Mad Hot Vientiane

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Aug 21 2008

The meetings we have had with all the organizations in the heat and air of Vientiane, capitol city of Laos, have been most informative and full of critical and real issues around UXO and Laos. The history of war in this country continues to affect the livelihood of people throughout the country. It is staggering the amount of work it takes to bring education, awareness, prevention, assistance, removal and many other actions to light. The NGO’s and Lao government are all working hard with every effort of funds and people and resources that they have in hand to keep people living and safe from harm. The biggest thing I’ve gotten out of these meetings have been that the problems of UXO in Laos do not have easy solutions. It’s very complicated in many ways due to time, culture, history and present day needs. The people of Laos who are affected by the UXO’s are dependent on the land. Land is important. Without land we cannot survive. Simply put. How does one survive when one lives off the land? Polluted land? Land littered with UXO…many questions among many questions yet to be answered.