About This Blog

Diaspora map in the Legacies of War National Traveling Exhibition

Diaspora map featured in the Legacies of War National Traveling Exhibition traces the refugee experience of Laotian Americans.

This blog will chronicle the first trip to Laos by Legacies of War to learn about the local conditions of Laotian villagers affected by cluster bombs and the current infrastructure for bomb removal, education, victim assistance and economic development. Our goal is to strengthen the artistic and advocacy work of Legacies of War by establishing in-country partnerships with NGOs, government agencies and individuals.

There are 14 members in the Legacies of War delegation, including members of the national steering committee, consultants and volunteers who have their own personal stories about how they became involved with Legacies and this shared journey. It includes the man who helped to expose the U.S. secret war in Laos and Laotian Americans, who left as refugees over 30-years ago, to return for the first time on this trip.

We will share with you the people and places that make up the rich texture of this landlocked nation in Southeast Asia.