Kham Souk was in his 2nd year of high school when he picked up half a bombie, thinking it was a dud. He started carrying it to put it in a tree when it went off. Photo: Phil Borges

Nearly forty years after the end of the U.S. bombing in Laos, more than 100 Laotian villagers — 40 percent of them children — are killed or maimed every year by unexploded cluster bombs. About 80 million cluster bombs contaminate around one third of the land in Laos, posing a constant threat to the people and their economic security.

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Join thousands of others around the country who have expressed their outrage and sadness and have taken action to make a difference. Here is what some of our supporters have said:

“For the children over in Laos the war still goes on. Let’s clean up our mess. I am a Vietnam Vet who served in the Air Force during that time.” – Reseda, CA

“I sympathize with the issues in Laos, even though I was not born there. The problem of UXO’s in Laos is more of a humanitarian issue rather than just solely being about Laos, the birth place of my parents and many of my friends.” – Yuba City, CA



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