News » April 2013 » The Oregonian Publishes Story on Legacy of War in Laos

The Oregonian Publishes Story on Legacy of War in Laos

Mike Francis of Portland newspaper, The Oregonian, spoke with the Voices from Laos: Clearing Bombs, Protecting Lives team on Monday. The article outlines the mission of the Tour as well as the impact of conflict upon the people of Laos.

Thoummey Silamphan is on his first trip to the United States for the “Voices from Laos” tour. He lost his hand when he was eight, when he was looking for bamboo shoots and encountered a bombie. The explosion took his hand and, he’s said, plunged him into depression. Only because of the support of his friends did he begin to regain a sense of hope, he said. He formed his own non-profit called the Quality of Life Association, which raises awareness and aids survivors of explosions. He said by phone from Fresno Friday that the Voices from Laos tour is “a great opportunity to let people know about” the situation in Laos.

Silamphan is joined on the tour by Manixia Thor, mother of a 2-year-old son who leads a team of women with the most dangerous jobs in the world — clearing unexploded ordnance.

“It is very dangerous,” she agreed, through a translator. “But I don’t want the bombs to hurt my son.”

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Posted: Apr 10, 2013

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