Directed by Jack Silberman, 57 minutes

Bombies is an award-winning documentary which examines the problem of unexploded cluster bombs through the personal experiences of a remarkable international group of people whose lives have been forever changed by “bombies.” Set among a lush and magnificent landscape, this film provides a compelling example of how activism and outreach can improve the lives of people affected by war. Visit the film’s page at Bulldog Films and ITVS.

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“If you want to know what Afghanistan will be like in twenty years, watch Bombies. In a cohesive, well-documented approach, Bombies beautifully captures the history and effects of the U.S. carpet bombing in Laos…The fresh material, beautifully filmed, made us want to watch from start to finish again and again.”
— Jury Citation, San Francisco International Film Festival

Bombies is not soft entertainment. It shows interviews with angry, impoverished Laotian villagers. It follows a seemingly endless trail of brightly-colored unexploded bombs — a kind of perverse Easter egg hunt — in bamboo trees, school playgrounds, rice paddies, under houses, everywhere…There is a final message in Bombies…It is that the story of cluster bombs has been replicated across the globe…in Kuwait, Iraq, the Falklands, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Chechnya, and Kosovo. Today, the United States is also using them in Afghanistan.”
— Tamara Straus,