National Traveling Exhibition

The National Traveling Exhibition was featured at the San Diego Lao New Year Festival.

The National Traveling Exhibition features illustrations drawn in 1971 in Laos by the survivors of the U.S. bombing, archival and contemporary photographs, original recorded interviews and documentary films depicting the lives of those affected by the bombing and their impact on the Laotian diaspora. The full exhibit will include 30 original historic drawings, a narrated video of the drawings, a display of Laotian artifacts, a community healing arts project, a collection of oral histories from bombing survivors, contemporary photos of surviving victims from renowned photographer Phil Borges and interactive displays that show the dangers of unexploded cluster munitions. The exhibition will also have translations of written materials in Lao as well as audio translations in Hmong and Lao. A preview of the exhibit (with four original drawings) was held in Seattle from May to September 2006, and  in Tempe, AZ as part of the Second International Conference on Lao Studies in May 2007. The national premiere of the full exhibit was shown in Massachusetts (Boston/Cambridge, Lowell and Amherst) in September 2007.


The lingering effects of war transcend physical and geopolitical boundaries. Those who fled their homeland live a parallel life to those who remain on the war-torn land. Their sense of loss, suffering and eventual survival and transformation are an interconnected journey. Rooted in the power of history, healing and hope, Legacies of War was founded to connect the experiences of war and peace across communities, continents and generations.

The Legacies of War National Traveling Exhibition tells the story of a forgotten chapter in history through the voices of Laotian villagers and the diaspora at large.

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