Clearing Bombs, Protecting Lives

Voices from Laos Speakers Tour, April 2013

Legacies of War is very excited to announce “Voices from Laos: Clearing Bombs, Protecting Lives,” a groundbreaking, national speakers tour across the United States.

The tour will create a space for dialogue on how individuals and communities are affected by Vietnam War-era unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Laos, how the problem is being addressed in the country, and ways in which people in the U.S. can help to clear Laos of bombs, support survivors of accidents, and help to create a safer future for the people of Laos.

The speakers tour aims to educate audiences about the dangers of UXO in Laos, mobilize positive action, and show how war and conflict can haunt innocent civilians decades later. The tour will also present an opportunity for healing and hope. By mobilizing communities, Legacies of War will build a movement to stop the senseless deaths and injuries caused by UXO and build a bright future for the children of Laos.

Watch introductions to our speakers, below:

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Latest News

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