NGO’s Tapestry of Laos

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Aug 21 2008

As we met with different NGOs in Vientiane our first week in Laos, we started to see how each organization’s work complemented and supported one another like treads in a loom, creating a certain tapestry of Laos for us to contemplate. Similar patterns emerged; all were focused on sustainable, integrative models that train local capacity, and a comprehensive approach that seemed sure to do well. Some of these programs are: micro-financing, veterinary training for farm animals, children education, land clearance, enabling the disabled, data collection, and a new focus on psycho-social needs.

The NGOs presented similar information and yet all had a unique approach and we all left each visit with new pearls of wisdom. As we pack up tonight on our last night in Vientiane, I have to say that we have been privileged and very fortunate to have had our tour with the various NGOs here. They have provided a tapestry of Laos in which we will mull over and see how we can add our unique tread to this great design.