WHAT IS THE VOICES FROM LAOS SPEAKERS TOUR? The ‘Voices from Laos: Clearing Bombs, Protecting Lives Speakers Tour’ will create a space for dialogue on how individuals and communities are affected by Vietnam War-era unexploded ordnance in Laos, how the problem is being addressed in the country, and ways in which people in the U.S. can help to clear Laos of bombs, support survivors of accidents, and help to create a safer future for the people of Laos. WHAT ARE UXO? This acronym stands for unexploded ordnance, which are also referred to as unexploded bombs. UXO include  cluster bombs, landmines, mortars, and rockets.  HOW DO UXO IMPACT THE PEOPLE OF LAOS? During the Vietnam War era, more than two million tons of ordnance were dropped on Laos. An estimated 30 percent of the ordnance did not explode on impact, leaving at least one third of the land across all 17 provinces in the country contaminated. The government of Laos has determined that UXO contaminate 41 out of the 46 poorest districts in Laos and remain an obstacle for carrying out its national development plans. The threat of deadly UXO limits the ability of the people of Laos to cultivate enough land for food and to maintain secure livelihoods, exacerbating the current state of extreme poverty in the country. WHAT IS LEGACIES OF WAR? Legacies of War (www.legaciesofwar.org) is the only U.S.-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about the history of the U.S. Vietnam War-era bombings of Laos. Our mission is to:
  • Raise awareness about the history of the Vietnam War-era bombings of Laos
  • Advocate for the clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Provide space for healing the wounds of war
  • Create greater hope for a future of peace
Since its founding in 2004, the Legacies of War has been instrumental in advocating for greater U.S. financial assistance for unexploded ordnance removal in Laos.