March 2013 News

Voices from Laos Tour in the National News

Thoummy and Manixia were in the U.S. less than 48 hours before sitting down with reporters from the Associated Press and the Boston Globe to tell their stories. Both spoke powerfully about their personal experiences with unexploded bombs in Laos and their motivation to work toward a future free of these deadly munitions. National press […]

Student Awarded for Presentation on Urgent Need for Bomb Removal in Laos

With approximately 80,000 million pieces of ordnance remaining in the ground in Laos, some may think that the task of bomb clearance is too big for everyday citizens to make a sizable difference. Jacob Putnam disagrees. A  sophomore at Goshen College in Indiana, Putnam believes that the seemingly small contributions of individuals can add up to big […]

Exciting Opportunity – Tour Videographer

Legacies of War ( was founded in 2004 to raise awareness about the history of the Vietnam War-era bombings of Laos, to advocate for the clearance of unexploded bombs, and to bring communities together to heal the wounds of war. The organization uses art, culture, education, and dialogue to create transformation out of the wreckage […]

Coming to America: New Videos from our Speakers!

As all of us at Legacies in DC and volunteers across the country are busy getting ready for the Voices from Laos Speakers Tour while halfway around the world  our speakers,  Manixia and Thoummy are getting ready to board flights and head to the United States for the first time. Check out the videos below where […]

Laos: Census of 20,000 Survivors of Bomb Accidents Shows Urgent Need for Assistance

The Laotian Association of People with Disabilities has released the results of a census of survivors of bomb accidents to alarming results. Leftover bombs from a secret war there four decades ago continue to claim lives and limbs. In the article excerpted below,  the author refer to “mines”. This is a translation error. Really the […]