Thip Khao Talks

What is a Thip Khao Talk?

The purpose of the Thip Khao Talk Series is to open up more dialogue and spaces for discussion about topics and issues that impact Laotians and Americans due to the aftermath of the Secret War in Laos and the ongoing UXO issues.

Our supporters and communities engage virtually to convene and participate in these important conversations and keep our work going in solidarity with partners from different fields including: academia, art and culture, non-profit organizations, government, public policy, and health. 

Through these talks, we bring greater awareness to the UXO and other war legacies issues and individuals and communities impacted by the aftermath and remnants left from the Secret War.

Engagement numbers on our some of our Thip Khao Talks:

Thip Khao Talk #1 was centered around history, bringing together Honorable Senator Foung Hawj, Quyen Dinh of SEARAC, and Dr. Vinya Sysamouth of CLS, moderated by Legacies board member, Adam Thongsavat, to reflect on the 45th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War-era and discuss the challenges and successes of the Southeast Asian diaspora today.

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Thip Khao Talk #2 was focused on mental health and healing in the wake of the Vietnam War-era, featuring Dr. Phoukham Kelly Bounkeua, a Lao-American psychologist with a PhD in clinical psychology and more than 24 years experience in the mental health field providing psychotherapy, and moderated by Dr. Phitsamay Uy, Co-Director at the Center for Asian American Studies, SEADA at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.


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Thip Khao Talk #3, “Midsummer Memories with Titus Peachey,” was a conversation moderated by Kasey Chaleunsouk, a member of the Thip Khao Talk Task Force Team Member and Board Member Emeritus about Titus Peachey, retired Director of Peace Education for MCC U.S. and current Legacies of War Board Member, about his time in Laos when he and his wife Linda were the directors of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) aid program in Laos from 1980-1985. 


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Thip Khao Talk #4, entitled “Trailblazer,” was a conversation with Legacies of War Executive Director, Sera Koulabdara and Article 22’s co-founder, Elizabeth Suda, moderated by Legacies of War Board Member, Orathai Phommala, discussing what the new campaign “trailblazer” means to them and who the trailblazers in their lives are. Additionally, this Thip Khao Talk launched the official announcement of the partnership between Legacies of War and Article22 to create the “trailblazer” bracelet, which Legacies receives 20% of the proceeds from.


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