Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of the tour is an opportunity to demonstrate commitment and support for the Lao UXO sector, and presents an opportunity to connect with a base of potential supporters across the West Coast and Midwest, in addition to New York and Washington, DC. Via our dedicated Voices from Laos website and blog, our active and vibrant Facebook wall, and our media outreach, the tour will provide an opportunity for nationwide recognition and exposure for all sponsors and supporters.

Options for Partnership on the Voices from Laos Tour

Organizations and businesses have multiple options for partnering with Legacies of War on the Voices from Laos tour as Sponsors and as Supporters. Sponsors provide financial or in-kind support to the tour, at varying levels. Supporters do not provide financial or in-kind support, but assist with marketing and outreach. For each sponsor level, you can choose to be a Tour Sponsor, dedicating your funding to the Voices from Laos tour, or a Trailblazer Sponsor. Trailblazer Sponsors donate to help Legacies build a solid foundation to continue our work beyond the tour and build a movement to create a bomb-free Laos.

Type of Partnership Commitment
Trailblazer sponsor Provide financial support for Legacies’ continued education and advocacy work
Tour Sponsor Provide financial or in-kind support for the Voices from Laos speakers tour.
Supporter Recruit audiences by promoting the tour to your members/followers via social media or in print.

The Voices from Laos speakers tour marks the 40th anniversary since the end of the bombing, and the 40th year that the people of Laos must endure the dangerous legacy of the Vietnam War. With your help, Legacies of War will strive make the next decade the one in which we bring lasting peace and safety to Laos. The Lao UXO sector is at a crossroads, and Legacies will make sure that current interest and momentum does not fade before the job of clearing Laos of UXO is done. We ask you to join us!

Click Here for Voices from Laos Sponsorship letter (PDF)