
  • 871. Dennis Palmaira, San Diego, CA
  • 870. Tim Baker
  • 869. Thevarith Chanthavone, Santa Monica, CA
  • 868. Tee Yammalat, Richmond, CA
  • 867. Andrew Lam, San Francisco , CA
  • 866. Florian Grop
  • 865. Terence Keenan, San Diego, CA
  • 864. Bryan Thao Worra, Minneapolis, MN
    “Good luck”
  • 863. Bounhiane Molyta Kenyatta, Daly City, CA
    “I hate war!”
  • 862. Molyta (tha) Kenyatta
  • 861. Crispin T. Somena, El Cajon, CA
  • 860. Bounthavy Chanthabandith, San Diego, CA
    “No more bombs.”
  • 859. Teresa Hemsouvanh, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 858. Thonghane Sanvichith
  • 857. Tommy Thongsavanh, San Pablo, CA
    “Please remove the bomb from Laos”
  • 856. Toonkham Alichanh, San Diego, CA
  • 855. Phonphet Chounramany, Fresno, CA
  • 854. Thor Lnthiraj, Fountain Valley, CA
  • 853. Tiat Kanthathin
  • 852. Tiat Kanthanthin, Sacramento, CA
  • 851. Tik Sisakda, San Diego, CA
    “Get though bombs”
  • 850. Tim Duane, Fresno, CA
  • 849. Tim Tharavong, Esondido, CA
  • 848. Thitithip Patanawanich, San Francisco, CA
  • 847. Robert Baldwin
  • 846. Tony S. Lee, Elk Grove, CA
  • 845. Tiffany Monsay, San Diego, CA
  • 844. Tone Banouvong, Temecula, CA
  • 843. Tomy Sihanantharath, Murrieta, CA
  • 842. Bob Mazur, Richmond, CA
  • 841. Todd Sanchioni
  • 840. Tom Sithiphony, San Diego, CA
  • 839. Thao Nguyen, La Jolla, CA
  • 838. Todor Tzolov, San Francisco, CA
  • 837. Tutu Sophabmixay
  • 836. Tuensy Vilaykham
  • 835. Xia Lo, Rohnert Park, CA
  • 834. Ty Vongphakham, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 833. Melissa Phelps, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 832. Vannesa Leuny, San Francisco, CA
  • 831. Vanida Vongdeuane, San Diego, CA
  • 830. Van Keodara, San Marcos, CA
  • 829. Savath Pothilat, San Diego, CA
  • 828. James Vavghn, West Sacramento, CA
  • 827. Choua Vue, Sacramento, CA
  • 826. Vicky Reuangroundeth
  • 825. Vena Sithong, Las Vegas, NV
    “World peace : )”
  • 824. Vern Phan, Richmond, CA
  • 823. Gqan Phiphak, National City, CA
  • 822. Vibhuti Arya
  • 821. Vilai Phuthama, Hercules, CA
  • 820. Somenite Vilaiphone
  • 819. Vilaysone Chanthavong, National City, CA
  • 818. Christine Frazier, Oakland, CA
  • 817. Viseth Fink, Winchester, CA
  • 816. Vixay Nammovongsa, San Diego, CA
  • 815. Polo Keodara, San Diego, CA
  • 814. Phouvanh Senenoi, Oakland, CA
  • 813. Dennis Vongsouvanh
  • 812. Wasan Romsaitong, San Jose, CA
  • 811. Brandon Weiver, Pinole, CA
  • 810. Tim Fleming, Union City, CA
  • 809. Karen Athey-bradley, San Mateo, CA
  • 808. Ninuyi Cajarnpai, San Francisco, CA
  • 807. Mellisa Xayaphet
  • 806. Billy Xaymountry
  • 805. Xuan Vo, San Francisco, CA
  • 804. Brian Trofier, Coronado, CA
  • 803. Yvonne Barker, San Diego, CA
  • 802. Yogish Patel, South San Francisco, CA
  • 801. Dustin Phromphauh
    “No Wars!”
  • 800. Amy Sayasare, San Diego, CA
  • 799. James Chen
  • 798. Yumiko Yokoi
  • 797. Zarni Tun, Alivso, CA
  • 796. Karl Gindgborgor
    “Get through bombs”
  • 795. Zelda Coleman, Richmond, CA
  • 794. Zak Phongboupha
  • 793. Jose Franco, San Diego, CA
  • 792. Derrick Vista, San Francisco, CA
  • 791. Brad Cohen, San Francisco, CA
  • 790. Sandra Sihakoun, San Diego, CA
  • 789. Mary Dorsey-evans, San Diego, CA
  • 788. Steven Phothirath, San Diego, CA
  • 787. Desiree Dicon
  • 786. Robert S. Wilson
    “Time to stop this use.”
  • 785. Somphone Khamphrath, Tracy, CA
  • 784. Vern Suvony
  • 783. Phillip Shu
  • 782. Janet Smith, San Francisco, CA
    “Stop the pain and deception!”
  • 781. Malina Donengboytha
  • 780. Judy Hansen Hansen
  • 779. Quthone Phettayphong
  • 778. Thiem Senekeo, San Diego, CA
  • 777. Vincent Saephan, Oakland, CA
  • 776. Edward James
  • 775. Baldnin Baldwin
  • 774. Asaya Barros, Hollister, CA
  • 773. Nina Keeter
  • 772. Lyda Katiya
  • 771. Nancy Voravong
  • 770. M. Eyhiavyklvt
  • 769. Andy Siriphongsavath
  • 768. Nora Taing, San Diego, CA
  • 767. Jessah Panaglas
  • 766. Lawan Conner, San Diego, CA
  • 765. Roy Mcdonald, Sacramento, CA
  • 764. Martha Anderson
  • 763. Sompoon Intr
  • 762. Sonkly Inthaxay
  • 761. Pimjal Jackson, San Diego, CA
  • 760. Ernest Smith
    “Should have been done years ago.”
  • 759. Sandy Khiv, San Berdo, CA
  • 758. Yeng Moua, Fresno, CA
  • 757. Somphane Chandara, San Diego, CA
  • 756. Ron Fisher
    “With love”
  • 755. Vanthong Sithiphong
  • 754. Roger Kat
  • 753. Sovan Inthavong, San Pablo, CA
  • 752. Malayphet Insixiengmay, Oakland, CA
  • 751. Kevin Inprasuen
  • 750. Rog Kat
  • 749. Macivone Pathammavong, San Jose, CA
  • 748. Nenh Soyivthsam
    “Remember the Bombs!”
  • 747. Nancy Saephan
  • 746. David Anderson
  • 745. Mary Allen
  • 744. Johanna Phu, San Francisco, CA
    “Peace should be a given right”
  • 743. Jayne Ogrodnik
  • 742. Charanie Normand, San Diego, CA
  • 741. Allen Vangsavuth
  • 740. Kevin Alexandr, San Francisco, CA
  • 739. Stefer Poznae
  • 738. Bonnie Lynn Craig
  • 737. James Bosch, Petaluma, CA
  • 736. Suni Bosch
  • 735. Mira Ota
  • 734. Johnny Souvannraj
  • 733. Gary Stenger, CA
  • 732. Peter Graube
  • 731. Dennis Phomthavong, San Diego, CA
  • 730. Aheeday Phomthavong, San Diego, CA
  • 729. Souk Phomsavanh, San Diego, CA
  • 728. Gail Sword
  • 727. Napa Nambounmy
  • 726. Noy Latsamythong, San Diego, CA
  • 725. Annie Lam, San Diego, CA
  • 724. Jacqueline Jensen
  • 723. Kevin Mankoune
  • 722. Thanopa Singthope
  • 721. Paul Daoheung
  • 720. Bill Lokenphone, Berkeley, CA
  • 719. Chris Litthachax, San Diego, CA
  • 718. Laura Phengshini, Rohnert, CA
  • 717. Daniel Sutton, Sacramento, CA
  • 716. Aleena Heng
  • 715. Leth Senekeo, San Diego, CA
  • 714. Ekachaj Phonthongtin
  • 713. Khamboune Phravanh
  • 712. Christian Mikel, Lemon Grove, CA
  • 711. Andre Thepkaysan
  • 710. Jake Stead, Alameda, CA
  • 709. Naomi J Rapport
  • 708. Bouavanh Saynorath, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 707. Aorelia Lopez, San Diego, CA
  • 706. Chan Siphavong
  • 705. Catherine Mahler, Napa, CA
  • 704. Paulyna Nettavong
    “Take them OUT!”
  • 703. Jazzmine Nguyen
  • 702. Kam Manyseng
  • 701. Frederick Rohns, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 700. Souvannarath Chindawomghy
  • 699. Mona Saychien, Orange, CA
  • 698. James Martin, San Francisco, CA
  • 697. Mega Bauer, Henrico, NC
  • 696. Nalee Sampalan
  • 695. Nham Nsisienmay
  • 694. Chauhassen Nhongmay
  • 693. Kelly Nouvong
  • 692. R.n. Mister
  • 691. Suzanne Luauguiseth
  • 690. R.n. Misrer
  • 689. Sinakeo Khangsengsing, Concord, CA
  • 688. Dary Portades, San Diego, CA
  • 687. Norman Vongphosy, Fairfield, CA
  • 686. Nguyen Nguyen
  • 685. Shaina Lopez, Mesa, AZ
  • 684. Tri Lee, San Diego, CA
  • 683. Jimmy Lee
  • 682. Sy Phichith
  • 681. Meng Lin
  • 680. Charles O'neill
  • 679. Olivia Xayaphet
  • 678. Boon Onn, San Diego, CA
  • 677. Viengxau Moungkhit, San Diego, CA
  • 676. Kham Naovarangsy, Lemon Grove, CA
  • 675. Boula Phomthavong, San Diego, CA
  • 674. Andreas Reinwald
  • 673. Robyn Yang
  • 672. Wendy Chong
  • 671. Vone Phromphanh, San Diego, CA
  • 670. Johnny C.
  • 669. Ketmala Altadena Phimmasone, San Diego, CA
  • 668. Aling Philavrng
  • 667. M.a. Allen
  • 666. David Wright
  • 665. Micheal Perkins, San Francisco, CA
    “I have met people blown apart by bombs.”
  • 664. Harry Parisen
    “DO THIS!”
  • 663. Phetsmay Lindsay
  • 662. Will Lonie, Fairfield, CA
  • 661. Denny Phonmavhwm, Oakland, CA
  • 660. Sadd Hussen, San Francisco, CA
  • 659. Tammy Radmer, San Francisco, CA
  • 658. Somdeth Chanthapathet
  • 657. Santi Soumpholphakdy
  • 656. Jack Care, San Francisco, CA
  • 655. Arnovluck B. Bounthapanya
  • 654. Boonmy Insisienmay
  • 653. Jiun Sah, South San Francisco, CA
  • 652. Phomthavong Phomthavong, Oceanside , CA
  • 651. Chris Thaodara
  • 650. Michelle Mixay
  • 649. Erica Luangrath, San Diego, CA
  • 648. Souriya Chanthanasall
  • 647. Emily Chanphenxi, San Jose, CA
  • 646. Ana Jaiali
  • 645. Ann Powers, San Carlos, CA
    “We put them there we should take them out.”
  • 644. Anongxay Khampaseut, San Leandro, CA
  • 643. Annie Ma
  • 642. Anola Saycocie, San Diego, CA
  • 641. Thalim Say, San Diego, CA
  • 640. Todd Sauchiuri
  • 639. Kelly Saysombath
  • 638. Khamisy Siharath, Oceanside , CA
    “no, for our Safety”
  • 637. Tom Sabill
  • 636. Nai Saelee, Oakland, CA
  • 635. Vee Prasouro, San Diego, CA
  • 634. Vinai Pomsouvanh, Concord, CA
  • 633. Souksamlan Pophanthavong
  • 632. Arden Poole
    “It is about time!”
  • 631. Bai Phanhkomh
  • 630. Maros Akburak
    “Take the mines out!”
  • 629. Vilayvanh Phetsoumphou, San Pablo, CA
  • 628. Linda Paneinh, Oakland, CA
  • 627. Vicki Frazier, San Diego, CA
  • 626. Matt Phelps Kohis, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 625. Chanthara Phrachichith, San Pablo, CA
  • 624. Tuh Keomany, Moreno Valley, CA
  • 623. Shirley Salanio, Oakland, CA
  • 622. Susan Langdan
  • 621. Sakhan Yin, San Diego, CA
  • 620. Southisa Phetsayabouth
  • 619. Arsen Sarapinian
  • 618. Voy Dorman, Eureka, CA
  • 617. Lisa Phetsany
  • 616. Aimee Moua, Fresno, CA
  • 615. Alexandra Kotcheff, San Francisco, CA
  • 614. Thai Chittavong, San Diego, CA
  • 613. Deng Chansomphou, Merced, CA
  • 612. Christine Huynh
  • 611. Kenz Joyce
  • 610. Sone Sayavong
  • 609. Bac Le, Milpitas, CA
  • 608. Frank Galindo
  • 607. Alan Martn
  • 606. Sone Somvilay
  • 605. Kathy Douangsanith
  • 604. Singvilay Singvilay, San Diego, CA
  • 603. Amy Fleming, Union City, CA
  • 602. Peter Ting, San Jose, CA
  • 601. David Rogers, San Francisco, CA
    “Our responsibilities don't end at cessation of fighting”
  • 600. Richard Foust, San Francisco, CA
  • 599. Alex Lim
  • 598. Ken Farrell
  • 597. Joseph Phouthavong
  • 596. Yevstiu Heuiby
  • 595. Jason Satterfield
  • 594. Starlu Lau
  • 593. David Khatiyavong, San Diego, CA
    “Good to clean up and it's about time.”
  • 592. Kelly Hines, San Francisco, CA
  • 591. Gregory Swanton, San Francisco, CA
  • 590. Vanith Sang Bounasy, Modesto, CA
  • 589. Pete Khamphoumy, San Diego, CA
  • 588. Noah Akburah, Chula Vista, CA
    “It is shame of U.S.A.”
  • 587. Amanda Vongkhamchanh, Centralen, WA
  • 586. Mark Cortez, San Francisco, CA
  • 585. Mrs. Somuidhith
  • 584. Zoe Mickelson, Mesa, AZ
  • 583. Evlon Zum
  • 582. Steve Cummings, San Francisco, CA
  • 581. Jamie Bounsavath, San Diego, CA
  • 580. Xaymanty Phanim
  • 579. Roht Woods, La Mesa, CA
  • 578. Anthony Wuestefeks, Burlingame, CA
  • 577. Nancy Siphongsay
  • 576. James Hayaes
  • 575. Mike Siharath, Oakland, CA
  • 574. Bouadeng Siharath
    “I need to remove unexploded bombs.”
  • 573. Sam Heuandala, San Diego, CA
  • 572. Mounn Seng, San Diego, CA
  • 571. Tom Mountain
  • 570. Melissa Roska, San Francisco, CA
  • 569. Kac Nakhonthas, San Diego, CA
  • 568. Kif Vicaiseuh
  • 567. Kitta Kora Thiphanep
  • 566. Kim Soukkhyphiangkeo, Escondido, CA
  • 565. Savatz Mieherzls
  • 564. Blison Syouthoum
  • 563. Chansouk Mitchell, Kneeland, CA
  • 562. Rin Buth, Akron, OH
  • 561. Cathy Kornblith
  • 560. Kyle Griltiths
  • 559. Gerard Radro
  • 558. Marie Mitchell
  • 557. Kouprabriswa Abhay, El Sobrante, CA
  • 556. Jared Mahong
  • 555. Jason Huber, El Cajon, CA
  • 554. Narranonh Sivily
  • 553. Ghee Khamvongsouk, MPLS, MN
  • 552. Thomas Hobby
    “Right on, remove all ordinances”
  • 551. Vimonh Soumphonphakdy, Oceanside, CA
  • 550. Linda Intharon
  • 549. Pom Tay, Santa Rosa, CA
    “Please move all the bomb, this is my homeland.”
  • 548. Kunnika Piphihirunkarn, Whittier, CA
  • 547. Khauiphanh Luauguiseth
  • 546. Bounehanh Phanousith
  • 545. Betsy Xaykosy, San Francisco, CA
  • 544. Seng Mahathong, Newark, CA
  • 543. Tan Ta
  • 542. Bill Draper
  • 541. Verlya James
  • 540. Ron Fishev
  • 539. Jonathan (joe) Manichanh
  • 538. Sunny Chanhdara, Petaluma, CA
  • 537. Tou Kok
  • 536. Sengreo Lackkathy
  • 535. Tiffany Kudla, Rohnert Park, CA
  • 534. Richie Hu, Hemet, CA
  • 533. Alison Saelee
    “Please act now!”
  • 532. Henry H. Saycoce
  • 531. Boua Saelinh, San Francisco, CA
  • 530. Celina Chanthadith
  • 529. Jody Xayaphet, San Diego, CA
  • 528. Amy T. Arat
  • 527. Jack Frost
  • 526. Tony Sorm, San Diego, CA
  • 525. Flalai Flalai, San Diego, CA
  • 524. David Senglothnam
  • 523. Oudom Lackkaty
  • 522. Elsa Avalos
  • 521. Celina Chanthadeth
  • 520. Robert Melton, San Francisco, CA
  • 519. Tommy Boonkent, Pinole, CA
  • 518. Gary A. Marcus
  • 517. Chanpen Kheokao, San Diego, CA
  • 516. Sonephet Phanousith
  • 515. Manh Chiem, Kirkland, WA
  • 514. Kelly Sayaeneth, San Diego, CA
  • 513. Kandy Tran
  • 512. Michael Billings, Imperial Beach, CA
  • 511. Daisy Phb Phb
  • 510. John Phonsurin, Fresno, CA
  • 509. Verlyn James, San Francisco, CA
  • 508. Chansouk Mithell
  • 507. James Selitham, Richmond, CA
  • 506. Ulisiu A. Sarnegnaga
  • 505. Bonran Khiv, San Berdo, CA
  • 504. Victor Xay, San Jose, CA
  • 503. Air Chomg, Fresno, CA
  • 502. Sim Sithiphone, San Jose, CA
  • 501. John Mitchell
  • 500. Gery Yang, San Diego, CA
  • 499. Kevin Keoriphom
  • 498. Phouxay Thunamahavay, Anitoch, CA
  • 497. Maly Sphabmixay
  • 496. Johnson Sripukdee, Oakley, CA
  • 495. Kemazon Vongsombat, San Diego, CA
  • 494. Omee Siosouplionli, Novato, CA
  • 493. Samone Inthavong, Oakland, CA
  • 492. Mark Baldwin
    “Stop the bombing.”
  • 491. Katy Bouachom
  • 490. Jennie Mollie
    “I lived as a volunteer in Laos for 2 years and witnessed the on-going danger brought about by the cluster munition there.”
  • 489. Amanda Whheag, San Diego, CA
  • 488. Sinthalone/bommy Vaylee
  • 487. Shau Gross
  • 486. Mouane Sengmany, Oakland, CA
  • 485. Rita Philavanh
  • 484. Van Sipanya, Sacramento, CA
  • 483. Martin Barun
  • 482. Judy Vong, Yuba, CA
  • 481. Savad Vongphakdy
  • 480. Yok-moui Sinn
  • 479. Jim Willson
  • 478. Pham Sommlith, San Diego, CA
  • 477. Steve Bounphamaly, San Diego, CA
    “Good time, clean now”
  • 476. Thamapa Simpharth
  • 475. Jemiah Khoonshivong
  • 474. Lah Orveng, Stockton, CA
  • 473. Nol Vannsay
  • 472. James Vanghn
  • 471. Tonysikhamsay Sikhamsay
  • 470. Bruce Sihavonh, Newport Beach, CA
  • 469. Robert Justice
  • 468. Luisa Zanoth , San Francisco, CA
  • 467. Lakonsy Khamphoumy, San Diego, CA
  • 466. John Phatsouphou, Rohnert Park, CA
  • 465. Molliii Khangsengsing
  • 464. Chuck Vongvanith
  • 463. Deborah Martin
  • 462. Naholus Teiluly
    “April 11, 2009 Please Help Us!”
  • 461. Alen Saelee
  • 460. Mary Moua, Fresno, CA
  • 459. Sahattaya Xayavong, San Diego, CA
  • 458. Nicole Chongchareun, Fresno, CA
  • 457. Nong Keomanivong, San Diego, CA
  • 456. Detnarong Nuansri, San Diego, CA
  • 455. Kevin Keoviphone, Alameda, CA
  • 454. Pat Thamakaue
  • 453. Laudrance Messiek, Vista, CA
  • 452. Joo Umb??, CA
  • 451. Martin Barros, Hollister, CA
    “Long past time to take responsibility.”
  • 450. Beatrice Fernandez, Chula Vista, CA
    “Let no other person sufffer.”
  • 449. Athivut Aunpanthong, San Francisco, CA
  • 448. Walter Griltiths
  • 447. Anita Xayasomloth
  • 446. Annie Hwang
  • 445. Nicole Friedland, San Francisco, CA
  • 444. Phovseuth Phetsinoraj, Windsor , CA
  • 443. Kris Abhay
  • 442. Hulk Philavong
  • 441. Timonthy Evans, San Diego, CA
  • 440. Jirome Edward
  • 439. Tammy Radiner
  • 438. Cristian Espinosa, Imperial Beach, CA
  • 437. Matt Gagliardi, San Diego, CA
  • 436. Marilyn Cornell
  • 435. Joe Souvannalat, Oakland, CA
  • 434. Von Sononoi
  • 433. June Richard
  • 432. Doua Xiong
  • 431. Runnian Shzn, San Francisco, CA
  • 430. Rino Mitsuya, San Marcos, CA
    “I think everyone support that!”
  • 429. Bouasai Chanphenxai
  • 428. Xuev Yang, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 427. Smrlaine Sheilaine
  • 426. Angero Miranda
  • 425. Lesley Boutah
  • 424. Brod Cohen
  • 423. Clarence
  • 422. Leon Schmipdt, San Francisco, CA
  • 421. Savannah Carnillo, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 420. D. White
  • 419. Chyna Nosavanh, Escondido, CA
  • 418. Aaron Yoder, San Francisco, CA
  • 417. Sari Gross
    “Use US money for something beneficial!”
  • 416. Anne Cawley, Santa Cruz, CA
  • 415. David Ponago
  • 414. Yuki Yamaguchi, Mountain View, CA
  • 413. Xue Yang
  • 412. B Chanphenxai
  • 411. Seng
  • 410. Tina Sayavong, San Pablo, CA
  • 409. Hong Teheu, San Diego, CA
  • 408. Vongsharrath Soundara
  • 407. Thoy Sysourath, Fresno, CA
  • 406. Khamphay Sihakoun, San Diego, CA
  • 405. Mary Ann Sumoatha, San Marcos, CA
  • 404. Aida Teklu
  • 403. Darins Aliyn
  • 402. Am Simmerly, Modesto, CA
  • 401. Manivone Khemgsengsrg, Concord, CA
  • 400. Somxay Simuong, San Diego, CA
  • 399. Nigel Watts
  • 398. Melissa Keophithoun
  • 397. Vanessa Prachittham, Santa Rosa, CA
  • 396. Pat Thammakane, El Cajon, CA
  • 395. Sam Syhanath, San Diego, CA
  • 394. Kham Phimmasone, San Diego, CA
  • 393. Chris Bouttarath
  • 392. Mel Femeina, Benicia, CA
    “Remove the bombs!”
  • 391. Liz Cruger, Oakland, CA
  • 390. Ray Chan, Monticello, MN
    “What would jesus do?”
  • 389. Jonathan Khamphilanouxong, San Diego, CA
  • 388. Robert Wilson, San Francisco, CA
  • 387. Aynne Towle, San Francisco, CA
  • 386. Joe Suvannalat
  • 385. Jack Souphalitia, San Diego, CA
  • 384. Alan Martin, New York, NY
  • 383. Chansakdi Khamsourih, San Diego, CA
  • 382. Samphanh Soxayachanh, HIGH POINT, NC
  • 381. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 380. Carl Urness, Seattle, WA
  • 379. Anna Dilley, Lafayette, LA
  • 378. David Gauger, Raymond, WA
  • 377. Jennifer Li, Aliso Viejo, CA
  • 376. Jessica Solberg, Minnetonka, MN
  • 375. Gao Nung Xiong, Saint Paul, MN
    “I would like to thank you for all your hard efforts. I presented this topic in an environmental justice course and informed all the students in class to sign the petition. I'm glad that you're getting the word out!”
  • 374. [Private], Marina Del Rey, CA
    “The United States and it citizens need to take responsibility for all the bombies that it has littered Laos with.”
  • 373. [Private], New York _City, NY
    “we should take responsibility for our past mistakes!”
  • 372. [Private], Buffalo, NY
  • 371. Olivia De Mars, Novato, CA
    “The United States should fully clean up Laos and apologize for devastating a peaceful country.”
  • 370. Issariyaphone Virasayachack, San Francisco, CA
  • 369. Melanie Semb, Auckland, AK
  • 368. Khonnie Lattasima, Sacramento, CA
    “And to think my brother was almost a victim a few years ago. Not only should these be completely disposed, there should never be anymore close calls.”
  • 367. Donald G. Woods, San Francisco, AZ
  • 366. Tracey Greene-dorsett, CHARLOTTE, NC
  • 365. [Private], Seattle, WA
  • 364. David Fife, Emeryville, CA
  • 363. Khamphoui Singvongsa, Chicago, IL
  • 362. Aphisith T Vilalay, Portland, OR
    “Sabaidee pee nong kon LAO's please becareful and post up danger zone signs!”
  • 361. Hilary Hatfield, Hanover, PA
    “Treating a peaceful country as a garbage dump for our munitions is a horrible act of cruelty. We can never replace arms and legs of the people of Laos, but as a nation we can insist that these munitions are safely removed and that the war in Vietnam will not continue to this day in the lives of the people of Laos....long after many of our citizens have forgetten it.”
  • 360. [Private], Fresno, CA
    “the united state support to remove all of the bombs and clusters that they left in laos, when the war is over. I got mad when i heard about this news on the internet.”
  • 359. [Private], Redmond, WA
  • 358. Valerie Molly Phoutmaly Chanthaphonh, Murrieta, CA
    “Please help your friends and family in Laos.”
  • 357. Bounthavy Nonginthirath, Minneapolis, MN
    “Hope more countries will fund or help Laos to move all those bombs so the adults,children,animals....can be safe on those land.”
  • 356. [Private], Corona, CA
    “This makes me sad. I hope to go back home one day and have a chance to help some how.”
  • 355. Charmaine Schmidt, Melbourne - AUSTRALIA, AK
    “I cannot be there, i am so grateful that there are good people in this world that are prepared to do something to help.”
  • 354. Mary Gately, Providence, RI
    “The U.S. is responsible for the clean-up of the huge number of remaining bombs, which are killing and disabling people decades after conflict.”
  • 353. Somchit Duangpanya, Sisattanak, VT
    “Do your best to bring peaceful to Lao, and building our good relationship, Say Sorry and forgiveness to building peace for today and tomorrow.”
  • 352. Matthew Siegal, Kendal, England, AK
    “Having been in Laos for five months it is shocking at how little the average tourist knows of the devastation the American bombs have and are causing here. More work needs to be done.”
  • 351. Charlene Mano Shen, Seattle, WA
  • 350. Rebecca Wilson, Los Angeles, CA
  • 349. Elaine Nonneman, Seattle, WA
  • 348. Brittany Bisk, Princeton, MA
    “It is unacceptable that the US does not do more to remove the unexploded ordinance littering Laos as a result of their own bombing campaign. Laos is a small, poor country and the least the US can do is devote the funds to rectifying a situation they themselves created.”
  • 347. [Private], San Francisco, CA
    “We need to take responsibility for the damage we have caused in Laos. Our only option is to clear the contaminated land for the health and safety of the Laotian people.”
  • 346. Thip Chinthalasy, Rochester, NV
    “This secret war traumatized my entire life's living time and all Lao people for many generations”
  • 345. Alison Day, Seattle, WA
  • 344. Danilanh Latnhotha, Brooklyn, NY
  • 343. Bob Eaton, Takoma Park, MD
  • 342. Sompasong Keohavong, Seattle, WA
    “Humanitarian aid makes sense.”
  • 341. April E Clough, Seattle, WA
  • 340. Chanhthajone Douangvilay, Boston, MA
    “Please help out my fellow people of Laos.”
  • 339. Tsoua Vang, Duluth, MN
  • 338. [Private], Portland, OR
  • 337. [Private], Portland, OR
  • 336. [Private], Portland, OR
    “For Humanity, and Laos is the poorest country in SE Asian that many countries has been ignoraing Laos. How much suffering and the necessity in life , Laotian, and Laotian children needs in generation to come.”
  • 335. [Private], Rochester, NY
    “For Humanity, and Laos is the poorest country in SE Asian that many countries has been ignoraing Laos. How much suffering and the necessity in life , Laotian, and Laotian children needs in generation to come.”
  • 334. Matthew Antaya, Los Angeles, CA
  • 333. Rebecca Friedel, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • 332. Geoffrey Hutchinson, Pond Eddy, NY
    “I have several images on my website which document the effects of unexploded bombs in Laos: Please feel free to share them.”
  • 331. Jenny, Seattle, WA
  • 330. Tommee Sherwood, Overbrook, KS
    “I am the younger brother of a deceased Vietnam war vet. We need to more to halt the continued killing and maiming from that war.”
  • 329. [Private], Cambridge, MA
    “Please increase the funding to remove these bombs from Laos. Current and future innocent lives, especially those of children, should not have to pay as a result of the actions of our past conflicts. Moving forward on a morally sound and ethically right direction is important, if not for our national diplomacy than for the sake of all children.”
  • 328. Aie Luangphisay, Watauga, TX
  • 327. Choeck Vanhaneth, Traivs AFB, CA
    “Lets help our friends, and family in Laos.”
  • 326. [Private], Las Vegas, NV
  • 325. [Private], Oklahoma City, OK
  • 324. Lyne, Monterey Park, CA
    “Children are the future of the country.”
  • 323. Alberto Distefano, Wallingford, CT
  • 322. Samorn Selim, Berkeley, CA
  • 321. Settha Litthisack, Providence, RI
  • 320. Nancy Stevens, Dracut, MA
  • 319. Selwyn Yeh, Los Angeles, CA
  • 318. Sambo, Paris, TX
    “Laos is beautiful country. i went to visit 2 years ago. i love it. and i will go back again.”
  • 317. Molly Harat, Fort Worth, TX
  • 316. Rajsavong, Chateauroux, AK
  • 315. [Private], Haltom City, TX
  • 314. Hugo, Anaheim, CA
    “Your signature is very useful and important.thanks”
  • 313. Bob, Garden Grove, CA
  • 312. [Private], North Richland Hills, TX
  • 311. John Khioukhom, Franklin, NC
  • 310. David K. Pareigis, Plano, TX
    “The son of a Vietnam Vet, I believe it is time help heal the nation of Laos from these weapons. I do not condemn my country for the use of these ordinates during the war, but let’s help and do the right thing.”
  • 309. Samlong Manyloun, Atlanta, GA
  • 308. [Private], Fitchburg, MA
  • 307. [Private], Stafford Springs, CT
  • 306. Stacy Pang, Singapore, AK
  • 305. [Private], Rocky Hill, CT
  • 304. Erick Colbert, Murphy, TX
  • 303. [Private], Royse City, TX
  • 302. Cynthia Vanna, Lowell, MA
  • 301. Nicholas Tran, Dallas, TX
  • 300. [Private], Santa Ana, CA
  • 299. Fay Yeh Pareigis, Plano, TX
  • 298. Carissa Chanthavong, Tolland, CT
  • 297. Anousith Bouaaphone, Auckland, AK
  • 296. [Private], East Hartford, CT
  • 295. Kenneth F. Secol, Wallingford, AK
  • 294. Mim Syharat-long, NEW BRITAIN, CT
    “I'm glad that someone has finally spoken about this and is taking the initative. Laos is such a beautiful country, and the people are very nice and passive that sometimes they are forgotten and taken advantage off. It's nice to see that others do care!”
  • 293. Alan Graham, Hamden, CT
    “It's past time for the US government to take responsibility for it's actions. Please write you Congressperson and the President and demand an immediate remedy!”
  • 292. Boualoy Ounthongdy, New Britain, CT
  • 291. Ross Distefano, Rocky Hill, CT
  • 290. Boualinh Meach, New Britain, CT
  • 289. [Private], East Hartford, CT
  • 288. Sathaphone Distefano, Rocky Hill, CT
  • 287. Saengthong Manivanh, Clackamas, OR
  • 286. John Lai, PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL
  • 285. [Private], Fresno , CA
  • 284. [Private], Bayonne, NJ
  • 283. Morel, France, AK
  • 282. Ketsamaly Sisoukpanthong, Portland, OR
  • 281. [Private], Portland, OR
  • 280. Kenneth Humpherys, San Diego, CA
  • 279. Ryan Mickelson, Portland, OR
  • 278. Mindy Alvarado, Portland, OR
  • 277. Karen Keomuangtai, Vancouver , WA
  • 276. Paula, Jonesboro, GA
  • 275. M Todd Gilbert, Sacramento, CA
    “We must help these people.”
  • 274. Bette Cooper, Moraga, CA
  • 273. [Private], Faiport, NY
    ““It has been 4 decades, but it is not too to save lives and livelihood””
  • 272. Saysongkham, Marles Les Mines, AK
  • 271. [Private], Portland, OR
    “It's been over 40 years, the time to take care of these bombs is now!”
  • 270. [Private], Fresno, CA
  • 269. Bonnie Bowman, El Cajon, CA
    “It is time to make whole what we contributed to breaking apart.”
  • 268. Cyndi Clagg, San Diego, CA
  • 267. April Phomthavong, San Diego, CA
  • 266. Paige Sandberg, San Diego, CA
  • 265. Donnye Patterson, San Francisco, CA
  • 264. Josh Irvine, Corona, CA
  • 263. Timothy D Naughton, Sea, AK
  • 262. Jack Rattanavong, Bethesda, MD
  • 261. Brett Dakin, New York, NY
  • 260. [Private], Seattle, WA
    “I was in Laos during those years as IVS”
  • 259. [Private], Van Buren, AR
  • 258. Madalyn, Van Buren, AR
  • 257. [Private], ORTONVILLE, MI
  • 256. [Private], Fort Smith, AR
  • 255. [Private], Fayetteville, AR
    “I know that we are currently in a recession, but I hope that as we pull out of it and income increases in the US, that we will be able to give back a little bit to a country that was bombed to a point of recognition for being bombed.”
  • 254. [Private], Fresno, CA
  • 253. Outh Chanthaphanith, Dacula, GA
  • 252. Martin Coronado, Reseda, CA
    “The US needs to accept what they done and need to go and clean up their mess over there.”
  • 251. Elizabeth Vichathep, Athens, GA
    “Although i never been to Laos, the country still holds as my family's homeland. Which also makes it my home as well. It is indeed needed to be treated with respect.”
  • 250. Eric Eggerding, Holland, MI
  • 249. Soneya Vongphrachanh, Holland, MI
    “I am one (of many) natural-born children of war from Laos. You have my gratitude for your effortless dedication to eliminate one of many scars left from this wartime. THANK YOU!!! Hope to be back home someday!”
  • 248. [Private], Webster, NY
  • 247. Steven Solomon, West Hollywood, CA
  • 246. Cathleen Tinder, Vero Beach, FL
  • 245. Kathy Phouthirath, Portland, OR
  • 244. Channbunmorl Sou, Portland, OR
    “Why are most often than not the innocent are always the victims...”
  • 243. Souksakhone, Portland, OR
  • 242. Suzanne Duncan, Atlanta, GA
  • 241. Chanthara Chanthavong, Norcross, GA
    “Please handle this situation.”
  • 240. Bo Han, La Vergne, TN
  • 239. Liane Inthavong, Modesto, CA
  • 238. Pravongviengkham Khamphanh, PARIS - FRANCE, AK
  • 237. Koua Xiong, Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 236. [Private], Antioch, TN
  • 235. S. Somphonphakdy, Snellville,GA, GA
    “Those bombs are very dangerous and need to be remove asap. Also, some times some animals step on the bombs. Laos is my home land and we are deeply affected by it.”
  • 234. Keo Phasouk, Rockford, IL
  • 233. S. Kenson, Snellville,GA, GA
  • 232. Maria Kristina Smith, Klaksvík, AK
  • 231. Fr Donald Mackinnon, Berkeley, CA
    “For nearly 20 years I've been pastor to Laotian people in Oakland diocese and appreciate this effort to remove the ordinance.”
  • 230. Richard Kane, Gateshead, AK
  • 229. Ratsamy Phouthirath, Portland, OR
  • 228. Anna Phichith, Rochester, NY
  • 227. Kham Phasouk, Rockford, IL
  • 226. Phitsamay Uy, Boston, MA
  • 225. Noi Virabouth, San Diego, CA
  • 224. Fabian Derozario, Lawrenceville , GA
  • 223. Ken K, Charlotte, NC
    “save a life”
  • 222. Phounpadith Sayasith, FRANCE, AK
    “Life must go on peacely the best that we can and we have to help each other .”
  • 221. [Private], New Orleans, LA
  • 220. To Phouvone, Pontiac, MI
    “Please increase funding to remove cluster bomb from Laos.”
  • 219. Connie Yangnouvong, Lawrenceville, GA
  • 218. Sou Khaikham, Sugar Hill, GA
    ““Please! Help them.””
  • 217. Vikki Taysavang, Norcross, GA
  • 216. Mali Tanovan Chanthakhoun, Beaverton, OR
  • 215. Anne Phongsavath, Ellenwood, GA
  • 214. Ann Rithmyxay, GA
  • 213. Lilac Inthavong, Spencerport, NY
  • 212. Lamthong Mounpha, Toronto, NY
  • 211. Chris Soutavong, Portland, OR
  • 210. Jen Soutavong, Portland, OR
  • 209. Dori Shimoda, Weehawken, NJ
  • 208. Alyssa Darounie Phimmasone, Clackamas, OR
  • 207. Krisna Abhay, 77184 Emerainville, France, IL
  • 206. John Siphanh, Litttleton, MA
    “I'd love to see Laos become a peaceful country once and for all,freedom of travel and live with prosperity environment.”
  • 205. [Private], Vientiane, AK
    “Wished to see one day Lao farmers can expand paddy fields and work in forest without scaring from UXO.”
  • 204. [Private], Rochester, NY
    “sad, very sad to see this. please help them.”
  • 203. [Private], Austin, TX
  • 202. Tommy Welch, Nottingham, NH
    “im hoping this helps tayler”
  • 201. Phounpadith, FRANCE, AK
  • 200. [Private], Walnut Creek, CA, CA
  • 199. [Private], Berwick, ME
  • 198. Elizabeth Kemper, Palatine, IL
  • 197. Jesse Carlson, Nottingham, NH
    “Please! Help them.”
  • 196. [Private], Nottingham, NH
    “To my bestie Tayler, I hope this helps =)”
  • 195. Tayler Dang, MA
    “I'm definitely signing this because Laos is my home country and someone has to help this cause.”
  • 194. Khamsone Kenphila, Duluth, GA
  • 193. Lamphoune Taysavang, Hoschton, GA
  • 192. [Private], Villa Rica, GA
  • 191. [Private], Brooklyn Park, MN
  • 190. [Private], Northridge, CA
    “I would like to see the U.S.A. more involved with cleaning up the mess they left. Also I would like to see the U.S.A. sign the treaty to stop using cluster bombs forever.”
  • 189. Khambay Viengvilay, LAGUNA HILLS, CA
    “It is also the responsibility of U.S. to clean up what they left behind. To brush this problem aside is such a shame and a disregard for the lives of everyone who calls Laos their home.”
  • 188. Sinnakhone Vongsaphay, WA
  • 187. Heather Faris, Cambridge , MA
  • 186. [Private], Temecula , CA
  • 185. [Private], Minneapoli, MN
  • 184. Cookie Morey, Atlanta, GA
  • 183. Phet Haverkos, Elgin, IL
  • 182. Thavy Lim, Lowell, MA
  • 181. Thassany Pothikan, Antioch, TN
  • 180. Julie, Warwick, RI
  • 179. [Private], COCONUT CREEK, FL
  • 178. Phoumy Bounkeu, Pa-c, Phd, Seattle, WA
  • 177. Vandy Phengsykeo, Nashville, TN
    “Anything for a good cause!!!”
  • 176. Sean Sakprasit, Atlanta, GA
  • 175. Vinya Sysamouth, San Francisco, CA
    “People are still suffering in Laos. More fund is needed to get rid of America's bombing.”
  • 174. [Private], San Francisco, CA
  • 173. L. Matmanivong, Fort Worth, TX
  • 172. B. Vongxay, Fort Worth, TX
  • 171. Taylor Acker, St. Paul, MN
  • 170. Benna, Fresno, CA
  • 169. Inthava Luangsombath, Manitowoc, GA
  • 168. Jerilyn Vasquez, Sun City, CA
  • 167. Edgardo Tapawan, BREMERTON, WA
    “Make the land safe for future generations to not have to worry about where they walk. The soil should be safe for farming or future development. These munition should be collected and disposed of or used against terrorists not peaceful people. The US military could perform humanitarian aid at the same time as a training exercise at finding and defusing unexplored ordnance.”
  • 166. Phimvanh S., Montgomery, AL
  • 165. Ashley Bowersox, Grand Forks, ND
  • 164. Chomchay Mukai, Los Angeles, CA
  • 163. Veronica Liu, New York, NY
  • 162. Sadiqua W. Davis, Montgomery, AL
    “I hope this works.”
  • 161. [Private], Montgomery, AL
  • 160. [Private], Montgomery, AL
  • 159. Vincent Ko Bounphouansy, Montgomery, AL
    “The U.S government needs to clean up its mess and restore our country.”
  • 158. Joe, Los Angeles, CA
    “I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, this is the least we can do. The lies are over, Nixon and the Bushes are gone. Peace”
  • 157. [Private], AK
  • 156. [Private], Fresno, CA
  • 155. Amorette Yang, Washington, DC
  • 154. Gerald Yeung, White Plains, NY
  • 153. [Private], Claremont, CA
  • 152. Ron Spataro, Dallas, TX
    “We need to clean up our mess and leave it (at least the landscape) as we found it. Even the Boy Scouts do this! NO MORE SUFFERING.”
  • 151. Latdaly Sinouthasy, Cranston, RI
  • 150. Bangoun Bonnie Ly, Castro Valley, CA
  • 149. Sirivanh Sinantha, Bonney Lake, WA
  • 148. Michael Nola, Claremont, CA
    “Another harvest of shame for the U.S.A.”
  • 147. [Private], White Plains, NY
  • 146. [Private], Sacramento, CA
  • 145. Amittai Aviram, New Haven, CT
  • 144. Bunloeurng Lek, Antelope, CA
    “Let's help change Laos from being "most bombed" to "most un-detonated bombs removed"”
  • 143. Chanthanom Phouangphet, Suwanee, GA
    “I sign this petition to remove bombs from Laos”
  • 142. Daisy Blanco-la'telle, Reseda, CA
    “i believe that it's not fair to leave the bombs on this poor country. Those bombs are killing innocents lives in Laos. Clean it up NOW. We all deserve to live no matter what it's not FAIR do something about it NOW!”
  • 141. Rosanna Orozco, Resdeda, CA
    “We must clean up our mess in Laos. This injustice is horrendous. America needs to take responsibility for harms done to innocent civilians!”
  • 140. Malaiky Norasene, Fresno, CA
  • 139. Bangbay Siboliban, Los Angeles, CA
  • 138. Linna Phaengsisomboune, Fresno, CA
  • 137. Chanthachone, Milwaukee, WI
    “They definitely need to clean it up. There's too many poor kids falling to victims to the bombs everyday. This is so very sad. I miss my homeland. ;o(”
  • 136. Cynthia Brothers, New York, NY
  • 135. [Private], Washington, DC
  • 134. Panhia Moua, Berkeley, CA
  • 133. Oliver Smith, Decatur, GA
  • 132. Mai Yer Yang, Berkeley, CA
  • 131. [Private], Monterey Park, California
  • 130. Oscar Santaella, New York, NY
  • 129. Steve Ngo, San Francisco, CA
  • 128. Martha Saudek, Pomona, CA
  • 127. Sadachanh, Bellevue, WA
    “Gotta do it!”
  • 126. N.douangpraseuth, Alpharetta, GA
  • 125. Touk Sinantha, Bellevue, WA
    “This seems like a no brainer to me!”
  • 124. [Private], Pearl River, NY
    “It’s heartbreaking to see so many innocent people being killed!”
  • 123. Margaret Mathies, Claremont, CA
    “YES WE CAN make amends for some of the destruction our country has caused in the past. Removal of cluster bombs in Laos should be a no-brainer.”
  • 122. Nor Sanavongsay, Huntley, IL
    “Save the children.”
  • 121. Diane Butler, Glendora, CA
  • 120. Laura Lo, Claremont, CA
    “It is morally imperative that we take responsibility for the destruction wrought on these innocent people.”
  • 119. Macy Huynh, Honolulu, HI
  • 118. Fawn Boutviseth, Atlanta, GA
  • 117. [Private], Claremont, CA
  • 116. Claire Beardsley, Claremont, CA
  • 115. Dave Thomas, Bellevue, WA
  • 114. Doris Roth, Victorville, CA
  • 113. Lois Harris, Claremont, California
    “This is horrifying and must be cleaned up, at any cost. Innocents are maimed and injured. Let's clean up our litter.”
  • 112. Miren Inake Martinez Fonseca, Glendora, Ca
  • 111. William Kane, Gateshead
  • 110. Blase Bonpane, Ph.d., Los Angeles, California
    “This kind of action is necessary if the environmental movement is to have any effect. War preparation, war production and war fighting is the greatest threat to our planet.”
  • 109. James Keith, Claremont, CA
  • 108. Ashly Woo, New York, NY
  • 107. Ray Amberg, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • 106. Phoua Vang, Davis, CA
  • 105. Avi Ivan, West Hollywood, ca
  • 104. Eric Stevens, Tarzana, CA
  • 103. Lorraine, Santa Fe, NM
  • 102. Betty Roberts, Berkeley, CA
  • 101. Song Vue, Davis, CA
    “No one deserves to be living in such impoverished communities amidst contaminated land. The U.S. needs to do something about these communities they've intruded and left behind.”
  • 100. Kia Lor, Sacramento, CA
  • 99. Cristy Holden, Arvada, Colorado
    “Shame on my country for the damage it has done and continues to do. Stop this offense, and make necessary reparations to Laos”
  • 98. Susan Missi Xiong, Davis, CA
  • 97. Mark Sloneker, San Francisco, CA
    “We've got to clean up our legacy and stop the killing.”
  • 96. [Private], Fletcher, NC
  • 95. John Ireland, Los Angeles, CA
  • 94. Gail Lando, Grantsburg, WI
    “Not only does the US have a responsibility to clean up the cluster bombs in Laos, the Israeli's need to clean up the cluster bombs in Gaza. All existing cluster bombs must be destroyed. May God show mercy.”
  • 93. Madelane Coale, Bothell, washington
  • 92. Diane Arceneaux, Grand Coteau, lA
  • 91. Katherine Paul, Portland, Maine
  • 90. Lee, Portland, Oregon
    “We must ban all future use of Cluster Bombs.”
  • 89. Lois And John, Portland, oregon
  • 88. Jay M. Perel, Reseda, California
    “For the children over in Laos the war still goes on. Let's clean up our mess. I am a Vietnam Vet who served in the Air Force during that time.”
  • 87. Irene, Berkeley, CA
  • 86. Bruce Belknap, APO, AE
  • 85. Minnie Ruffin
  • 84. Elizabeth Sarfaty, Malone, NY
    “War is never necessary or "Jesus" was a liar!”
  • 83. Mark Berus, Laveen, az
  • 82. Phi Nguyen, Berkeley, CA
    “We should never forget the atrocities committed and those left behind.”
  • 81. Cheryl Crist, Olympia, WA
    “Please ban cluster bombs and aid the victims. Respect the citizens of ALL countries. Thank you.”
  • 80. Claudia Wier, Ann Arbor, michigan
  • 79. Laney Bennett, Woodridge, Illinois
    “This US Government had NO RIGHT!!!! It was wrong and must be corrected to the best possible way for these innocent people. War is nothing but a money making profit for the Family Banking Cartels, and it is EVIL. NO MORE WAR!”
  • 78. James Mcmillin, Louisville, KY
    “Not only should these be cleared from the land, but from production as well.”
  • 77. Muttika Chaturabul, Berkeley, ca
    “Justice NOW!”
  • 76. Maggie, Tucson, Arizona
  • 75. James Dicenzo-alonzo, Buffalo, New York
  • 74. [Private], Rochester, MN
    “Thank you. I am ashamed of what my country has done, not only in the wanton use of the bombs so long ago but in their total abandonment of the people of Laos to suffer such a plight for so long, and still our government refuses to ban them. I am working to change that.”
  • 73. Veronica Canilao, Berkeley, CA
  • 72. Sharon Perry, Cherryfield, Maine
  • 71. Larry Bach, San Jose, Ca
    “Do the right thing.”
  • 70. Karen Takemoto, Farmington, AR
    “This is the only right thing to do for these innocent people.”
  • 69. Bunny Daubner, Bristol, VT
    “Do whatever is necessary to end this horror!!! NOW!!!”
  • 68. Harry Burmester, Gilroy, CA
  • 67. David Markel, Niles, MI
  • 66. Angela Nielsen, Newton Highlands, Ma
  • 65. Ray Trozzo, Fort Myers, fl
  • 64. [Private], Cary,, NC
  • 63. Karen Berglund, Waltham, MA
  • 62. Joy Ezell, Perry, FL
  • 61. Trista Vick, Bozeman, Montana
  • 60. Kao Lee Vang, Davis, CA
  • 59. Thomas Baxter, Tallahassee, Florida
    “The way it is going the bombs I helped deliver 40 years ago will be killing children, when your grandchildren are buried by their grandchildren.”
  • 58. Mary Ann Brown, Littleton, CO
    “In the name of God, stop this vicious atrocity.”
  • 57. Ann Schepper, Bloomington, IN
  • 56. [Private], Oakland, CA
    “I want my tax dollars to give life rather than bring death ... in Laos and every other nation on this earth”
  • 55. Jim Desrocher, Alpena, Michigan
  • 54. John Gomolka, Brunswick Hills, Ohio
    “Being Christian and being a decent human being should be what our government is. And they should be responsible for their actions and the results of those actions.”
  • 53. Linda Howe, Belmont, MA
  • 52. John Lewis-dickerson, Smyrna, GA
  • 51. [Private], Holland, Michigan
  • 50. Sureyya Tuncel, Riverside, CA
  • 49. Robert John Cha, Sacramento, CA
  • 48. Mary K. Snyder, Hamden, CT
  • 47. Ger Xiong, Davis , CA
  • 46. Liz Arizona, Phx, Az
    “Ban All Cluster Munitions NOW”
  • 45. Roy James Koutsky, Palm Bay, Florida
    “We sure know how to make a mess......”
  • 44. Gail Jastremski, Staten Island, New York
  • 43. Brian Kermath, Fort Kent, Maine
  • 42. Joua Thao, Fresno, CA
  • 41. Doug Uhl, Bellingham, Wa.
  • 40. Ka Thao, Berkeley, CA
    “Keep this fight alive! Please let your families, friends and relatives know of this cause and sign this petition.”
  • 39. Ranney Moss, Sedona, az
  • 38. Paula Bard, Morrison, co
    “Time for action on this!”
  • 37. Joseph Steinberger, San Francisco, CA
  • 36. Sheila Balok, Valencia, CA
  • 35. Jean Scott, Huntsville, alabama
    “Please, please stop cluster bombs!”
  • 34. Noel Tucker, Hawthorne, California
  • 33. [Private], Mpls, MN
  • 32. [Private], Brooklyn, NY
  • 31. Khonsavanh Silivongxay, Mesa, AZ
  • 30. Kathy O'malley, Marlborough, MA
  • 29. Jack Silberman, Bowen Island, British Columbia
  • 28. Souk Vongkhamchanh, Suwanee, GA
  • 27. [Private], Sugar Hill, GA
  • 26. Kim Anh N. Anderson, Vista, CA
  • 25. Nenick Vu, Elk Grove, California
  • 24. Seng Vang, Richmond, CA
  • 23. Ann Garrison, San Francisco, CA
    “The Laotian people did nothing to deserve living in a mine field planted by the U.S. military.”
  • 22. [Private], Enumclaw, WA
  • 21. Linda Gehman Peachey, Lancaster, PA
    “It's time for the U.S. to take more responsibility for what it did to the Lao people through its bombing campaign - and contribute more to removing these bomblets and assisting the victims.”
  • 20. John Waiblinger, Los Angeles, CA
    “It is incredibly important that we take responsibility for the wreckage left behind by our country's actions during the Vietnam war. Let us assist the people of Laos to reclaim their land and the ability to live without the fear of setting off unexploded ordnance left there by our country. Thank you!”
  • 19. Jerry W. Marshall, Los Angeles, ca
  • 18. John Feffer, Hyattsville, MD
  • 17. Neil Lieberman, Los Angeles, CA
  • 16. Judge Edward Singleton, Los Angeles, California
  • 15. Busaba Sisounthone, Yuba City, California
    “I sympathize with the issues in Laos, even though I was not born there. The problems of UXO's in Laos is more of a humanitarian issue rather than just solely being about Laos, the birth place of my parents and many of my friends.”
  • 14. Anthony Arn, West Hollywood, CA
  • 13. Andrew Russell, New York, New York
  • 12. Jim Yogoda, Los Angeles, CA
    “Let's clean it up NOW !!”
  • 11. Susan Hammond, Chester, VT
  • 10. Titus Peachey, Lancaster, PA
    “If the Obamas found cluster bomblets in the White House garden, it would be cleared immediately. The good people of Laos deserve the same treatment.”
  • 9. Waldvogel, Bubikon, Zurich
    “I hope you can kill all this Bombs in Laos!”
  • 8. Scott Ferrell, Winnetka, ca
    “This atrocity is simply unacceptable. Something must be done about this. ACT NOW!”
  • 7. Viridiana Tapia, Sylmar, ca
    “Something must be done about this!!!!!!!!!! It's not fair”
  • 6. Boon Vong, Lawrenceville, GA
    “Laos has many unfortunate problems, and getting rid of UXO's in the countrysides and farmlands would go a long way in helping eradicate poverty.”
  • 5. Sam, Atlanta, GA
  • 4. Dao Malaythong, Atlanta,GA
  • 3. Bounthanh, Pickerington, Ohio. USA, Xiangkhouang Province
    “I am a bombing survivor. Cluster bombs have killed thousands of innocent civilians in Laos.”
  • 2. Nakhone Keodara, Los Angeles, CA
    “It is a moral imperative that the US increase funding for UXO removal in Laos in the FY2010 congressional budget. 40 years is Enough!”
  • 1. Channapha Khamvongsa, Washington, DC, Vientiane
    “Clear Laos of UXOs now!”